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74.91% Dark Rebirth (An ATG Fanfic) / Chapter 215: The price for lives

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Chapter 215: The price for lives

A faint smile was on Yang Tian's face as he looked at the anxious appearance of Qianye Fantian and Yue Wuya.

"The two of you used this opportunity to try and wipe out the Star God Realm's down to its roots. I and my subordinates have killed all experts except you, Moon God Emperor. While as for the Brahma Monarch God Realm… The three Brahma Gods, 10 Brahma, your daughter, and you, who are still alive."

Yue Wuya and Qianye Fantian remained utterly silent. Their heart bled while they heard him as they were reminded about their heavy casualties.

"The price depends on how many individuals are still living. I will deal with you first, Yue Wuya." Yang Tian looked at the Moon God Emperor with a cold expression and spoke, "Exchange your life with the Imperial Moon Glazed Pearl."

The Moon God Emperor's eyes widened with utter shock. Just as he was about to say something, Yang Tian added with a snort, "Don't even think that you can negotiate this. Do you not remember how you had tried to use a woman to get the Star Gods Wheel 5 years ago?"

The woman Yang Tian was mentioning was Xisu and Jasmine's mother.

"Make up your mind quickly because if not, I might have to pay a visit to the Moon God Realm." Yang Tian mercilessly said to the Moon God Emperor, whose heart shook as he realised what Yang Tian meant.

Meanwhile, the Brahma Monarch God Emperor's expression turned sombre. He never expected that Yang Tian would ask for the Imperial Moon Glazed Pearl in exchange of Moon God Emperor's life.

Nearly 10 minutes had passed since Yang Tian had given this offer and the Moon God Emperor finally relented, "…Okay."

This was because he had been considering the various courses of actions that he could do. And the conclusion he had come to was that the Moon God Realm was destined to be suppressed by the Star God Realm for the next few hundred thousand centuries.

Only after Yang Tian died would the Moon God Realm have a slight chance of making a comeback.

He decided to actively search for someone with a great talent in all of God Realm. Once he died, that student of his would take over. Or maybe he could even build a whole group of talented individuals who were not weaker than the Moon Gods in terms of strength.

However, that was easier said than done.

But the point was… Moon God Realm knew that hope still existed. Besides, since he was waiting for Yang Tian to die after 100,000 years or so, the Moon God Emperor knew that he himself would die even earlier, and his inheritor would manage the Moon God Realm from then on.

The Moon God Emperor planned to use all his time in having some secret deals with Eternal Heaven Realm, Brahma Monarch God Realm (Moon God Emperor isn't really sure if it will survive or not, but he was hoping that it did), and the King Realms of the Southern Divine Region.

He would even have deals with the High-Rank Star Realms just so that his inheritor would have a really strong influence and network to attack the Star God Realm and have some chances of reattaining the treasure of the Moon God Realm.

However, there were two main points that the Moon God Emperor had forgotten. One was that Yang Tian held the Dragon God's Bloodline, which already enhanced his vitality to some unprecedented levels.

And Yang Tian held the 6th Stage of the Great Way of the Buddha, which was also a massive boost to his vitality. It was unknown if it would take him some hundred thousand years or some million years to die even if he sat back and did nothing.

In any case, the Moon God Emperor had pulled out the Imperial Moon Glazed Pearl. It was a glazed pearl which gleamed with a strange light.

Yang Tian felt the powers of 11 Moon Gods within this Imperial Moon Glazed Pearl. He thought to himself 'The Imperial Moon Glazed Pearl takes on the strongest Moon God as its master. Currently, Moon God Emperor is the master, but I doubt he will think of teleporting it back to him now that he has given it away. Not unless he really wants a war upon the Moon God Realm.'

Yang Tian grabbed hold of the Imperial Moon Glazed Pearl and placed it in the Exquisite World.

He then pulled out a Profound Imagery Stone from within his Exquisite World and threw it at the Moon God Realm.

This is a gift for you. Check it out when you return to the Moon God Realm.

Yue Wuya and Qianye Fantian showed off confused looks. But Yue Wuya nodded and decided to return to the Moon God Realm and check out this Profound Imagery Stone.

'Hahahaha… This will be fun.' Yang Tian internally laughed.

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With that, the Moon God Emperor used the Vanishing Moon Celestial Palace to return to the Moon God Realm as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile, Yang Tian then stared at Qianye Fantian.

"Now… As for you, since there are a lot of you who are alive, the price you need to pay is many times greater than the Moon God Realm."

This was a point Qianye Fantian understood as well. He nodded his head, fully understanding what the future entailed. However, Qianye Fantian was fully committed to paying any price asked of him. Life was most important… As long as he could live, he would have hope.

"Now then, let's see what the Brahma Monarch God Realm even has. Firstly, you will compensate the Star God Realm with twice the resources that had been invested in creating the Absolute Star Soul Barrier."

With the resources of the Brahma Monarch God Realm, they could barely give that if they borrowed some from the Eternal Heaven Realm and some other Realms.

"Now, this price is just to ensure that I don't accidentally visit the Brahma Monarch God Realm."

"The next point would be… Give me the Primordial Seal of Life and Death. Its value would be enough to buy the life of the Brahma Gods. Hand over the Brahma Soul Bell to buy the lives of Brahma Kings."

"And lastly for your own dog life, you can buy it with your daughter."

Qianye Fantian sucked a breath of cold air as he heard Yang Tian's words.

Evil_Dragon Evil_Dragon

I accidently didn't upload the 213 chapter. Sorry... Hehehe...

I hope you all like the chapter.

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