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66.66% Dancing Between Knives / Chapter 2: Chapter Two

Chapter Two - Dancing Between Knives - Chapter 2 by Valendeath full book limited free

Chapter 2: Chapter Two

I tucked my backpack with the things needed for me to enter the academy, I wore my black ripped jeans matched with a white shirt and a black blazer while I wore a black cowgirl hat and white sneakers as I let my loined hair with curls at the end be blown by the fresh strong wind while I traipse down to the meeting place.

"Miss!" a voice from the back called, "Yes?" I answered as I turned around to face the person who called but no one is there; 'How strange' I thought in my mind as I narrowed my eyebrows, I shrugged my shoulders and took a deep breath and let it out.

As I opened my eyes and turned around to continue walking, my eyes lengthened as I gasp in shock due to his sudden presence in front of me; "Hey!" I irritably spoke as I slitted him on his arm "Ow! What was that for?" he stated mugging as he sopped his left arm that I slitted lately "That's for scaring me lately" I stated and folded my arms in front of me.

He grinned and didn't say any word so I continue walking towards the meeting place which is the one they call "Garden". While I was walking, I heard some footsteps from the back and it gets even louder in every step I make; my heart beats fast and loud as I shiver in fright, I tightened up my grip as I clenched on my backpack. I began to dash thinking that I might get caught by someone who wants to do something bad to me.

Some moments later, I heard some slashes at the back, as I turned around to see what's going on, I saw a lynx being slashed in its thigh up to its head by some kind of sharp blades that caused its viscera to jut out of its body while its own flesh perdure on pouring out to the ground and made some Gumamela flowers bloom in seconds.

When the Gumamela opens, red dust escapes the flower and each particle was mixed with the air then they camouflaged; I smirked as I watch them flying in the sky, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath then let it out as I open my eyes at the same time.

The moment I opened my eyes, "Ah!" I spoke as covered my eyes because I felt something that entered my eye and made my meshes assailed. Some moments later, I removed my hands and started blinking 'til my blurry red sight is clear. "Why is my sight red when it's blurry?" I wondered.

As my sight became clear, I perpetuated on what I'm doing lately, which is going to the garden. Minutes after those really strange things occurred, I reached my destination according to the description given by Zen on the note he left. "This is it? The one called "Garden"?" I asked in disappointment as I looked around at the place, "Does this place look like a garden? It's more like a stupid old brick door entrance and some forest trees with some corrosible leaves in it" I grumble as I folded my arms in front of me and rolled my eyes.

In the midst of her complaints about the garden, someone is grinning as this person was amazed by watching how she reacts at the unknown place where only the lineage knew. "You really are an innocent child, hehe" the person observing her spoke then chuckles on the way she complains while shaking its head.

After she rolled her eyes, she turned around disappointed while her arms were folded; her eyes broadened as her jaw dropped in shock due to what she have seen, the ugly stupid place that she's been complaining about become an attractive place with some flowers beside the pathway that blooms one by one slowly that truly amazed her that caused her to smile as she closed her eyes and feel that fresh unpolluted breeze come up to her. It was such a beautiful moment when a flower blooms, being guided to their journey as they develop day by day and discovering something new in their lives.

"Hey miss" a man with a chiseled face and a slightly curled hair while wearing a black denim jacket, white shirt and black jeans matched with white sneakers greeted as he placed his hand on her shoulder that made her shudder and gasp as her meshes lengthened at the same time due to thunderstruck.

She rapidly looked at the left side of her where the hand was placed "You?!" she asked due to vicissitude as her eyebrows furrowed, his thin lips made a curve as he glares at her "Me what? Me, handsome? Please don't tell me what I already know" he said then chuckles "That's not what I meant." she stated as she put down her folded arms as she clenched her fists "Then what? You wanted to tell me that I'm so attractive that you have fallen in love with me?" he teased that made her pissed.

She walks away like running due to antipathy of the guy who just startled her two times in this day and now, he's teasing her and not letting her say anything she wanted to say. "That annoying man. I hate you, I hate you, I hate yo---" she was about to finish what she's going to say but out of the blue, someone hugged her from the back that made her stop from shouting that she hates him angrily.

"I'm sorry" he sincerely apologized while sealing it with a warm embrace that calms her down so suddenly. He released her in his embrace then she took a deep breath and let it out "Okay, I accept your apo---" she spoke as she turned around slowly but before she finish what she's about to say while turning, she stopped when she saw no one beside her as her eyes lengthened; she looked around her "Where did he go? He was right here a while ago" she wondered.

I shrugged my shoulders and let out a sigh; I continue walking 'til I reached an iron arc with some stem with flowers that were about to bloom in some days wrapped around the iron arc.

A backslidden man wearing a black cloak turned around and checked his wristwatch "You're 7 minutes and 48.10 seconds late" he spoke seriously and folded his arms in front of him as he landed his sight on her that caused her to look down to the ground in embarassment, it's just her first day and now it looks like being late is a big deal to this guy.

"I apologize for being late, its just... Its just..." she apologized "Its just? Just what?" he asked with a serious face, she bit her lower lip as she thinks about what she have done earlier; he let out a deep sigh to calm himself "I'll let this pass for now, it's just your first time but if you do this again, you'll have your punishment" he stated.

She nodded before she answers "Thank you, it won't happen again" she promised without noticing that Zen already walks away, she lifted her head and gazed at him traipsing; he halted and turned around to her direction "What are you waiting for? End of the world?" he asked with an eyebrow raised and a serious face, she shook her head and began trotting towards him.

"Uhh... May I ask where are we going?" I asked him as I tilted my head slightly to the left while walking with Zen five meters before me "You'll find out soon enough Ms. Esquivel" he answered without even giving me a glare behind.

We stopped beside the path commonly used by some vehicles and lift his left arm to gazed at his wristwatch that confused me "what is he checking at his wristwatch that made him do that every moment we halt from walking?" I wondered and leaned forward as I turn my head to the right to glare at him "Don't" he spoke "Hmm?" I asked "Don't do that if you don't want to be dead right at this moment" he stated and made a cold stare at me that made me obey what he instructed.

A strong wind howls at me that made me shut my eyes for a moment as I blocked my right arm in front of my eyes. After the howling winds disappeared, I opened my eyes as I removed my right arm from blocking my eyes "Let's go" he spoke as he hold my right arm and dragged me into the shining white Mitsubishi Outlander with some splashes of red ink.

I pulled the door close and sat silently, the car began to work as the driver operates it. Some minutes after we past all the vehicles right on our way, the Mitsubishi Outlander which was the vehicle that I'm in started revving up that made me tighten my grip to my seat as my heart beats fast and loud like there was a super speed race; my eyes landed on him which is now sitting comfortably and calmly like the car isn't fast "How could he stay calm at this moment? Is there anything else that I should expect to happen when I'm with this guy?" I thought in my mind while my eyes are closed shut.

"HAHAHA" my eyes lengthened as I heard a sudden laugh, I turned my head to the right and saw that it was him, chuckling at this moment while having his arms folded "This vehicle is mine Ms. Esquivel, and it was my type of driving. You may expect, but don't expect that much" he grinned as he glared at me, "W-wait what? D-did he just answer the thoughts in my mind? H-ho---" "Yes, I just did, I heard it, you're noisy, even if you don't say it, your voice box spoke without you opening your mouth" he stated.

I placed my hand on my throat and gulped even I don't eat anything; I sat properly and put my backpack on my lap so I can have something to grab on to when this thing startled me again.

I'm now firmly holding on to my bag, not even looking at the road or where we're going to, then suddenly, the car stops "W-wait... T-the car stops?" I thought in my mind as I lift my head from being dived little by little and skirted my sight from left to right while looking from the inside of the moderate-tinted window of the car.

"Are you done?" he asked without giving a glare at her; white fog began to surround the place. Count down with me will you? In












A person wearing a royal blue-hooded cloak suddenly appeared right in front of the window where she was currently gazing at, she jumped backward as she gasp in shock due to the person's sudden appearance in she moved backward until... 

"Ahem!" he cleared his throat as he placed his clenched fist right in front of his mouth, she suddenly turned her head around to face him and saw him with an eyebrow raised. "Z-Z-Zen?" she called stuttering while her whole body shivers; he just glare at her with his serious intimidating expression that made the hair of her whole body stood up, the door of the car opened and fog enters, her heart started thumping loudly as she pants and clung on her backpack tightly while fog resume on entering the backseat...



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"Hi Ms. Esquivel and welcome to our academy" she greeted as she suddenly appeared in front of her with her arms raised to form a letter V when she said 'Welcome to our academy', "the dark," she placed both of her hand in front of her face with some spaces between them where her eyes can be seen "the inscrutable," she looked up to the upper right portion and moved her hand like she's making a way as she verbalize 'the mysterious' "the all-time majestic path along your way, the one, the only... Sheol Academy!" she introduced with a cheerful tone and a smile that can erase her fright. Alycione loosened her grip to her backpack and her pounding heart comes back to its normal pace.

"Great job Alejo, you're improving" he greeted "Thank you sir" she cheerfully thanked him "Alycione, this is Scyxia Alejo, my other scholar. She'll give you a tour around the academy since it was your first time to be here" he spoke as he introduced Alycione to Scyxia; they waved at each other and says "Hi! Nice to meet you".

Out of the blue, a phone rang ruining the deafening silence around them; Zen took out his phone from his pocket and placed it on the ear to answer the call "Hello" he answered "I'm on my way" he spoke then ended the call, "You two continue your chatting outside okay? I have some important matters to attend to." he stated, "Let's go Alycione, special sceneries awaits you" Scyxia spoke as she dragged her out of the car.


As the sun rose, Cleon was still sitting on the couch in the living room, waiting for his daughter's return from the party with her friends that they talked about; he keeps on checking the wall clock every hour, he taps his right foot like how Bugs Bunny do.

Krystle yawned while opening the door to their room, she rubbed her blurry eye and saw her husband looking so restless with those eyebag caused by lack of sleep; she let out a sigh and approaches her husband, she sat down beside him and gave him a warm embrace to help him calm down a bit "Why didn't you sleep?" she asked as she put her chin on his shoulder to stare at his face.

He let out a sigh and answers "I'm worried about Aly, she hasn't returned yet, I'm just thinking if she returns and no one opens the door for her someone will take her" he glared at his cute-faced wife "Don't worry, she's having fun and its her friends after all" she stated and smiled at him that made his premonition decrease, she really knows how to calm him down or what to do on some situations like this.

Her phone dings as a notification pops up, she reached her phone on the table in front of them and double tapped the notification, the app opened and a picture revealed; she observed every face on the picture and it looks like they're drunk, she looks for her daughter's face but she couldn't find it.

Her heart began to pound and felt a hunch that something bad happened to her child "Cleon" she called "Yes Krys?" he answered "is there something wrong?" he asked while his wife prepared herself and grabbed her sling bag, "Let's go" she spoke as she hold his wrist and dragged him out of the house.

As they reached Tanya's house, Krystle knocked at the door one after the other rapidly while her heart thumps loudly "Hey hey hey hey hey" he weaned his wife from those rapid knocking "Enough of it, or the door will be knocked down" he spoke that caused her to calm down a bit and knock at a normal way which is not speeding it up 'coz if you speed up, you'll be hurt and things will get worse.

"Who was it to come here this early? Can't this person see that I'm still sleepy?" she grumble while yawning with her heavy drowsy eyes as she walks towards the noisy wooden door. Tanya's eyes broadened in shock as she gazed at Mr. and Mrs. Esquivel standing in front of the door, "Where's my daughter?" she directly asked without letting Tanya let a word out before asking her.

"She didn't come to the party" she answered yawning "and I don't care if she comes or not." she added while grinning "Get out of my way" she spoke "what if I don't want to? Eh?" she grinned foolishly, Krystle moved her aside and enter the house, she inspects every face that go by in the living room but she couldn't find her daughter's face "Oh thank goodness she wasn't drinking with these clique of drunkard" she thought in her mind "If she wasn't here, where could she be to not return home for a day?" she wondered then gasped "C-c-could it be..." she grabbed her husband's arm and pulled him outside the house of Tanya with some snoring people while holding a bottle of wine in one of their hands.

Meanwhile at the Sheol Academy...

"Here is your condominium, numbered 8526 right?" she asked, Alycione nodded as an answer of yes "Well Alycione, my condominium's just across the corner westside numbered 1800 okay? If you need any help, don't hesitate to tell me" she informed then smiled. "Hey! Turn away!" a voice from the east side where an open court is located yelled that made her turn her head to the east; at the exact time she turned her head, a ball hit her face "Ohh shoot" a player said as his eyes broadened while slowly clenching his right fist as he place it in front of his mouth "Boom! three points" some player spoke while others raised their hand with three fingers up and chuckles on what just happened.

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