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85.71% Damian's Adventure: A Sword Of Endless Critical Strikes! / Chapter 12: Let them find us instead

Let them find us instead - Damian's Adventure: A Sword Of Endless Critical Strikes! - Chapter 12 by Sixth full book limited free

Chapter 12: Let them find us instead

Chapter 12: Let them find us instead

Bambin Village took Damian's words to its heart.

The villagers' whole purpose was to survive. They wanted to have something to put on the table and just continue their simple, but dangerous lives.

No one had ever thought of 'leveling up'.

One could find some brats on the street imagining themselves as knights or other powerful figures. Those were nothing, but mere dreams waiting to get slapped by a phenomenon called 'reality'.

"This is..." The guards' eyes widened upon seeing Damian, then he quickly put down his bow and waved his hand at him! "Mr. Butcher!" He did his best to gather Damian's attention!

With such a nickname, how could Damian not turn his eyes at him?

"I don't like this nickname. Just use my name; Damian," Damian waved his hand back and forth rapidly which exposed how bothered he was by this nickname.

The guard nodded and guided him to the patriarch's house.

In this house, Damian greeted the patriarch!

It was an old man with wrinkles and white hair, but his stats and resilience were far from weak. He stood straight and the sword rested in the sheath on his hip! He wore light clothes with steel armor around weak spots.

[Bambin Village's Patriarch, Koron Edward Lv. 30]

"I have been wondering about you, Mr. Damian," The old man's lips parted, "You have just level three, but your power is enough to obliterate our whole village. This is sure because you hold unique power within you."

The reason he said it was because, even though they didn't like chaos and the system that had descended onto their lives, the villagers and other residents were probably relying too much on it already.

But was that the case in the past?

"A level has its own advantages and disadvantages," Damian replied with a soft smile, "I don't know how you tell your enemies' strength in the past, but the level should be a good indicator for the majority of people here." At least in their case, Damian added.

He continued with a smile, "I saw on the way that there were a lot more players than before."

"Yes. We have been using your idea. The system bends to our wishes and it allows us to create the best quests for the village's prosperity. For that, we can only thank you deeply."

Edward and the guards in his house bowed towards Damian.

Damian just raised his hand with a slightly awkward smile as he wasn't used to such displays of gratitude.

In his dojo, he often bowed to other disciples and the same went for the tournaments, but that was just pure respect from both sides.

Damian coped better with that medieval setting and their grateful thanks to that.

"I will be meeting my junior here, then I will probably farm around your village." Damian used the gamer's language, so the residents recorded his words with a little uneasiness.

But they deciphered his words soon after and wished him the best.

Damian also asked about the emblem he had information about, "Do you perhaps have any idea about it?"

"I am sorry. I know the noble emblem of the family that we are pledged to and two of their neighbors... For us, villagers, such information is enough." Edward replied.

Of course, everyone knew that Royal Emblem, so that was natural.

Damian thanked and turned around, "Good luck. I am glad I could be helpful."

"Thank you and good luck as well."


"Gathering information in this world is not so easy compared to other games... They don't want us to reveal the World Quest that easily, huh..." Damian thought with his hands behind, his eyes on the blue sky.

He thought deeply about his World Quest and thought, "If I can't find them, I should just let them find us instead. I am a genuine threat to their plan, so this village or surroundings might become a target again."

Damian lost himself in the thoughts!

After he retracted his eyes from the sky, he found out that Karolina was already standing before him.

Her big black eyes were looking at him while red hair fluttered alongside the wind in silence.

The wind was also quite sharp, so it hid her erratic breathing and blushed cheeks.

"Hello, Senior..." Karolina greeted him.

Her in-game nickname was [Karolina's Sword Lv. 18]

Although Damian had already seen her nickname, it was different in the person. He saw that name above her head constantly following her, so he couldn't stop himself from bursting out laughing.

"What is it?" She asked in a quiet and nervous tone.

Damian replied, "It's nothing." while patting her head.

He knew her feelings and admiration, but Damian already had a girlfriend while attending the dojo. It was a long relationship that just suddenly ended, so he felt like it would take a while to start another one.

But Karolina was revealing more of herself and he decided to stop it by patting her.

In a flash, Karolina's body tensed and she closed her eyes.

Like a cute cat, she stood before her senior and enjoyed his patting!

And for now, that was enough for both of them.

"Since you are level 18, you should be able to withstand my sword more. Actually, I want to train those villagers here and prepare for the impending." Damian said.

"For the impending? Another suspicious raid of monsters?" Karolina asked while knowing what Damian and Anna had gone through.

"Yes," Damian didn't hide anything from his party member, "If we don't find them first, they will find us instead." He also added, "I want to have a spar with you, then write the experience in my diary. Afterward, I will tear off the page and see whether I can pass some bonuses to others."

"Sounds fun, Senior!" Karolina smiled widely and bared her sword! Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-adventure-a-sword-of-endless-critical-strikes!_20636454305227105/let-them-find-us-instead_55535381604520411">;s-adventure-a-sword-of-endless-critical-strikes!_20636454305227105/let-them-find-us-instead_55535381604520411</a> for visiting.

Damian reciprocated her smile and both of them found a place for themselves.

Although Damian didn't come to this world with high ambition and goals, his small moves and world adventure would change a lot of things!

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