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60% Dancer or Soldier of Time / Chapter 6: Distorting Star

Distorting Star - Dancer or Soldier of Time - Chapter 6 by Spartan_Creed full book limited free

Chapter 6: Distorting Star

Gladly she accepted his invite to share a seat. Many might not have seen what she did.. but as the team leader who decided that our primary mission would to be to protect her since she's more ambitious than other Females.

Other Females are usually kept on certain planets inside of a personalized castle that provides for all needs a Female would ever need as well as the utmost protection. Many Females leave only to find a suitable Match for their... Tastes... or plan to have many multiple Matches incase one gets killed. 

Everyone of the Female Species does this for it is their Instinct to do so...

Not Her.

Not since I grew up with her while I trained openly to be a soldier... she would do so in the shadows mimicking the experts as best as she could. Though I do have to say... The Amount of Hiding Places in a Child's Play Sector!!! She found soooo many!.. In an Extremely Security Obsessed Location was outstanding!

Though now that I think about it... it was like she was too different from the others... She would find the most plausible convincing reason to hide... Like she needed more protection then what was provided... for some reason.

(Little Kyrniz, I will protect you always even if I can't be that person for you. I can judge who is though and help if you need it)

She has this "Buzz" about her... or a distorted aura that doesn't seem like it belongs to her from time to time... As she sits on my lap and I expertly fastens the harness to fit both of us I notice that her body seemed like she pushed it too far and needs proper rest.

Placing my hand on her forehead, mainly to feel the frequency of the Buzz to determine her health, pulling her gently and coaxing her into my shoulder (I am a full head taller than her) as I half cradled her body so her head won't snap Incase of an emergency. Taking on the full (not so heavy) dead weight as she finally lost consciousness. Looking towards my team and surveying the Younger ones who kept glancing in our direction but caught my eyes they turned around quickly.

Borrowing energy from the uncontrolled Buzz, that only my team can utilize to the fullest, I close my eyes and saw and heard everything through a different perspective.

Everyone gives off a faint magnetic field and on certain frequencies can it be heard either distorted or musical if you add everything else. Once secretly trained to be in tuned to the music of the Universe via an adapter of sorts to resonate with, you will be able to do it by yourself if you know how.

 (I know this state is of a form of Tranquility that makes your body vibrate to a different frequency and all your cells in your body are moving and for the first few months is Scarry and Hellish... Untill you finally get used to your cells feeling like they are exploding and reforming at a rate faster than milliseconds for periods of time.

I remember I found out unexpectedly about this state when I had, had to rescued her and we hid in close quarters of an unknown enemy. Needless to say, she lost control. Being the concerned bodyguard in Training.. I ignored her warning and got Zapped by the Buzz that surrounded her and  quickly found out after I woke up and shaking from the vibrations my body was experiencing.)

While syncing to her and helping the raging current to find a Flow that surrounded her so she wouldn't be distracted... only made me get distracted...

I heard the whisper's of the first few rows as they didn't want to wake her up as well as something odd in the distance where we were headed. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"So how'd you know what to do?"

"I was trained as a hacker before I was able to wield a weapon. Only my family and now the people on this ship know about it. I can also create new things inside existing programs that will never get found out unless I want them too." Pride radiated from the child who had hacked the Shuttle incase of emergencies.

"So what have you already made that is hiding?"

"Fail-safes mostly. I have a small device on me that can scramble signals or take over as my image on cameras so I can move freely. It can also do other stuff if I need it to." He shows his arm that has a strong magnetic field around a specific part in the shape of a keyboard.

"Oh Cool! It's's...a.."

*Wack* A crisp sound was made as someone was holding their head and pouting just a little bit.

"Tattoo. A tattoo is what it is called, and you say your smarter than me!"

"Cuz I Am! SEE!" paper rustled has a sheet got shoved into another kids face. "This Mark Here Says So! Doubt You Have It! Cuz Only Smart Kids Get It!" An arrogant tone sounded as a Matter of Factly.

"... Wel... We'll see about That!" The other kid whimpered in retaliation as he rustled through his bag.

Curious now the young kids all dug into their bags that were attached to the seats for their papers.

"Umm..... so who all has this odd mark on their paper?" the hacker kid asked.

"What's Wrong?" Bruno asked from infront of me to the younger kids who starred at their papers in confusion.

"I'm not that smart... I'm only good in the physical aspect...." The one who was whimpering just a second ago replied.

"Yea, so?"

"So how come I also have this Mark if it's only for smart kids?" The sound of fear slowly gripped his voice, heart, and mind.


Everyone turned to the kid with worried looks then to each other then to me and the sleeping Female. Sighing, I open my eyes and blink a few times to look serious at all of them.

"Raise of hand... who all has the Mark on their paper?"

Everyone's hand goes up, then our eyes drift to the sleeping Female. Then mine drift to the patch job of the Hacker and in my most serious tone.

"Hey! Hacker Kid!"

"Y..yes sir?"

"How confident are you in your fail-safes?"


Everyone became deathly quiet as the realization slowly made sense to all of them that something wasn't right.

"What's up Boss?" Fred asked from next to the other kid waiting for orders.

"There's something off...and we are headed strait towards it."

The Hacker perks up and his arm lights up as he activated his Tattoo that brought up a mini map of their current trajectory.

"...? it seems we're headed for a sun and are planned to do half a rotation to re-fule... but that's the only thing that is along our course."

"Does that thing tell what State the Star is in in Real Time?"

"Of course! I'm not that much of a child!"


"It says it's pretty normal... for a giant star?"

Carlos grew a grin on his face as the younger ones became slowly scared and confused and the other two closed their eyes and tried to Resonate the State to see what I meant.

"Hey! Everyone!"


"The Bullets Go Through The Heated Shafts To Penetrate The Enemy Faster Then The Sword Can Reach The Hide Of Our Enemies Behinds As They Run In Fear Of Our Might!"


I would throw something at that idiot if it wasn't for the harnesses and the multiple bursts of 


They all started to giggle uncontrollably at that simple stupid sentence.

Letting them have this moment I go to sleep in the R.S. so I would be in peak condition when shit hit the fan. The small distortion slowly came closer as time went on and everyone else also took a nap. But not untill they locked everything down in any case of emergency.


Mist envelopes me as I am embraced and held as every fiber of my being is shaking. Going down gently into what looks like a crystal clear blue lake surrounded by an emerald green grassy field. As my body slowly gets submerged into the water as the mist lowers me down. The sensation stops and I get washed over with a welcoming calming peace.

I sink and I find it hard to control my decent or to ascend as I believe I will run out of air but I cannot go up as the surface gets farther away from me.

Not being able to see the bottom as the surface now looks like a sun from a distant planet. Small and round and I'm down a Watery Rabbit Hole that is now a darker blue than from the surface. I feel a shield surround me as I stop just before the dark blue becomes shades closer to black.

Something large rises up behind me. It's presence is heavy and lonely as it stays behind me but envelopes the shield in a hug of sorts.

A voice from the Deep Abyss resonates from within me from beyond the mist but right behind me.

"You need to wake up before it's too late."

"Why? Here I feel no pain. Here I don't feel broken." I ask in confusion.

"Do you Want Your Friends to be Broken?"

"...Who??..My What?" Grogginess washes Over me slowly dulling my senses.

"... Ah it seems you too tired to focus."

A relaxing feeling washed over me like ripples that felt like a really large heart beat.

"Rest... I will wake you when you are needed to deal with the coming explosion." his abysmal voice made my eyes grow heavy as I drifted into sleep. Floating in a ball surrounded by Nothingness in the watery Abyss.

"Hehe it gonna go BOOM! And they don't know. It gonna go BOOM!Boom! Boom!, and POP! HeHeHe your a funny big person. What can Small Little Me do to something That Large on a Galactic scale?" Deliriousness now evident in my voice.


"Have you not been taught what you can do?"

"By Who? Who would want to train a girl to kick Arsnics?" I started about pout.

"Very Few it seems. When you wake up take the energy like air and breathe out a lot of pulses. It's the only way to save them. Now rest little one."

"okayday." I whine


In the Vastness of space a small mainly Solar Powered Shuttle makes it way to a Gigantic Ancient and Still Burning Bright Star to re-fule, but little did anyone or any instruments could pick up that under the main Flares on the surface of the Giant Sun the Iron Core was going through chemical changes that started to slowly collapse in on itself little by little as something even more Ancient than It was drawing ever so near.

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