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Chapter 7: Chapter 7: Meeting the angel again

When he appeared in the World of Elements again, Lin Fan's first thought was to curse the system since the system had dropped him in the air above a lake.

"Foul language detected, first warning."

After falling into the lake and creating a large splash that soaked the person who was currently in the lake.

Lin Fan took a while to adjust to his surroundings, but once he did, he saw a scene that shook him to his core.

In front of him was the greatest spring scenery that one could dream of, bountiful curves and perfect white skin, all being displayed to his eyes.

A rush of blood came over him and Lin Fan couldn't control himself as blood began dripping from his nose.

"You really are bold." The same voice as last time sounded once again. There was a tone to this voice that seemed like even she didn't know how to process this situation.

Lin Fan quickly averted his gaze and waved his hands to show that he meant no harm, "It really was an accident, it really was an accident." At the same time he was cursing the system in his mind.

"Foul language detected, second warning."

Hearing what he said, the angel realized that she could actually understand his words, which caused her to be filled with rage, "So you could understand what I was saying last time, does that mean you were just making fun of me?!"

Waves of life energy spread around her, creating large waves in the water that pushed Lin Fan all the way to the shore.

With a flash of white light, she was wrapped up in the same white dress from before and her wings had been released as she floated in the sky, moving towards Lin Fan.

Lin Fan could feel the rage that was coming from her and if looks could kill, Lin Fan would have already been pierced by a thousand blades.

The only thing he could do now was beg, so without any hesitation, Lin Fan rushed forward and went into a sliding dogeza.

The angel's rage faded slightly as she was visibly surprised by Lin Fan's actions. After giving this issue some thought, she calmed herself down as she asked, "Tell me, who sent you?"

Lin Fan really wanted to know the answer to this as well, just where had his system come from?

But since he had no answer, he could only tell the truth, "No one sent me here. I run a pet shop and I came here to collect materials to make pet food."

"Pet shop?" The angel tilted her head in a confused manner. It was such a cute gesture that Lin Fan couldn't help gushing over it on the inside.

"It's a shop where we raise cultivation pets for people."

"Ah, it's a shop for the human slavers, I've heard of those before."

"Human slavers?"

"You humans call yourselves Beast Masters, but all you're doing is enslaving spirit beasts to serve under you." The angel said in a disgusted voice.

Lin Fan had never really considered it, but this description could be considered accurate to a certain degree.

"While this statement is technically correct, human and spirit beast relationships are much deeper than you think. I think it's more of a relationship of mutual respect and caring." Lin Fan said in a patient voice.

But even with how patient he was, the angel eventually lost her patience, "None of that matters, I know I sensed the laws of time and space from you last time. With your current cultivation, it's unlikely that you were the one who controlled it, so call out your master."

During that entire conversation, Lin Fan had been talking to his system in his mind, trying to find a way out of this situation.

The system had offered him two solutions.

One, leave the World of Elements and fail the quest.

Two, die and avoid being chased down by the angel.

The first option was completely unacceptable and the second option was just a backup plan, Lin Fan really wanted to tame this angel since he was certain that she was at least a Legendary Realm expert.

The strongest experts in the world he was currently in was in the Legendary Realm, so with a Legendary Realm expert following him, he could wander the realm unfettered.

Seeing that Lin Fan wasn't saying a thing, the angel lost patience once again and decided to take matters into her own hands.

Before Lin Fan could even react, there was a sword lodged in between his eyes. The only thing he could do was look at the angel like he had been wronged.

After a few seconds, the angel felt the fluctuations of time law again as Lin Fan was revived in front of her.

She spread her spiritual senses as far as possible, but she still couldn't sense where they were coming from.

Lin Fan knew that he couldn't convince her with honesty, so he decided to bluff his way into tricking her.

"Alright, you were right, I have a master who sent me here." Lin Fan said in a resigned voice.

The angel just gave a cold snort, "I could already tell. That master of yours isn't simple, he can fully control the laws of space and time and he can hide from my spiritual senses. Even I can't tell what realm of cultivation your master is on."

"Now that you know that I have a master, can I go?" Lin Fan hesitantly said.

The angel immediately shut him down, "Of course not! Bring me to meet your master, I know that he will be able to bring me into the God Realm!"

Lin Fan's mind quickly turned and he soon formulated a plan.

"You say you want to enter the God Realm?" Lin Fan asked.

The angel just gave a cold snort, "Who doesn't want to enter the God Realm? Only in the God Realm can you break free of the fetters of mortality and become a god!"

"Well, my master just contacted me and said that if you're willing to study under him by working at our pet shop, he would be willing to take you to the God Realm." Lin Fan said with the same smile he used with his customers.

The angel was a little put off by that smile, but the lure of the God Realm truly was great. Still she was cautious as she asked, "Why doesn't your master show himself then?"

"Unfortunately, my master cannot find the time to enter this realm, so he has authorized me to negotiate with you as his representative. If you're willing, please sign this contract." Lin Fan took out the contract that he had just bought from the store and placed it on the ground in front of the angel with the same smile.

The angel couldn't read a single word on the contract, but she could sense the power of the laws from the system inside the contract, so she chose to believe it in the end. The allure of the God Realm really was too much.

After she sent her spiritual imprint into the contract, chains suddenly came out of the contract and went to bind her.

The item that Lin Fan had bought from the store was actually an Ancient Taming Contract, which used the ancient power of laws to tame monsters.

It was his one weekly sale item and even then, it had cost him 150 points!

Still, if it could be used to tame this angel, it was all worth it!

The chains continued to bind the angel and it seemed like she was about to fall under the power of the chains, but then she gathered all her power into a single point that she unleashed in a flurry of white light.

The flurry of light shattered the chains and she instantly appeared in front of Lin Fan, preparing to smite him down with her fury.

When Lin Fan saw her shatter the chains, he immediately shouted, "Wait!"

While the angel was distracted by his shout, he held an internal conversation with the system.

"System, am I allowed to hire employees?"

"Host, as a level pet shop, you are currently allowed to hire one other race employee."

After confirming this with the system, Lin Fan slid into another sliding dogeza as he said, "I'm sorry, that was my fault for being too mistrusting. I wasn't certain what you would do, so I tried to use the scroll my master gave me to catch you. However, it is true that my master has agreed to take you under his wings and he has prepared a contract for you. Would you allow me to show it to you?"

The angel hesitated a bit, but she realized that there was nothing to lose from letting this human show her the contract first, so she agreed to see it.

This time, Lin Fan took out a real contract that was written in a language that the angel could actually read. The terms of the contract were quite simple, it just stated that the angel would be working as an employee for Lin Fan's pet shop and it offered benefits such as the chance to evolve or to enter the God Realm.

Since this time she could read everything and the terms were stated clearly, the angel decided to give Lin Fan another chance. After all, the allure of the God Realm and the chance to evolve really was too much.

So once again, the angel sent her spiritual seal into the contract, but this time it was different.

This time, it felt like there was a restriction that had wrapped her soul, but it didn't contain any ill will.

It was like that, Lin Fan's pet shop had hired its first employee.


Not much to say.

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