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Chapter 5 [Magic trick] - Crossover : Masamune-kun no Seikatsu [reposted with the same name] - Chapter 5 by SaltOverlord full book limited free

Chapter 5: Chapter 5 [Magic trick]

{Magic is the embodiment of the imagination.}

Masamune took the book the Sage had left behind and quickly went through the pages of magic theory, and the first thing it said was that. The embodiment of the imagination… the words are quite simple.

{However, the embodiment of imagination… even if you use magic, you can't use it without the underlying [Magic Power]. Once you can handle the magic, the rest is easy.

For example, if you want the flame to come out of your palm, you can imagine gathering magic in your palm so that it will come out. There is also such a thing as long spell chanting, but this is not necessary as it only serves as an aid to solidify the image.

However, if you come up with your own name for the magic, it will be easier when you activate it. It's also a matter of preference since it's the same to utter that magic name and chant it in your mind.

However, in actual battle, it is recommended that you chant it in your mind in order to prevent your opponent from predicting magic.}

"Heh... magic power, as in the stats of the monster when I Appraise them? And I don't need to chant the magic, this is doable. Hey, system can you show me my stats."

[Hayase Masamune]


Level : 250

Magic: 42050

Attack: 48050

Defense: 48050

Agility: 51500

Intelligence: 44050

BP : 25000

(a/n : his growth rate is 160 per level. With BP increase by 100 every level up)

"I assume this BP is to increase my stats. System just dump them all to my Agility. Then magic power the book mentioned is the Magic right? My magic seems to be high. Then what I need next is imagination..."

[Hayase Masamune]


Level : 250

Magic: 42050

Attack: 48050

Defense: 48050 Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Agility: 76500

Intelligence: 44050

BP : 0

Masamune stretched his hand forward and imagining a fire lit up on his hand. A tiny fire appeared on his hand and getting bigger each time passed. "It's success, and to power this up I just need to pour more magic power into the magic. With this I don't need to buy any Magic from the shop later."

After finishing his things in the log house, he exited it through the door and going back to his grandpa house. "Let's experimenting with this door." He said and then the door disappeared before appearing again a little away from the previous position.

Then he goes upstairs and exited the house before thinking of the door to appear in front of him. And like before, the door appeared swiftly.

A week later, Masamune was walking down the street he came across an elementary school, there he saw a girl around his age, was on the pond seemingly searching for something.

She has pale, evenly toned skin. Her hair color is that of a dusky, smoky pink, and she wears it in a longer length bob cut hairstyle with front bangs to her eyebrows, and side bangs falling just below her chin.

She has adorable 'big eyes' that are a light hazel color, set in a round face with a slightly pointed chin.

Usually, he would never do something like this but, the girl who was searching something on the pond is one of the most pitiful girl he ever sees.

So Masamune went to her and helped her find that something. It didn't take long for Masamune to look for that something that turned out to be a book with his senses that far exceeded ordinary humans.

He tapped the girl shoulder and when she turned around he could see a cute face of her. He showed the book and gave it to the girl. The girl just shyly took the book from Masamune and bowing her head to him.

Masamune helped the girl out of the pond before asking her with hand signs, «What's your name?» The girl was surprised and thought that the boy in front of her also has the same disability like her.

Masamune seemingly know whar she was thinking said, "No, I don't have something like that but with this we can communicate better, right?" The girl blushed and bowed down repeatedly while saying 'gomennasai' in an incoherent voice.

Masamune stopped her from bowing any longer and said with hand sign, «It's fine. Anyway I'm Hayase Masamune, what's your name?» The girl was too nervous to do hand signs so she took out a book from his bag and write something in it before showing the book to Masamune.

{Nice to meet you, my name is Nishimiya Shouko.}

«Then can I call you Shouko-chan?» Masamune asked with hand signs while smiling to her. Seeing the smile of Masamune, Shouko blushed and nodded shyly before writing on the book again.

{Then, can I also call you Maa-kun?}

«You can. Do you want me to escort you home?»

{No... It's fine. I can walk by myself.} She shook her head cutely not wanting to troubling Masamune further.

«It's fine, it's fine... I also don't want a cute girl to walk home alone this late.»

'Cute!? He said I'm cute?' Now not only blushing, but smoke also come out of her head when Masamune compliment her cute. With that she nodded shyly and walked ahead first.

Masamune chuckled a little before following her and quickly catching up to her. The two walked in a comfortable silent without any noise can be heard except their breath and another walking passagers.

The two arrived at the front of Shouko's house, Shouko turned around facing Masamune before saying with hand signs, «Do you want to stop by for a moment, my grandma makes really nice orange juices.»

«No, I've something to do after this. But before that, do you want to see a magic trick?»

Shouko saddened when she knows that Masamune has something to do but interested when he mentioned a magif trick. She nodded and said «Yes.»

«Close your eyes for a moment.» Shouko closed her eyes without hesitation. Masamune sighed and then thought, 'Magis is imagination...' then touched her ears before imagining her ears to be healed without any problems again afterwards.

A blue energy flows from his hands towards Shouko's ears and softly tickling the ears making Shouko squirming a little before feeling better.

"You can open your eyes now, Shouko-chan." He said, Shouko who heard what he said feeling strange before noticed that she can hearing again. But when she looked ahead at where Masamune should be, he already left her leaving a piece of paper behind.

{When we meet again, let's be friends okay?}

Tears started to fell from her eyes and slowly she crying with mixture of happiness and sadness. Happy because she finally can heard like normal person and sad because Masamune left her.

'I'll definitely meer with you again, Maa-kun." She thought with determination and with this the new Shouko has been born.

Masamune from distance also felt happy for her. At least with this Shouko can have more confidence and more friends than before. He walked away and continues his journey to Tokyo.

SaltOverlord SaltOverlord

I ship... no. I luxury cruise them.

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