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87.5% Daemonium - when the Moon awakens / Chapter 28: Chapter 27 - The shop (3)

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Chapter 28: Chapter 27 - The shop (3)

A woman in a apricot coloured dress waited in the palor the maid brought me to. Her back was facing me at first, but as the noble woman heared the opening of the door and that someone entered the salon, she turned to me.

"Lady Nightfallen." she curtseyed in front of me. I raised my eyebrow. This was Lady Carlton? A Lady who berated and sweared at me at sugar candy's tea party?

"Why did you came?" I asked and went to the couch, sat down and ordered the maid. "Bring some tea and sweets."

The maid curtseyed and left the room. Sir Dillan left the room too, but stayed outside the door. The noble also sat down and smiled at me.

"I wanted to thank you, Lady Nightfallen. Thank you, Lady Nightfallen for saving my life that day."

"How thankful can you be?"

"What may you imply?"

"What would you do to show your gratitude?"

The lady seemed to understand that I wanted something more material and cleared her throat.

"Name what you want and I'll do my best to fullfill your wish, Lady Nightfallen." she said and I finally showed a more laid-back and frank posture and expression.

"You will have to do me a favor." I grinned at her. "Listen carefully, you will..."

Ten minutes later, I had drunken the tea the maid brought and ate half of the little snacks. "Farewell Lady Carlton and don't forget what you have to do."

" you wish. Goodbye, Lady Nightfallen." She stood up with the intention to leave as I remarked: "If I notice that you didn't do as I demanded, you may now that I am easyly displeased by people who disappoint me. And if I am disappointed, I may be angry and if I am angry, no guard, no wall, no armour can protect you from me." I stared up to her under half-closed eyelids, my grin had faded. The lady tightly pressed her lips together until they resembled a thin line.

"I understand." she said after a moment of slience. "Goodbye then."

The noble left the palor and I remained sitting for a while, listened to what happened in the palace and tried to think how I should go on. I would need to stir up trouble if I got the money and I didn't wanted to be too open with my deeds. So I would need a puppet or an alternative identity to trouble the senate's nobles.

Half an hour later I raised and went to my room. Sir Dillan was replaced by Aeris Kaldron two hours after dinner. But since I didn't wanted to talk to him, I left him standing outside. Since the night I was abducted I was curious, why he ignored my absence. Who was his true master? The emperor? With a high chance, no. He was responsible that I stood up. But who gave him the idea to walk into my prison and to bring me to the capital? I could have questioned him but I wasn't in the right mood to force him to answer me truthfully. Yawning, I went to the bath and took a bottle of wine and some of the expensive chocolate I bought. I had all the time I wanted. The answers to my questions would mean that Aeris Kaldrons puppeteer would know that I let his doll dance. And I somehow belived that this would ruin the fun of the future. I came because I expected an interesting play to unfold. If I exposed the plot and all it's twists and turns too fast, it would lose it's spice. And I didn't want to be too helping and involved in the things that happened. I may help the rebellion of slaves to unfold but after doing the first step I would lean back to enjoy the show.

Sighning I uncorked the bottle with my teeth and ignored the fact that my teeth split the cork in two. I swallowed my first swig in one go and then took one of the chocolate pieces. They were delicious but as I drank more and ate more I thought how wasted this expensive wine and chocolate was on me. I didn't need those shallow things. It was useless to drink because I would always be sober. And it didn't matter how much I ate because my body would not be influenced by the things I ate. Sometimes I also believed I was a monster. A creature that shouldn't exist. But I was alive. Not breathing and living like any human or demon, but still, remaining and doing pointless things again and again. I resisted the urge to trow the bottle against the wall and instead tried to avert my thoughts. This topic would ever remain like poison in me. Poison that tarnishes my every thought and deed. That could never kill but break me again and again. I could never escape this vicious cycle and just somehow try to let time pass. A moment I thought about sleeping again. Not for a night but for a century or a few more again. But it seems like someone needs or wants me to appear really badly. And who know what'll happen if I leave the performance as soon as the curtains rose?

No, I would stay. And after a year I would return to my manison and maybe experiment with magic like I did many hundred of years before my last sleep. But at first I would do what I always did if I was involved in history - change everything what is possible until a new legend was born and written down in history.

I made myself ready in my room to meet my employees. Put my robes on, washed my hair in the air and dried it instantly. As the maid wanted to deliver breakfast I sent her away and said she could eat it with the other servants. I planned to eat in the café at King's square.

Before I left the palace, I took a stroll along the main palace, listened casually what they talked about in court because of my enhanced hearing and then walked out of the gates while Sir Weston trailed behind me.

At the café I ordered breakfast for me and the ten women who were my brand-new employees. A few minutes later the women came one after another and the breakfast was served.

"Please dig in." I said, "You will have to fathom my teachings later and should only work like I intruct you." They started eating and this made them lose a tiny bit of fear and reservation they had in front of me. It was important that they would view me as benefactor and enjoy working for me. Motivated people would work harder than people who were just promised a good pay. I did not only want them to stay because of the number of coins in their pockets but also because of loyalty to me as their employer.

Twenty-five minutes later, I begann teaching them. The café provided us with a room and with a silver coin I rented the room for the next three days. I planned to lecture the women today and tomorrow and those who still needed more teaching or more special methods at the last day, too. They could not learn to work perfectly in three days but could be taught the basics needed to start my shop. I would further educate and train them later. But first I needed them to work with my methods, that they would adapt to them and learn by working. My concept wouldn't be working with all of them the same way and they needed time to find their own working style based on my teaching. Only after they had time to digest all tactis and work in the environment of my shop, they could be further trained with more complicated and off-rounding knowledge.

I told the women about how to talk and behave to costumers and that they shouldn't treat anyone poorly, regardless if they were commoner or noble. Second I told them how they should arrange the products and that they shouldn't let the counter alone. One must always be close to the cash register and maybe be in charge of taking orders from the people regarding the snacks. I also thought about hiring a bunch of errand girls who would bring the snacks to the tables, prepared tea and could help with little tasks. I asked the women with children if they had girls between the age of ten and fourteen to help out in the shop for a lower pay. I would also pay them money so they could be educated and their working hours would be shorter and had more breaks. They could also be employed later if they were interested and hard-working.

As soon as I proposed my terms to the women, they asked for the jobs. Many families let their older children work to support their families and my proposal benefitted not only them but their children's wellbeing, too. Children's work was often dominated by exploitation and they worked under bad conditions or had working hours which were as long as those of adults. I offered lesser working hours, free education, higher payment, safety, easy tasks and better working conditions. In a short while I had about seven children who would work as helpers. I asked the mothers to bring them to the café tomorrow, so that I could teach them.

The last thing I thaught them was the concept of 'trying things on' in a secluded chamber which could be locked. The costumers could wear the products and chose those who fitted best. There would be different standard sizes and no customised dresses. Thus much time was spared and the passion of trying on a lot of different dresses and not having to wait until they were especially tailored was fanned.

The women sucked all things I told them in as dry sponges would absorb water. After I said that today's lesson was finished they behaved like they awoke from a trance and still wanted to learn more of the fascinating things I taught them. As they left they chatted lively and seemed like they couldn't wait until they started working in my shop. In two days I had turned their lives upside-down. And they seemed to know that their lives would never be the same again after they started working for me. Their gazes glowed in anticipation and hope. I showed them a path to a better life and they all were ready to step on it.

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