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The Butcher - Damian's Adventure: A Sword Of Endless Critical Strikes! - Chapter 11 by Sixth full book limited free

Chapter 11: The Butcher

Chapter 11: The Butcher

The Butcher was one of the hot topics prevailing in the forum.

It was the short video of Damian and his continuous critical strikes on the poor green slimes.

Although those slimes weren't worthy opponents to gauge someone's strength, his permanent critical strikes raised many questions.

The first was whether Damian continued to do critical strikes because he attained Legendary Class from the first quest.

If he hadn't, then his character was bugged!

Many players drew those questions to the game developers, but the representative just replied in one sentence, "Everything happening in the game world has its reasoning." And he pinned that comment, leaving others speechless.

The game developers often said that they would never have their 'admin hands' in the game's history and flow.

So many people didn't even argue back and just let the butcher become one of the game's promising figures.

People were wary of him, but little did they know that this 'exciting demon-like face' was just one of many Damian's faces!

"I look too excited," Damian didn't think of himself as a demon.

Even though the world would like to debate with him about it, he felt like he was just too excited.

It was thrilling to break the law and expectations of many, but also using his sword in a way meant to kill something.

"You can't experience it here," Damian looked at the ceiling and smiled. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-adventure-a-sword-of-endless-critical-strikes!_20636454305227105/the-butcher_55510740588617630">;s-adventure-a-sword-of-endless-critical-strikes!_20636454305227105/the-butcher_55510740588617630</a> for visiting.

How could the peaceful earth force him to grasp the real sword and slash it at others? At least in his peaceful country, it didn't look like such a thing would happen anytime soon!

He hopped off the chair and faced the VR Capsule, "Let's focus on The World Quest, then."


[You have one message in your inbox.]

[Anna Mage: I will be really late today, Damian. But I have good news! My good friend will join us! Her class is Support, so we can rely on her for anything! Eat well, exercise and stay healthy! See you soon!]

"Oh, that's nice." If anything limited him, then it would be stamina!

Damian replied to his friend and added that his junior from the dojo also would join their party to hang out! He was content with how his gaming time had been going on so far!

He had a pleasant time here and Damian's gaming thrill was also piqued by the recent disaster on Bambin Village.

Due to his theory, Damian was nearly 100% sure that someone was trying to coax villagers to hate players and the 'chaos' brought by them.

While it was not the player's fault, it was their responsibility to blend well with people here.

This game was heavily focused on realism, so if the community hated them here, it would kill the beauty of this world!

"And so I will take care of the world quest," Damian felt like he found an appropriate goal for his legendary class.

Black Bear also left his inventory already and its dead body silently lay on the ground. However, realism kicked in and a disgusting smell oozed out of it...

Damian didn't waste any time, "I hope you won't betray me," He whispered and used his adventurer ability!

[The Adventurer's Diary.]

A special page appeared within the diary.

It would become part of Damian's main diary later on, but for now, Damian's goal was to read the bear's diary! He sat down near the tree, rested his back on it, then took out the system keyboard.

Typing his experience with the beast and adding his clues, Damian managed to unveil a little of the truth.

[Black Bear - On that day, The Black Bear faced an unknown group of mercenaries. Their clothes and swords alerted its instincts, but to no avail. Any escape was impossible due to their organized teamwork, to say nothing of battling.]

However, the black bear fought against them.

It wouldn't go down and let them use its body like some slave! It bared its paws and bravely faced the man who seemed to be the leader! Under an assault of the black monster, its emblem got exposed!

The bear's eyes landed on that emblem while they used their skill to enslave it!

"Black shield with gold eagle?" Damian thought out loud.

It would take some time to find a family or organization with such an emblem, but Damian found a great clue to World Quest! He smiled and closed the diary, then thought about what to write next.

He would write about his experience, but Damian did it in a way that he could also put The Black Bear's page together with his.

It was then.


[Your swordsmanship has gotten an additional title - Against The Bears!]

[Against The Bears - Bear monsters and their family are more liable to your sword!]

"Hahaha!" Damian burst out laughing!

This title was just too funny, but he also knew that it was an important title for his future adventures!

If the bear's body was too tough, his critical strike wouldn't go through it! So this title was a great help and he was ready to find out more about other races and slowly build his sword's uniqueness to the point where no monster would be able to go against him!

Since he had a lot of free time, Damian decided to return to Bambin Village and help them with their hunts and see their progress!

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