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100% Cultivation online fanfic / Chapter 5: Little sister

Little sister - Cultivation online fanfic - Chapter 5 by Extremus_Son full book limited free

Chapter 5: Little sister

"Good morning, brother."  


After waking up I heard a familiar but still distant voice.  

It was the voice of a beautiful girl smiling with a little longing in her eyes.  

"I have breakfast with me," she said, placing the bowl of soup on the adjustable table on the bed.  

It was my little Step-sister.  

I stared at her beautiful face for some time without realizing what unexpectedly caused her to blush a little.  

"What are you staring at…."She said while turning her head sidewards.  

"Just my beautiful little sister, Is there anything wrong with it…." I said with a smile while staring into her eyes.  

"Wha..wh.. are you talking so suddenly," She said, shuttering with an angry face. Too bad the happiness in her eyes gave her out.  

I remembered that She held Affection towards the previous body owner.  

Don't worry brother Yuan, I will take proper care of her. I thought while grinning.  

While I was lost in my wild fantasies a sweet voice broke me out of my dream.  

"Brother, Let me feed you today".She said with an expectant face.  

"Sure" immediately after my confirmation she took out the spoon and sat beside me with a happy face.  

"Here…" she plunged a spoon with soup into my mouth after blowing on it.  

"So, how was your first day in the game..?"  

I explained Everything without hiding anything about Xiao Hua or my physique as I knew she was one of the most trusted and closest characters in this world.  

Soon her smiling face converted into a surprised one.  

"So you got a super physique, learned divine skill and got a little sister"  

Although her tone got bitter at the last words.  

"Brother, You should not trust these NPCs easily and waste your time on them"  

"Don't let the fact that they are NPCs fool you into thinking that they are not worth your time. They move, think, react, and speak like real Players. You wouldn't know if they are a real Player or not unless you ask them.  

And it is not a game, that's the real world that we are living in currently. But I decided to keep this secret to myself as I had no proof of it.  

"Yeah, yeah. Just don't do anything weird to her, alright?"  

"W…Weird? Why would I do anything weird?" Diablo asked.  

"Haven't you heard? There have been plenty of perverts getting killed for touching NPCs inappropriately. The death penalty is extremely harsh in this game from what I heard."  

"Perverts touching NPCs? You can do that in this game?" Diablo lifted his eyebrows in surprise. Then he remembered that it was almost the real world.  

"Ah! You're thinking about doing something perverted, aren't you!? Don't even think about it, brother! I prohibit you from doing that as your sister!"  

"That only works if you are the older one, no?" He smiled.  

"Then… then I will stop taking care of you! Hmph!"  

"fu..fu…How cute. I smell jealousy" I commented on her little pouting face.  

"hmph.. who is going to be jealous of an NPC"  

"Aiii… Do you think your brother is some kind of pervert that likes to touch NPCs? Unlike some people, I have morals, you know."  

"When I have such a beautiful little sister, what do I need from others," I said while grinning.  

"Hmm…Glib tongue….."  

"Brother did anything else happen in the game because you seem a little different."  

"You were a little du… (cough) I mean innocent but you seem to be a little aggressive today"  

"Ahh!!…is it… " I didn't remember about the dense,naïve and innocent character of Yuan and went on the aggressive side.  

"So which one do you like dear little sister?" I said with a grin on my face.  

"Umm…..This one is good…." She mumbled under her breath which was loud enough to be heard by me.  

 He sighed, and continued to speak, "Anyway, what is this death penalty, and what happens if you die?" He was more interested in that than the perverts in the game.  

"According to those who have died, some became unable to cultivate after death while some have even lost their cultivation base entirely, requiring them to restart from scratch."  

Diablo pondered. "So you have to start from the beginning… That is indeed very harsh for a game."  

"Additionally, some people have already tried to buy new consoles to start fresh but guess what? They still appear in the game with the same character!"  

"So we are limited to one character no matter what?"  

It was as if the game was attached to your soul. It was almost as if they wanted humans to live in another world with life as realistic as possible.  

The most probable theory would be that they plant a small part of the soul in clones in that world  

"Ah, brother, it's time for me to go to school. I will pick up some storybooks on the way home," she said.  

"Bring your ear a little closer, I have to say something to you," I said with an innocent face.   Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Chu…." A soft sound was heard the next second near her cheeks.  

"I love you, sister…." I whispered into her ear.  

"Aa….." She gave me a dumbfounded face while holding the spot on her cheek with her smooth hands.  

Next sec her face boiled up like a tomato and she rushed out of the room like a hurricane.  

"Thudd….." and the loud sound of the door closing was heard.  

 A Spark has been made today which will cause a fire in the future. I thought while seeing towards the direction in which she left.   

After hearing the monotonous voice of the system I found myself at the place where I met Xiao Hua.  

She lives in the necklace so I could contact her anytime.  

I would better cultivate it for the time being.  

Seconds turned into minutes, and minutes turned into hours. Until night came, Diablo sat there like a stone statue, cultivating and unaware that time had passed by so quickly.  


<&%$$ curse bloodline>


2x Qi needed to break through each level.  

Upgrades in each World tribulation.  

**2)Binge eater(Passive)**   

2x Attributes each level.  




"what just happened…."  

I mumbled under my breath while seeing the notifications in front of me.  

I remember that Yuan did not have this bloodline or he had not unlocked it till now.  

But a cursed bloodline huh….  

And this is bloodline no. 3, which means that I have even other bloodlines.  

Is this because of me, A foreign soul in his body…..  

I can know why this bloodline was cursed, Even in a cursed state, it's still powerful.  

I am becoming broken rather than being OP.  

So if I complete cultivation till spirit master, I would have around 2 times Qi and 2 times the Attributes of a normal spirit master.  

But my cultivation is going to be slowed down by half too.  

2 times does not seem too much now but in a higher cultivation state, it would be destructive as this is still at level 1.

So where should I get a Heavenly tribulation from…..

I should ask Xiao Hua about this Matter and ask for a better cultivation manual.  

Let's gain a few more levels for now.








Ah, What a feeling …..  

After cultivating till the Fifth level, I finally stopped.  

I could feel the power flowing through my whole body.  

"BOOM!!!…." A loud sound came from the big rock near me which was blown to smithereens leaning a few cracks on the ground caused by a full-strength punch.

Too powerful...

Although I wanted to play more, my current body is crippled and I don't want to delay the recovery by causing haywire.

I quickly logged out and found my Beautiful sister staring at me.  

She quickly averted my gaze with blush and went towards the bowl of soup.  

She sat down near me and without saying any words and started feeding me.  

After a few moments of awkward silence,  I opened my mouth.  

"Sorry for the morning"  


"Eh… there is nothing to be sorry about"  

"I was just too embarrassed to talk with you," She said with a blush while lowering her head which just made her look cuter.  

Ah… what a cute little thing.  

Without continuing the awkward scene I asked her about the storybooks I had asked for Xiao Hua.

After feeding Diablo and getting him cleaned, Yu Rou began reading fairy tales to him like a mother would tell stories to her child before bedtime, but her voice was still too immature to sound like a real mother.  

"How was my narration?" she asked him in a cheeky tone.  

"It s.u.c.k.e.d…"  

"What—Fine! You can read it yourself next time!"  

"Ah! I'm sorry, Yu Rou. I was only joking." Diablo hurriedly corrected himself, "Your voice was so heavenly that I thought you were a real fairy!"  

Yu Rou blushed. "It was embarrassing to read these childish stories out loud, you know?" she said later, "I will remember that you owe me a debt now?"  

"Sure, If you want I can pay it now".I said mockingly.

"How?" She asked with a puzzled face.

"Bring your ear a little closer"

"No….Y..y.ou will again do it," She said furiously blushing.

"What will I do…"I said with a smirk.

"You shouldn't think too much about this as this is normal skinship between siblings"

"Or my little sister was expecting something else"

I said while teasing her.

"Y..a.h.. It's just skinship, You are the one with weird thoughts"

She was trying to get angry but the blush on her face was not in her support.

She slowly walked over to me with a longing gaze and stood on my side.

"Now close your eyes…."

"Sure" And closed my eyes while laying down the pillow with a straight face.


Still waiting for few seconds I could not feel anything so I tilted my head while opening my eyes.

What met was the lovely face of my sister with closed eyes.


A soft sensation touched my lips which contained a flavour of roses.

I immediately knew what did lucky pervert skill mean.

She stayed frozen with her sweet lips on mine while opening her eyes and staring into my eyes with a confused gaze.

Although I wanted to push in the tongue too it could lead to destroying the previous build-up and our current relationship.

So I just stayed like that while staring into her eyes.

A few moments later, she slowly removed her sweet lips from mine and stared at me.

I could see the longing and happiness in her eyes.

"Brother, it is getting late, you should go to sleep now."  

She said with a normal tone.

"Un. Goodnight."  I said good night to her without making things more awkward.

"Goodnight, brother."  


Inside her room, Yu Rou dropped onto her smooth bed with a blossoming smile. 

"Ah… My first kiss with brother…."

She said while caressing her lips while staring at the ceiling with a sweet smile.

She rolled around the bed while speaking her brother's name acting like a girl in love.

"Hmph...That idiot just staring at me as it had nothing to do with him"

Trying to suppress today's little romantic encounter she opened her phone and started browsing.

"This player Diablo is very mysterious and baffling. In just two days since the game's launch, he was able to become the first player to obtain a Divine-rank skill and finish a Hidden Quest. Is he even human?"  

Despite not being able to play the game due to school and Diablo, she would still keep up with the newest information about the game so when the time comes for her to play, she wouldn't feel too lost. "Meanwhile, my brother is fooling around with a young NPC…" she smiled bitterly at that thought.  

"Wow, his bounty has increased to five million already!" Her eyes widened at the effort and money others were willing to put out just to find this one player.  

"So much fame… how envious…" She turned the phone off and closed her eyes. "Brother too… used to be flickering with lights under the spotlight…" she sighed before slowly falling asleep.

Extremus_Son Extremus_Son

Guys give me suggestions for the romance part as I am a pitiful virgin.

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