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1.34% CROWN PRINCE'S CONCUBINE / Chapter 3: She is He

She is He - CROWN PRINCE'S CONCUBINE - Chapter 3 by Sweet_SourKiwi full book limited free

Chapter 3: She is He

LuoXiang gets a closer look at BaiYing, closer so he can see his face clearly, he definitely knows a girl from the Hua family because he meets them several times without they notice it, and the girl in front of him was not her.

BaiYing swallow his saliva, what this Crown Prince in front of him thinking of? Does he think of other weird and perverted ideas on him? BaiYing pulls his clothes tightly and subconsciously retreats as that man approached.

"Y-Your Highness, what do you want?"

LuoXiang takes a careful look at BaiYing, frowned his forehead, stroke his chin.

"No, you're not BaiYen, tell me who you are exactly?'

Oh No, BaiYing screams in his heart, his big round eyes open wide, has he been getting caught? This fast? What was he'd done wrong?

Or Is it because last night that guy touches his body and can't find anything really particularly important, breast! BaiYing stuttered, what should he do now?

He could definitely lose his head if he's been getting caught now, not just him but his parents too, don't mention his older sister who's gone and nowhere to be found, what he's going to do now??

BaiYing swallows hard, looking at LuoXiang who now appears like some kind of red evil with a longhorn in his head and his eyes glared at him.

When the cold sweat almost dripping through his temples, the voice from outside distracted Crown Prince's attention, 

"The Queen has arrived!" Guards exclaimed.


Oh Thanks God,

Crown Prince straightens his back, why that person has to come by this early? And why always trespass his places? Really just messing out with his mood, he really needs to talk with her about the boundaries.

Didn't take long for Queen and her entourage to coming to LuoXiang and BaiYing.

Queen YinHua, a very beautiful and elegant woman even in her fifties, she's amazingly smart, sometimes because of her act as she's too calm in front of LuoXiang, he thinks the Queen must be even smarter than her appearance.

"Greeting Queen Mother, you come so early today?" LuoXiang greets with a big smile on his face.

The Queen arrives with her personal maid, a fat old lady behind her, not much expression on her face as if someone stole her belonging and she always looks mad, she's known as ChaiMa, an old fierce woman who only listen to Queen commands.

Behind her, standing three beautiful ladies none other than LuoXiang concubines and some maids who always following her everywhere.

Queen laugh while covering her mouth with her high-quality silk handkerchief.

"Oh hehehe Xiang'er, mother happens to have morning walks, stretch the legs and think about gathering all of your beautiful concubines for a class, which come again last night, Oh you're so pretty Yen'er"

BaiYing lowered his knee to greet the Queen, he didn't expect to see the Queen so early today.

Lucky he always prepares his chest patch, so she won't suspect anything weird, it's going to be troublesome if he gets caught by the Queen, BaiYing is actually so worried but he has to show his very calm face in front of everybody there, no matter what.

Queen pointed at three beautiful women who standing behind her, who else if it's not LuoXiang's concubines.

There's FuLan, LuiFan, and YeMu, three beautiful ladies who come from respected families near the palace, delicate and pretty ladies who've now become BaiYing seniors in the palace.

They're so amazingly beautiful, white flawless skin, slender waist, not so big boob but attractive with their sexy shaped clothes, seductive smiles, and eyes, BaiYing unconsciously seeing them with his mouth wide open because of the charm of those pretty ladies, he thinks he's so lucky.

"Yen'er, let Mother introduce you, these are your elder sisters, from now on you guys going to meet almost every day, em Aunt ChaiMa don't forget to teach them the Palace rules starting from tomorrow, just adjusted it to the Crown Prince schedule, don't cause him to be lonely, isn't it Xiang'er?"

ChaiMa lowered her knee.

"Yes Your Highness"

LuoXiang takes a deep breath, the Queen's mother always wants to stick around to know what he's doing and found out his plan from his concubines, and she's so smart.

LuoXiang smiles.

"Yes mother, thank you for being very thoughtful on Xiang'er"

Queen waves her hand.

"Ah Xiang'er, you know mother is always happy to do that for you, em, by the way, so last night, how was it?" Queen whispers with her eyes glance on BaiYing.

BaiYing stuttered, he almost choked his own saliva.

"Em last night? well, just usually, it's great I think" LuoXiang answered while taking a glance at BaiYing too, BaiYing relieve, at least that pervert knows how to react.


The next day, in the afternoon.

BaiYing is seen sneaking out of the Peach pavilion where all concubines gathered for arranging flowers class for that day.

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Arranging flowers? Him? What a joke, he's a very respectfully Young Master, there is no way that BaiYing would sit quietly and learn how to arrange flowers, he better find other better things to do, such as thinking about how he could run away from this cursed place.

While the Crown Prince is always being busy every day, BaiYing remembered he's been in the palace for three days but he has only seen His Highness a couple of times, and most of the time that man always surrounded by his subordinates, he really does ignore his Concubines as peoples said about him, whatever, he doesn't care, while that man always being busy it's really the best time for him to run away, Crown Prince might forget about his disappearance as he looks like he doesn't care that much.

BaiYing lifted his long dress and walks carefully to sneak below the window where the class was still in progress.

While in the class,

ChaiMa long small and sharp eyes glance around the room, as she's didn't know when one of the class attendance is missing, there is no way she didn't know there's only four of them and now it's three, ChaiMa murmured and add a note below BaiYen names on it, that little naughty concubine will scold by the Queen for running away from the class.

At the Crown Prince workroom at Eagle Pavilion, a big building across Peach pavilion.

CiaoTi, Crown Prince advisor coming, as usual, to pass the daily reports for the Crown Prince related to his charge as Crown Prince, he's so busy and hasn't left his workroom from this morning.

While CiaoTi vague voice explaining the content of the reports, LuoXiang frowned his forehead and thinking hard, with his eyes far-seeing front of him where the beautiful scenery of the pavilion garden,

"Hemmh, if he's not BaiYen, then who is she? BaiLie only has one daughter and one son, BaiYen and BaiYing, hold on, BaiYing?" LuoXiang thinking in his head, widened his eyes, that is, he must be BaiYing, how come he didn't notice him before?

LuoXiang wakes up from his chair fast.

"That's it! Really that naughty kid"

CiaoTi almost jumps off startled, seeing His Highness who suddenly getting excited.

"Eh Y-Your Highness"

Just when LuoXiang is too much-excited someone he thought of appearing, he must be too much thinking of HuaBaiYing so his eyes might trick him because that person now appears not far in front of him, duck below the window sneaking like there is no one going to look him, without second thought LuoXiang get out from his desk and headed to the door, CiaoTi following him.

"Your Highness, how about the reports?"

LuoXiang standing in front of his workroom door, shout to BaiYing who sneaking in front of him.


BaiYing turned his head up, someone calling out his name loudly.

"Yeah?" he answered.


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