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90.41% Dark Designs: Tales of Demons & Gods (Bimonthy Updates) / Chapter 66: Cost of Rebellion Part 2 Visitors from an Agreement

Cost of Rebellion Part 2 Visitors from an Agreement - Dark Designs: Tales of Demons & Gods (Bimonthy Updates) - Chapter 66 by Magmatide full book limited free

Chapter 66: Cost of Rebellion Part 2 Visitors from an Agreement


Visitors at Night-


Xiao Ninger, Ye Ziyun, and Yu Yan were escorted by Ye Hong to visit Shen Yue. The serious atmosphere around them was broken by seeing him just relaxing reading a book.

Long Ya was moving with a few Officers towards the Nether Realm ahead of time in disguise. The changing of the Dark Guild would take some effort without causing overall damage and alerting the Demon Lord.

A few of Shen Yue's closes Officers were cultivating trying to understand Law deeper. The first 15 were the most favored for personal training. Now workwise, they still received the same benefits for their station.

"Ok, now.. this has to be good." Shen Yue didn't look up at them at all but waved them in. The door was sealed the moment they stepped across the threshold. "Go ahead and talk, I am listening."

He flipped the page of the book, not looking towards them still. He really hated chemistry. But it helped him understand Law greatly.

"Well, I will just start." Ye Hong stated. "The City Lord Mansion is in disarray. The Divine Family is weakened but recovering, the Sacred Family wiped out, the various Noble Families worried about the Dark Guild coming."

"Right.. that sounds very troublesome. For you anyway." Shen Yue nodded after thinking it over about them just wanting a little help. His hand waved for him to continue. 'Stupid Perodic Table! Taking a lot to pull up the old memories to go over what was taught!'

*Woom!* Power of Law pulsed as another Divine Spark started to form up. Yu Yan's eyes were so strong towards him, they threatened to set him ablaze. This would be odd considering the Fire Specialities of both of them.

Duan Jian, Lu Ning were still his personal advisors for most things. But Duan Jian was focusing a little more on his cultivation and Lu Ning focusing more on the different projects to implement.

"We need combatants and the help of those from your family." After he said that, Shen Yue raised his hand to stop him from going further. The door opened a few minutes later as several key members of the Dark Moon Family entered. Those who sat on a Committee. Which answered to him and kept him honest still.

"Continue." Shen Yue stated. Ye Ziyun started talking once more.

She pulled out paperwork with handwriting that match Yang Xin's and Xiao Ninger's. They pointed out faults and what was needed to defend Glory City. A little debate started between Ye Ziyun and the Committee.

Yu Yan and Xiao Ninger found it odd that Shen Yue barely said much and kept reading a book. In a language neither knew of.

"Well, you can just have the Winged Dragon Family, the Alchemy Association back you up. Oh, and Yu Yan here." Shen Yue gestured to the red-eyed woman. "I am sure if they show their full might, he would have no choice but to do so. Peacefully, considering."

"There is still the matter of going forward afterward if we go that way." Ye Ziyun shook her head in dismay. "With the assistance of your master.."

"There is no master." Shen Yue flipped another page of his book. "I am sure someone in the mansion has figured that out already." By the tone of most in the room, the agreement would most likely go through. So a few more knowing that he was Liang Yu would help the situation.

The punishment for breaking it increasing with his growing strength. Which, having the Divine Sparks forming might even do more damage.

"A few have speculated that it is just a trick of sorts." Ye Ziyun gave him a hard look. "You are not at the Legend Realm, so it cannot be you." A glance to those in the room revealed nothing.

"Kind of." Shen Yue put the clothes on of his Liang Yu persona and created the lightning to help prove it with the change of his voice. Seeing as she was still unbelieving, he released his cultivation in the room. The power of A Spiritual God caused Yu Yan to react. "I am not at the Legend Realm since I stepped into the Demigod Realm kinda previously. And right into the Spiritual God Realm."

*Bzzt!* Lightning danced around Shen Yue. Taking the mantle of the Spiritual God of Lightning was easy. Oddly, his understanding of Sound increased as well. Especially with the tidbit of Lightning itself always producing Thunder was further clarified. Thunder could never exist without it. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Another member of the Human tribe is a Spiritual God..." Yu Yan actually started crying a little.

"The Core, Divine Spark is still forming, but yes it can be considered that." Shen Yue was only holding it back fully as he studied it more. The process was similar to a snowball going downhill. Well in this case spinning spiritual law into place. 'Not even gonna mention the other ones forming to her.'

Three members of the Committee started writing what was said down. Ye Hong had informed his cousin this would happen but she didn't believe it.

"We need combatants and the help of those from your family." Ye Ziyun spoke calmly this time. My father will not listen and can not be trusted after recent matters came to light. I wish to take over the City Lord Mansion and lead it to a better future. Which means taking over Glory City really."

"How do you want to go about this really?" Shen Yue put the question out there to keep from guiding the situation. 'It seems the "protagonist halo" around Nie Li has weakened enough to affect those closes to him more. But still, need to play it carefully.'

"Walk in to have him abdicate." Ye Ziyun stated. A few groans were heard but not a one spoke up. "It was a jest. Explain to him logically why this would be better."

"What about your.. fiancee attacking me?" Shen Yue gave his full attention now. "What payment will be done in regards to that?"

"This." Xiao Ninger removed a manual. "The Daoyin Technique. Corrected with members from teh Alchemy Association and Nie Li. I know you have Acupuncture Techniques already but more cannot hurt."

"As well as this." Ye Ziyun was determined to show how much she cared for her family. "A copy of the Snow Wind Family Technique. Hints & Insights on using Traceless Snow Wind Technique, Frost Slash Sword Aura, and teh Self Destruction moves. A few more or inside but.."

"This will all do." Shen Yue red over the Acupuncture Technique committing it to memory. It was then given to the Committee to look over. The other was not handed over. "Original would be better though."

*Woosh!* Snow Wind Law appeared around his hand before dissipating. It felt off to him compared to the other Laws. Something to check on later. He then gave it to the 2nd Officer to study. The correlation of Snow & Wind and Ice show help speed it up for her.

The remainder of the night went over the details of the agreement. Yu Yan offering to work with his people to help them understand Law more. In exchange for a little assistance from him of course personally.

More agreements were made and more Connections were formed. Yu Yan, Ye Hong, and Ye Ziyun would return in a few days. After adjustments were made to a few plans.


Next day-


The captured Snow Wind Apes were subdued in front of him. Each given some of the Flame from the Flame Vortex Core. Exercising the Beast Manual on them with the use of Law added for further measure, coupled with all the instinctual behavior with the refine Demon Beasts, the Inscription Patterns for Demon Beasts appeared and formed into a stronger law all on its own.

The forming of the Lightning Divine Spark pushed his other studies of Law further than he thought or was allowing. Power that wanted to exist and wanted to be used pulse strongly around him.

The Beast Law, Divine Spark was acquired. Just needs to finish forming before it was to late. While that was contemplated, thanks to the understanding gained from a modern society and science, after comparing it all together he formed the Law energy of Medicine. But his Aspect of Medicine was superior and broke it down instantly. Almost jealous even somehow.

It was absolutely maddening! But trial and error!

The Snow Wind Apes moved around confused but understood one thing, Shen Yue was their Master. Or to be precise, the Leader of the Shrewdness. In other words, like a Pack or a Pride.

*Fwoosh!* Fire condensed in front of him before scattering.

The same as the others, the Fire was rejected but more so since it endangered Yu Yan. His Flame Vortex Core pushed his "agreement" with the others before that was made. Not letting him experiment on making one.

Becoming a Spiritual God, triggered the Laws of a Champion and that of the Pantheons agreement. Even though he did not belong to one, he also did not refuse the rules himself. Like a subscription continueing with out getting out of it.

Any attempt to create certain Laws were rebuffed. It was odd as the Dimension itself, most likely the "Deity" that the dimension belonged to pushed against him. The Flame Vortex Core contained the concept of the laws for now.

Keeping it from scattering like before. Churning as it broke down the current Divine Sparks with the hammering effect. Reforming them slowly under his will.

Those various other Laws were understood on the basic level and fused into what he was calling "practical law" for now. Doing all of this outside finished one test. The next was to move to his Internal Space and do so again.

His Internal Space exists outside and within the Dimension. Since his body and soul were in the Dimension, it created a weird hold on him. It did not cause problems like when he spoke with Rexford going in and out all this time. The same as in other Dimensions so far.

Probing with his Astral Sense the moment he entered his Internal Space, allowed him to use the experience from dealing with "Dimensional Tears" or "Cracks" when finding other Dimensions already. However, they were far and some guarded in weird ways. But with Inscriptions like Laws.

A total of 7 or so were nearby that he believed in reach.

Magmatide Magmatide

Status: Shen Yue Health 2800

Spirit Energy: 35,981,000

Power: 43 Defense: 45

Willpower: 40 Intellect: 42

Connection: 64

Divine Spark: Lightning, Sound, Metal, Beasts

Laws: Death, Earth. Matrix

Flame Vortex Star Dragon: Pseudo Heavenly Fate

Metal Seed: 7th tech level

Fire Body: 5th tech level

Astral Sense: 6th tech level

Sword Attainment: 2nd tech level

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