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Chapter 42: Chapter 42: Going to school

When Lin Fan left the Gao Manor, there was a smile on his face.

He didn't know how well this plan would work, but at least he had achieved his goal.

Since he was going to fight noble families, he would need to slowly gather his own power and the Gao Family was the best place to start since he took Boss Gao as his brother.

For now, what he needed to do was to head back to the store to prepare.

When Lin Fan woke up the next morning and came down for breakfast, he found that his little sister was already gone.

But when he reached the table, he found that her lunch box was still on the table.

When his mother saw him come in, she said, "Are you heading to the store?"

Lin Fan looked at her with a curious gaze, "I was about to, why?"

His mother brought his sister's lunch box over and said, "If you have time in the morning, can you bring this over to your sister's school for her?"

Lin Fan actually had much more free time recently since Momonga had joined the store as an employee.

Momonga was the great Lich King, so of course he came with his own summons like the great liches do. Momonga had summoned the two ghost maids that Lin Fan had met before and he had taught them how to do simple things like handle the register after Momonga had helped them set up their human disguises with his life energy.

As for specific questions that the customers had, Lin Fan either took care of it himself or left it to Momonga, but Momonga was a rather lazy person. Momonga spent most of his time browsing the internet for different mangas to read and animes to watch, or he spent most of his time playing different games with Brainy. With how many games Brainy was starting to play, Lin Fan was starting to worry that Momonga was bringing Brainy down the wrong path.

Still Lin Fan said, "Alright, I'll bring it over to her after the morning rush. But do you know why she forgot it?"

His mother thought about it before saying, "I don't know what's with that girl. All I know was that she rushed out of here this morning, she almost didn't even have time to eat breakfast."

Lin Fan was still confused, but still he took the lunch box and headed off to the shop.

When he reached the shop, there was the usual crowd outside so he couldn't head anywhere. Looking at the crowd, he found that it was even bigger compared to yesterday and it was so airtight that he couldn't even make it to the door.

But once the crowd saw that Lin Fan was here, there was a corridor that was created in the crowd like the tides parting for Moses.

As Lin Fan walked through that path, there were quite a few people that called out to him in a friendly manner.

"Owner Lin, do you have anything special today?"

"Owner Lin, I've been here so many times that we can be considered good friends. How about you let me have first pick today?"

"Owner Lin, if you're not busy later, how about we go get some coffee later?" Unfortunately the one who said this was a buff man in a dress with thick makeup on.

Lin Fan shuddered when he saw the person who said this and he began walking even faster.

But the man in the dress didn't mind, "What a shy boy Owner Lin is, makes me want to chase him even more." After saying this, he licked his lips like he was staring down his prey.

Even though Lin Fan had quickly moved away, there was a cold chill that ran down his spine.

When he came to the store, he noticed that Wang Ning was there with her dad, so thinking about what happened this morning, he went over to them.

Wang Ning was surprised to see Lin Fan walking over, but she still greeted him with a friendly smile, "Owner Lin, what brings you over here?"

Lin Fan asked, "Is there something happening at your school today?"

Wang Ning was surprised to hear this question, but still she thought it over before saying, "Well I wouldn't call it anything special, but our school is holding a festival today to celebrate our founder founding the school."

Lin Fan understood why his little sister was in such a rush this morning, but he was still confused about something, "Wait, so why are you here instead of at school preparing?"

Wang Ning gave a shrug, "My class is doing something together and I helped pay for most of it, so that's why they let me skip most of the work."

Lin Fan had dark lines on his face. This was the power of a rich girl, as long as she had money, others would always be willing to do her work.

But after that, Lin Fan said, "I need to run to your school for an errand and if you're not busy, can you show me around?"

Wang Ning revealed a teasing smile, "Owner Lin, are you asking me out on a date? I really don't know what to tell Qing Qing if that was true. But also shouldn't you show some sincerity when asking a girl out on a date? Why don't you let my dad get first pick today?"

Lin Fan's lips couldn't help twitching before he turned to leave, but Wang Ning called out, "Alright, alright, Owner Lin, you really can't take a joke at all. I'll take you around the school, but you should at least tell me what you're doing there."

Lin Fan turned back and said, "I'm delivering lunch to my little sister."

Wang Ning looked at him in surprise because she really couldn't believe the stone cold Owner Lin would do something like this, but eventually she said, "Alright, sure, whatever you say." It was clear that she still didn't believe him.

Lin Fan nodded before saying, "Your dad can pick one item first as thanks."

Wang Ning's face lit up with a smile and she wanted to jump Lin Fan to give him a hug, but before he could even raise his hand, Angela got between them and Wang Ning wrapped her arms around her.

Wang Ning was surprised since she never thought that Angela would suddenly appear, but she went along with it since Angela had never given her a chance to get close with her.

Wang Ning revealed a teasing smile as she said, "Oh, it seems like our cute little Angela is jealous."

Angela looked at her like she was insane and just threw her arms off before storming back into the store.

She actually didn't even know why she had suddenly appeared in front of Wang Ning, but the moment she saw that Wang Ning was about to hug Lin Fan, there was a strange feeling that told her that she couldn't let it happen.

Her body had moved before she could even think and she had appeared between them.

Lin Fan looked at Angela with a confused look, but then he raised his hand to stop Wang Ning when he saw that she still wanted to try to hug him.

In the store, Momonga was watching everything that had happened with a secret smile and when Angela came back in, he said, "Little girl, you really don't know what this feeling is?"

Angela looked confused at first, but then she remembered who was talking to her. She gave Momonga a cold glare and a cold snort before walking off to the other side of the store.

Momonga just smiled as he watched her walk away, but then he noticed Wang Ning looking over. The moment their gazes match, it was like something had clicked and there was a tacit understanding between the two of them.

They both looked at Lin Fan before looking back at each other and giving each other nods, like they had formed some kind of unspoken pact.

Meanwhile Lin Fan was still lost in thought over what had just happened. Why had Angela suddenly appeared between them?

After a while, he shook these thoughts out of his mind and focused on the business of the store.

Once the morning rush was over, Lin Fan set out with Wang Ning, heading off to school together.


I just had a smile on my face when I wrote the last part of this chapter.

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