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Blue Eyes - Curse | JJK - Chapter 2 by likgguk full book limited free

Chapter 2: Blue Eyes

"Who are they?" I asked Hobi pointing at the two who are talking with Jimin.

As we both are sitting at the pool.

"Blond haired boy is Kim Taehyung and Raven haired boy is Jeon Jungkook." Hobi replied.

I nodded my head. I heard about them from Jimin. So I know them but never thought they would be this much hot. Especially Jungkook.

Wait? Why am I thinking about that?

"Bina, I never intend to ask you but why did you left?" Hobi's question made me stiff.

I shook my head.. He became quiet.

"I will answer that question when I'm ready." I answered.

He smiled.

Wait that smile is strange and before I can think further someone pushed me into the pool from behind.

Thank god I learned how to swim from my Aunt. Otherwise I would have killed them.

I heard laughs and chuckles of the culprit. So I decided to teach them a lesson.

I stayed under the water closing my nose. Soon their laughter died down and I heard them calling my name loudly.

And suddenly I heard a splash. It must be Jimin. So I slowly moved towards him and when I was ready to drag him under the water he caught my waist.

Wait, It is not Jimin.

"Are you okay?" He asked me.

I nodded looking into his blue eyes which are now boring into my hazel eyes.

His bangs are wet from the water, which made him look hot, he had a perfect nose bridge with a sexy jawline and full lips which are pink in colour.

I gulped.

When I realized he is not wearing his earlier White T-Shirt. His toned abs are drool worthy.

I may die here.

"Even though the moment looks romantic and cute, I don't want to eat dog food." Jimin's voice brought me back from my dirty thoughts.

I pulled away from him and started swimming towards Jimin.

He definetly needs to get his ass kicked.

"When...did you learn Swimming?" Joon asked me as I approached the end of the pool.

"That's not important. What is important is someone wants his ass kicked. And who is voulnteering to do that?" I asked them crossing my hands.

Jimin chuckled and tried to escape but Taehyung caught him before running. While Yoongi and Hobi approached them.

And in one swift Jimin was throwed into pool by them.

All started laughing when Jimin pouted.

"Binaaaa" he shouted my name.

I closed my ears and drowned under the water. Then I realized that my phone is in my back pocket.

Way to say good bye to my I-phone.

I abruptly came to the surface and took my phone from my back pocket.

When I tried to on it, It's dead.

"We need to find a place to bury the dead phone" Joon commented entering the pool.

"I think I should still keep it with me, It had something important details." I replied thinking on how to retrive them.

"I can retrive them" Taehyung commented as he jumped into the pool.

"Really?" I asked him.

"Yeah but on one condition"

"Say it"

"I heard you are good at maths, can you volunteer to help me"

I sighed. I thought it would be a hard one.

"I don't think so" I whipped my head at Jin.

"I mean you are not going to stay with us right?" He asked me.

"No, I will help you Taehyung" he gave me a boxy grin.

"Thanks and just call me Tae"

I nodded my head.

"And Mister Kim, for your kind information I'm not leaving. So better be free to bake a cake when ever I ask you" I said crossing my arms.

He smiled and nodded his head.

By now all are inside the pool.

"You became bossy" Yoongi said splashing water towards me.

"Because no one hear other than me is good at maths so better treat me good." I said chuckling darkly. And when I realized it was too late.

"Oops...Sorry I won't be bossy, so please help me with history" I replied giving them a sheepish smile.

They chuckled.

I huffed.

And drowned once again.

"Bina are you going to join in cheerleader team?" Joon asked me.

"No, why?" I asked him taking away my jacket.

"Umm....After you left we breaked into two teams." Jin chimed in.


"You already know the reason" Jimin replied.

All whipped their heads at me in flash.

I glared at him.

"What? I mean do you have memory loss I already told you the reason" Jimin said smirking.

He sure needs to get his ass kicked.

"Yeah I forget" I scratched my head.

"So what does it have to do with me joining cheer leader team?" I asked them already knowing the answer.

"It's we don't want you to join" Yoongi said while others nodded his heads.

"Ladies, if you are so interested in this Prince charming why don't you say it first? I'm afraid that I will break your hearts because you know I'm a player." I teased them.

Suddenly a wave of water hit my face.


I was still in a daze and didn't realized Jimin is going to again splash the water at my face.

And again the water hit me like a slap. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Seriously" I groaned cleaning my face.

"Why don't we have a water fight?" Tae commented.

"I'm afraid that you can't beacuse we still have school and someone is low immune if she stays in water at more time." Jin replied looking at me.

"Tae, he is offically my second mother. So better listen to him." I said, rolling my eyes at Jin.

"I agree with you there" Jungkook talked for the first time in these few minutes.

I was starting to think he is silent.

"Actually everyone agrees with that" Joon said patting Jin's shoulder.

Jin opened his mouth, and I looked at others. They all looked back at me.

And we drowned into water again except for Jin who was fuming with anger.

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