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64.7% Crossover : Masamune-kun no Seikatsu [reposted with the same name] / Chapter 10: Chapter 10 [New Arc prologue]

Chapter 10 [New Arc prologue] - Crossover : Masamune-kun no Seikatsu [reposted with the same name] - Chapter 10 by SaltOverlord full book limited free

Chapter 10: Chapter 10 [New Arc prologue]

[Breaking News]

{About 70% of the moon has mysteriously disappeared in an explosion. We will only be able to see a crescent moon for the rest of our lifetime.

Not only this, as the disappearance of the 70% of the moon caused the tidal to be unpredictable rendering the seas to become a restricted area. And also with the gravitational field from the moon to held the earth in place reduced, it may cause earth to tilt or even get out from it's former axis.

According to....}

"It's started." Masamune said quietly as he's right now was in the living room with his mother watching the news about the destroyed moon.

"Wh-wh-wha-what t-t-to do, Maa-kun!?" His mother besides him was panicking as she thought that the world is gonna end because of the destroyed moon.

Masamune patted his mother head softly trying to calm her down, as she's finally calmed a while later because of the soothing and secure feelings from the headpat.

Looking up at her son face, Kinue couldn't help but embrace him with red face. "Don't worry mom, nothing will happens." Masamune whispered to her softly still patting her head.

Feeling his soft breath on her ear making Kinue even redder as her thoughts were going wilder and wilder everytime passed.

She herself doesn't know from when she started to see Masamune as a man not as a son, but still they're mother and son, and this kind of thing is forbidden.

Not long after that, she fell asleep on his chest as Masamune thought about how cute his mother really is and wondering why the original Masamune from the anime couldn't see it. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

'I'm not a lolicon... I'm not a lolicon... I'm not a lolicon... I'm not a lolicon... I'm not a lolicon... I'm not a lolicon... I'm not a lolicon... I'm not a lolicon... I'm not a lolicon... I'm not a lolicon... I'm not a lolicon...' Chanted Masamune in his mind while shaking his head to avoid any bad thoughts to come out.

"Now I know why my 'father' loves you so much, mom." He whispered quietly and then carry his mom to her room and put her down on the bed before tugging the blanket over her body.

He then exited the room but not before giving the loli a kiss on the forehead. He always doing this kind of skinship ever since he come back from training with his grandpa, it's also good for his mental health.

Back to the living room, he took his phone on the table and send a message to his best friend.

[Me : Hey.]

[Have you seen the news?]


[Karma : Yeah, 70% of the entire mass of the moon was destroyed in one night unknowingly.]

[I don't know what will happen later but this seems to be interesting.]

Akabane Karma, the first friend Masamune get in the first day of his Junior High School. In these years the two of them have through a lot together to become best friends.

[Me : www Only you who thought this 'disaster' as interesting.] (a/n : 'www' has the same meaning as lol, lmao, etc.)


[Karma : I know it. But what do you think of this, Masa?]

[Me : Hm... Nothing in particular. But I have a gut feeling that there's something new in the next terms.]


[Karma : You and your gut feeling. Anyway, I'm off now, there's something I need to do.]

[Me : Well good luck on whatever you're going to do.]

Knowing what he will do, Masamune just said his good luck for him and finished his small chat with Karma. Masamune was about to put his phone in his pocket when his phone trembled and a notification popped.

[Employee no.1 : I have already send the files to your computer. If you need anything again, please do tell me.]

Masamune smiled mysteriously at the message he got and said, "Heh... Finally." No one knows what he was thinking right now as even the author himself don't know about it.

Well, it's not like he's going to start a plan for World Domination, is it?


"Nice to meet you, I'm the one who blow up the moon. I'm also planning to blow up the earth next year." Said by an octopus looking creature with yellow colour that wears a black academic dress, a small black squarish academic cap with a yellow tassel, and a large black tie with a yellow crescent-shaped moon on it.

In front of the creature is a bunch of a dumbfounded students as they can't believe that there's a talking octopus standing before them.

Moreover the said octopus was the one responsible for the destroyed moon. The octopus then continued what it?he? was saying earlier.

"Seeing as I've become your homeroom teacher, I look forward to working with you." With an everlasting smile on it's yellow round face.

'Let us tsukkomi in about 5 or 6 places.' Was what all the entire class thought. From behind the octopus, four men in black clothes can be seen, with two holding a gun and the other just standing there vigilantly.

One of the men in black with a spiky hair come forward and then said, "I'm Karasuma from the Ministry of Defense. I would like you to understand that what I'm about to say is Classified Government information."

He paused a little and take a deep breath before continued, "Now, cutting straight to the point. I want you to kill this monster." This statement making the students become more dumbfounded as beads of sweat appears on their face.

They look at Karasuma like he was saying a joke but not long, they realize that he's serious just by his face alone. But still just to confirm it, one of the students stand up and asked, "Um... Is this serious?"

Karasuma just staring at the student for a while before saying, "Did I stutter?" This sentence makes them sighed in defeat. Then another student get up from his seat and asked.

"Er... So that guy, is an alien who came to attack us?" While pointing his finger at the octopus creature.

"How rude! I'm born and raised on earth, you know!" The octopus said angrily if it's red face and smoke around it was a thing. Everyone can only think of an octopus becoming a mutant because of some chemical substance that wants to destroy the world after getting intelligent.

"I'm afraid I can't speak about the particulars but, what he said is true. This creature which damaged the moon, will also destroy the earth next march." Karasuma said and stealthily take out a green and soft knife from hit suit.

"The world's leaders are the only people who know about this. Before the world is plunged into panic... They're exerting considerable effort to kill him behind the scenes. In other words..." He then trusted the knife from behind the octopus's head.

"An assassination!" The moment his knife about to touch the octopus's head, the latter had already disappeared from it's former position and appeared again besides Karasuma with a scissor and a small comb.

Karasuma continued with explaining the creature's capabilities such as his speed that reached Mach 20. By the time he finished the explanation, the creature also finished in styling his hair.

At the same time, the door of the class opened and a YOUTH with black messy hair could be seen standing there. The gazes of everyone was immediately turned to him as the YOUTH said.

"Sorry, I am late. There's an old granny that needs a helping hand in crossing the street, so I helped her first but then a black cat crossed my path so I need to take a turn before rushed here."

The class immediately silenced as they don't know what to say to this YOUTH cause they don't know if what he says was true or not because his face was too hard to read.

"Eh? Why are you guys just silent? Where's the reaction I should get?" After hearing what he said next, everyone decided to ignore him as they continued to what they're doing earlier that is listening to Karasuma.

Seeing that no one was gonna answer him, the YOUTH just disappointedly going to his seat that is on the left corner of the back row.

"The reward for successful completion is ten billion yen." This making the students to be surprised but at the same time fired up to 'kill' the octopus creature.

"It is an appropriate sum. After all, the assassination completion means the earth's salvation." Karasuma said then pointing his finger at the octopus creature.

"Fortunately, this guy is looking down on you. See? When the green stripes appear, it's his mocking face." True to his words, the octopus creature's face has green stripes on it as the octopus said arrogantly.

"It's only natural, it's impossible for all of you to kill me when the government couldn't. When they attacked me with a state of the art fighter plane... I gave it mid-air waxing instead."

The corner of everyone's mouths twitched as they thought, 'Why maintenance again!?'

Karasuma then called his colleagues as they came with many suitcases. The inside of the suitcases are the weapons consist of knives like the one used by Karasuma earlier, guns, and bullets specially manufactured to injure the octopus creature.

The weapons then distributed to the students one by one by Karasuma and his colleagues. When all of the students has their weapons Karasuma said, "This must be kept a secret from your family and friends. Anyway, time is short. If earth was to be destroyed there's nowhere to run."

"That's the long and short of it. Now everyone let's spend this final year in a meaningful fashion!" Said the octopus while uniting it's tentacle arms like a sly merchant.


The school bell ringing right after the octopus said it's words. Karasuma, together with his colleagues and octopus creature was about to go when suddenly an explosive voice sounded.

Splash!!! Splash!!!





Gasps sounded from everyone's mouth as they turning their head to the source of the sound. There, the octopus creature, which speed is reaching Mach 20, was injured in two of it's many tentacles.

"Heh... It's true. I thought this was just a toy bullet." An amused voice sounded from the back of the classroom. They can see the YOUTH from earlier was there with a gun on his hand.

(a/n : he's S like he mentioned himself in chapter Kabooom Baaam Alakazam.)

"Well, Yoroshikune Sensei~" The YOUTH smiled sweetly, but to everyone in the class, it was like a smile of the devil thay find a new toy.

SaltOverlord SaltOverlord

this is just a prologue.

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