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76.19% Dao King of the Void / Chapter 12: A Sect is Created

A Sect is Created - Dao King of the Void - Chapter 12 by Glocc_Williams full book limited free

Chapter 12: A Sect is Created

On this island stood a palace all black highlighted with blue jade. It was incredible it could house at least a hundred thousand people. They began walking into the palace when they heard their master's voice echo through the palace. "All voidlings report to the meeting hall."

As they walked they saw no one in sight but they got the chance to admire the portraits and decorations the palace offered. After walking for ten minutes did they finally reach a set of double doors eight meters tall. When they got in front of the door it began to open. After walking inside they were greeted by a thousand people some young some middle aged. As they walked the crowd made way staying silent because the two were walking with the grand elder.

Eventually they reached some steps where a throne sat above. It was amazing it was made of the same expensive materials and was even more dazzling. In front of the steps stood a woman 1.4 meters who had the looks of a goddess.

She had a coke shaped body with curves in all the right places. The woman immediately bowed and spoke "Grandfather forgive me if I'm being rude but who are these people with you?" Feng Tianshu looked at Ja and gave him a nod. After seeing the situation Ja released his bloodline aura. The aura made all of the voidlings fall and prostrate before Feng Ja.

Everyone was shocked at what was happening this youth of seventeen had the same bloodline but his was more ancient then the royal family's bloodline. Ja immediately went and sat on the throne. The moment he did the palace started to rumble and the most beautiful melody was heard. This was the palace acknowledging its master. This made the scene even more chaotic because if he is the palace master that meant his words were law and if went against meant immediate death. After taking his seat Grand Elder Tianshu smiled and began speaking to everyone.

"Well to start this is Feng Ja he has the bloodline of the race's inheritor. His bloodline is above the royal family's bloodline. So from this day forward his rule is law and what he decides is for the better of our race. Feng Ruo he is also your brother and now leader. I know some of you have a problem when he doesn't have the highest cultivation. As you can see though the palace has chosen him as the new leader and it can not be questioned."

Feng Ruo and the other voidlings were trembling not knowing how to react. Before anyone could ask Feng Ja a question a commanding aura of an emperor came roaring from Feng Ja's body. Every being in the hall was made to kneel before Feng Ja. Feng Ja was aghast at what was taking place before he came back to his senses and started to speak.


Everyone was free to move at that moment.

"From this day forward I the inheritor of the Void race will create a sect. This sect will be the number one super power of the Universe. You all will become disciples and elders today depending on your cultivation. It is four different type of disciples outer, inner, core, and legacy. Because we are one race none of you will be an outer disciple.

Even though that is the case I would hope all of you make it to become core disciples. We will only have 10 Legacy disciples at a time. Only way for it to change is by death or promotion to a elder. We will speak on that topic later though as the palace wants me to complete the inheritance. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

After which we will begin the plan to create the sect and make the Void race the number one power and race once again. I know you all have questions but after I complete the inheritance will we speak. At that time I want all elders of our race to meet cause at that time I will think of what your status will be in the sect."

After Ja's speech everyone was looking up and in their eyes was nothing but respect, excitement, and anticipation. Ja then stood up from the throne and walked through the crowd with Elder Tianshu and Wuheng behind. After leaving the hall did the trio begin to talk as they walked to the inheritance.

"Nice speech brother Ja" said Wuheng.

"Disciple seems like you will be just right to lead our race to a promising future. I will be able to leave to be reincarnated in peace if I'm unable to fix my situation" said Tianshu.

"Well master we will talk about that later because I know father would love to see you again. The reason I won't pursue the matter now because the palace said before it passes me all of the knowledge of the ancestors I need to get the void inheritance first. So I need to do that now cause it will take sixth months at least to absorb and process since I'm not at the Spirit Lord Realm. After I finish I will have jumped to the third stage Demigod Realm at best, or peak of ninth stage Sacred Emperor realm at the least."

After hearing what Feng Ja the two looked at him with eyes of envy for a few seconds. They couldn't believe how much luck Feng Ja had to be blessed with so much fortune early in his cultivation to jump realms with the most stable foundation. After only a few minutes of walking did they reach a door made of black jade. The door had no handles with a lion and dragon head in the middle. Feng Tianshu made a few gestures with his hand before sending a beam of the void at the door. Then the sound of locks being undone were heard. After the sounds stopped did the black jade door started to form a portal.

"Disciple step through and inherit your destiny. After you come out we will establish your sect. For the time being I will send everyone out in all four directions to gather more resources. We should have gathered enough to cultivate your sect for at least a thousand years. Then with you inheriting not only the ancient inheritance you are also palace master.

With the resources left in your disposal you should be able to cultivate a force unchallengeable. You should be able to make at most a thousand Dao King Realm, ten thousand Dao Realm, a hundred thousand God Kings, and probably a million of each realm lower."

Feng Ja nodded and stepped through the portal and started the inheritance. After he stepped through the black jade door reappeared that left Wu and his master their.

"Wu we need to send everyone out on their mission. We will give contribution points to all teams and they will split it amongst themselves. While they are gone we will begin to setup the sect testing equipment. We will get everything ready so when Ja returns we only have to know the realms for each level of disciple and elder. Also we need to gather equipment for alchemy, arrays, and weapons.

Then we need to spread the name of Ja and the sect across the planet. Then even though this is a small world the sect name will start to spread. Also the voidlings can at least get real experience before we leave for our own planet."

When Wu heard that he asked "for your own planet?"

"Yes I created a planet years ago which is an upper world which has better qi and resources. Also I did this over a hundred thousand years ago. I went there around a year ago and its a paradise for cultivation and resources up to the Dao king realm. We will have lots of people to bring from your world and other worlds. Its still around thirty thousand people here other than the voidlings.

So we need to break down what we need to do before we depart from Zagon. Also we need to leave within the next year so we can catch up to the other ancient powers" said Tianshu.

In the meantime Feng Ja is in a void where he is standing and being imparted with knowledge since the beginning of time. Wuheng and Tianshu put all voidlings to work while they broke down rankings for all the disciples and elders. To become an outer disciple you have to at least be at the spiritual gathering realm. Inner disciples needed to be at least at the Nascent Sould Realm. Core disciples had to be at least True God/False God Realm.

Legacy disciples could range anywhere above peak True God/False God Realm. Elders were ranked as elder, origin elder, great elder, and grand elder. The only way to become a grand elder would to be appointed or a previous palace master. Elders needed to be at the origin core realm. Origin elders at the spiritual lord realm.

Great elders at least at the ascendant realm. Grand elders could range from any realm. All grand elders would be responsible for teaching legacy disciples. As they kept making plans and arrangement for the upcoming sect six months passed.

"Everyone was woke by a booming voice. All disciples and elders come to the meeting hall" said Feng Ja. After around thirty minutes did everyone assemble in the hall. Feng Ja looked at the over thirty thousand crowd kneeling before him the spoke.

"Rise as of today the new sect has been founded. I thought about the name of the sect for these whole six months. Knowing we will have members of all races I decided not to make a sect named after the void race. So from this day forward the Universal Divine Sect has begun. Now I have had a lot of thought and the first two Grand Elders are Feng Tianshu and Liang Wuheng. The first two Great Elders will be Feng Ruo and Feng Tian after his return.

As for disciple rankings you will be classed based on a tournament that will be held in three months time. In this tournament you will not only face the people in this room but also from the planet Zagon. I will be broadcasting the name of our sect across the planet that we will be taking in disciples in two months. Now we will get all of you to stand and be ranked for now the cultivation realms don't matter as your potential will factor your place. I will leave Grand Elder Tianshu in charge while I take care of a few personal matters.

After the tournament and all rankings made we will leave this planet. We will be heading to our new home on a planet that has a civilization built by our grand elder. He will be gone for a month to put a few civilizations across the five continents on the planet. He will be leaving upon my return to the sect and after the tournament begins. We will occupy the best continent for cultivating but will be in control of the whole planet.

We will allow sects to be made and clans established but they will have to pay tribute to the Universal Divine Sect every year. So for now I will let you all communicate with anyone from the outside to let know of our arrival in the Void World. Our continent will be called the Feng continent followed by dark cloud, Liang, Raizou, and Pangu continents. You all are dismissed the next time we meet I will be sect leader and I will personally attend to sect matters for a period of ten years before I start back to focus on the plans. So get your rankings and to all of the void race your rankings should not be below an inner disciple or core elder by time we leave for the void world everyone except the elders are dismissed.."

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