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Chapter 3 - Danganronpa:Reborn as the dual talent wielder - Chapter 4 by DaoistEWfBgz full book limited free

Chapter 4: Chapter 3

{Taka}"So, guys how would you define what we just experienced?"

{Leon}"How? Why? I don't understand any of this"

{Toko}"We have to live here forever? or kill? Wh-what just happened!?"

Before Kyoko could speak up I chimed in

{Senju}"Yo everyone calm down yelling wont help or getting angry about!"

{Kyoko}"Yes I Agree so from what I see we have two choices

{Senju}"One is to live here forever and two is to kill to get out right?"

{Trap}"But killing someone That's"

{Hamster}"We were abducted out of nowhere and stuffed into this place meant to look like a school" then he started screaming

{Taka}"A lie, is what it is. All these Ridiculous things we've heard... This all has to be fake"

{Byakuya}"Right now it doesn't really matter if it's real or fake. what matters is.. is there anyone here who's seriously considering all this...?"

No one responded everyone looked at each other for a couple of seconds before I spoke up and interrupted everyone thoughts

{Senju}"All of us probably who wouldn't most of us wont do it although everyone will consider it but I will say this staring at each other wont get us nowhere!"

Everyone came back to reality when I said those words

{Taka}"He is right! we have to move forward no matter what! to forget such a fact please, someone hit me!"

{Mondo}"Stop yelling Jesus do something about it instead of yelling"

{Hifumi}"Perhaps, but what is the mission exactly?"

{Leon}"Idiot! to look for a way out"

{Junko}"And to find who controlling the bear"

{Trap}"Before we do all of that let us have a look at the rulebook"

{Senju}"Sure that be the best choice"

We all open up our Handbooks with some remarks

I check the rules place out in school regulations

Rule No.1:Students may reside only within the school. Leaving campus is an unacceptable use of time.

Rule No.2:Nighttime is from 10pm to 7am. some areas are off-limits at night, so please exercise caution.

Rule No.3:Sleeping anywhere other than the dormitory will be seen as sleeping in class and punished accordingly. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Rule No.4:With minimal restrictions, you are free to explore Hope's Peak Academy at your discretion.

Rule No.5:Violence against Headmaster Monokuma is strictly Prohibited, as is destruction of surveillance cameras.

Rule No.6:Anyone who kills a fellow student and becomes "Blackeened" will Graduate, unless they are discovered.

Rule No.7:Additional school regulations may be added as necessary.

Everyone had stormy faces when they finished reading the rules

{Mondo}"This is bullshit! what the hell kinda rules are these!? I'm not gonna let them control ME!"

{Celeste}"Well then, why don't you wander around the school without a care I the world and see what happens? Personally, I would love to see what happens when someone breaks one of the rules.

{Senju}"He die like with he bomb he woulda died if he did not throw it"

Everyone came at the sharp realization at my words except for a few

{Mondo}"... Ever since I was a kid my older brother pounded this in my head when a man makes a promise they have to keep it even if it kills him"

{Junko}"so what?"

{Mondo}"I made ton of promises that I have to keep, that's "so what"!" so I can't afford to die here!"

{Senju}"Although that did not make much sense I just understood following school regulations correct?"

{Mondo}"Pretty much"

{Sayaka aka Betrayer}"I got a question for regulation number 6 what do you think it means exactly?"

{Senju}"Hmmmm I'm not sure but I think I got a idea"

Everyone looked at me when I said that

{Senju}"Although this might sound dumb I think it mean like a murder case Someones kills and the rest has to find the killer"

{Celeste}"I see that makes sense"

{Toko}"But why do we have to do that"

{Byakuya}"Lets not worry about it just follow the rules frankly, I don't want to hear anything from someone who waits for others to decide what to do for them"

{Toko}"D-Don't jab at me" she says with a red face

{Leon}"More like full on stab

{Also I forgot to mention our mc will act just like his new life memories personality ex. and he a pretty good actor so he will act on his new life emotions k k}

{Aoi}"Well for now, let's forget all that silly junk about murderers or whatever now that we know the rules, let's start exploring the school!"

{Taka}"True. we need to find out where exactly we are, is there any way out? what about food and supplies? there are tons of question we need to answer!"

{Leon}"Damn straight! okay, then let's start looking around!"

{Byakuya}"I be going alone"

{Junko}"What!? Why? That's a pretty stupid idea, don't you think?"

{Byakuya}"Someone here might already started thinking about murdering one of us are you saying we should stand around with them in our midst and make it that much easier for them?"

{Sayaka}"W-wait, hold on a second. that would never-!"

{Byakuya}"Don't bother saying it don't deny the possibility"


{Byakuya}"Im simply acting what I think is best for me"

{Mondo}"Hold on hell you think ima let you run off and do what you want!"

{Byakuya}"Out of my way plankton"

{Mondo}"What the fuck does that mean"

{Byakuya}"One tiny bit of Plankton, Drifting across the sea so minuscule, so insignificant, they couldn't possibly have any kind of influence on the boundless ocean

{Bro I wrote some after this but got deleted but you know what happened if your reading this so this happens right after Makoto gets hit}

{Senju}"great yo knock him out"

{Mondo}"What you say Bi-!"

I suddenly put my fingers in his face and snapped my finger right when I spoke these words

{Senju}"Calm down"

He suddenly went into a calm state and realized what he done

{Mondo}"Sorry man I was just so angry I carry him to his room there should be one I be back"

He picks up Makoto body and went away

Then some people left after talking leaving the last group me and some others

{Senju}"Yo Celeste want to go to the Lunch room for some Tea?"

She looks up at me surprised

{Celeste}"There is Tea?"

{Senju}"Yep I always have some on me incase of stressed situations"

{Celeste}"Then I shall go with you thank you please head out I will follow you"

We both head out to the dining room

She sits down while I get some Tea packets from my pockets and grab some milk and start taking it while making sure to add it during the brewing process

'Change Two talents to Ultimate tea maker and Ultimate cook'

{Senju yelling from Kitchen}"Want some food?"

{Celeste}"Sure make anything that goes good with tea"

{Senju}"Sure mam making some snacks to go"

After 30 minutes came out with a plate of 6 Beautiful sandwiches and some good smelling tea

{Celeste}"These look great lets see if you can make tea right?"

We both drunk our tea and ate our sandwiches

I saw her mask break while drinking and eating with big smile andHungry eyes

'Everyone falls before food huh'

after a couple of minutes she realized her ask broke while eating and went back to her normal expression

{Celeste}"A+ so far and great food"

{Senju}"Im glad I live up to expectation Want to play a game of cards now?"

{Celeste}"Gladly Sir"

We then played a fun game of cards for the rest of the time before it ended up being night time

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