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5.63% / Chapter 19: CH 18: The Third Out of Five

CH 18: The Third Out of Five - - Chapter 19 by CailinMatthews full book limited free

Chapter 19: CH 18: The Third Out of Five

Mila stared at her laptop screen.

She sat on her bed, her back leaning on the wall. A yellow pillow cushioned the laptop from the underneath. It provided a barrier between its hot bottom case and her lap. Ginger curls framed her oval face. She wore a blue camisole and a pair of white shorts

Nothing popped up in the chat window

She squinted her jade green eyes. Her message clearly had the 'read' status. What kept the other party from replying? Curious, she checked out her own profile. She wondered if it left a bad impression of her.



Name: Mila Clark

Age: 27

Education: Master's Degree

Occupation: Musical Composer

Bio: I'm a songwriter who dabbles in classical music, mixing the genre with modern song styles. I've travelled the world by playing the violin. After that adventure, I have opened a small music studio where I teach children several instruments.



For her photo, she chose one of her with the piano. Avery advised it would be good to showcase her interests. She even had a composition ready. She kept them all in an external drive plus a backup one.

It delighted her when the madam remembered her. She had heard stories about the infamous CEO of Eros Productions. Avery's accounts were more interesting than the tabloids. They chatted about him whenever they hung out—even for a brief moment.

"Now, where is this Ambryan? His mother won't like that he turned up late." She thought out loud, shaking her head at the screen. She rested her cheek against a fist. "Maybe it's a work emergency. I can only wait I guess."

Mila opened her lesson plan. She split the screen into two windows so she'd see if a message came right away. The room's air-conditioning hummed in the air. The low purr reminded her of a pleased cat. If she closed her eyes, she could almost imagine it.

Soon, a soft melody played in her head.

Her eyes flashed open and her hands went to work. A digital piano appeared on the laptop screen. On top of the bars, a blank music sheet waited for her composition.

Mila played out the line. The notes came from the lower range just like her air-conditioner. When she moved to the next one, her theme remained the same. It wasn't until the third did she incorporate a cat's purr. She merely recorded the notes before they flew out of her mind.

The real soundtrack would emerge later which included a violin.

A notification came from her web browser.


``Yan: Ms. Clark, I apologize for the late response. I had matters that needed to be taken care of.``


Mila changed windows.


``Mila: It is quite alright. Did everything turn out okay? If you don't mind me asking, what were the matters that needed your immediate attention?``


After the quick reply, she returned to the digital piano. The next notes flowed out, following the changes of a cat's purr. She included the rise and fall of the pitch. The air-condition stayed as the base.

When she finished what she composed so far, she let the music sheet play it back.

Her muscles relaxed as the melody filled the room. It almost seemed like her real air-conditioning was part of the music. The thought brought her joy.


``Yan: That will remain confidential.``

``Mila: I thought the point of this site is for us to talk? You don't have to tell me the specifics. A general idea of it would suffice.`` Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

``Yan: I fail to see that we're close enough for me to share it with you.``

``Mila: Is it a personal matter then?``

``Yan: Why don't I ask the questions next? What deal did you have with my mother for you to join this site?``


Mila laughed out loud.

It seemed like she got on someone's nerves.

'Oh, how wonderful!' She imagined what expression could be. Would it be the same as his profile picture? Mila chuckled at Avery's sense of humor. Who would have thought that the intimidating CEO had a cute side.


``Mila: What makes you think there was a deal? I've known your mother for a few years. She had asked about my dating life many times. I think she just saw a chance with this website.``


Ambryan frowned.

Back on his chair, he waited for Kiri to come back from eating. He left the door open for her. If he hadn't checked his watch, he would have forgotten about the next chat. It simply didn't interest him enough to be considered as a main priority—unlike his work.

Yet again, he faced a different personality.

It also seemed to be a friend of his mother's. Did she perhaps endorse him to her all these years? Did that mean his mother hoped for them to get together? What would be Ms. Clark's thoughts on the situation?


``Yan: If there is no formal agreement between the two of you then, what made you agree?``

``Mila: I am simply curious. I haven't had the chance to meet you during the time I've known her. She talks about you a lot. It made me wonder what you'd be like to talk to.``

``Yan: Strange curiosity you have, Ms. Clark.``

``Mila: Please call me, Mila.``

``Yan: Ms. Clark, did you help my mother setup the site?``

``Mila: I did not. Why do you ask?``

``Yan: I am simply curious about its layout.``

``Mila: I have nothing to do with it. She actually asked me at the last minute when I messaged her this morning about my upcoming return.``


'Gotcha,' Ambryan mused. That eliminated one of his theories. If his mother had hoped for Ms. Clark, she would have been the first chosen candidate. However, it also proved another theory correct. Ms. Clark had heard about him through his mother. Those stories left an impression on her.

But what would it be?

Ambryan typed on his keyboard.


``Yan: Return, you say?``

``Mila: I went overseas for a chance to be a professor at a music school. It was a lovely experience but I still preferred to teach children.``

``Yan: You're quite chatty about your personal information.``

``Mila: Well, someone did say we're not close enough for him to share about his matters. How else would I be able to fix that?``

``Yan: Your information is your choice to share or not. It doesn't oblige me to share mine.``


He said that but he still hadn't managed to know about her intentions here.

What sort of curiosity did she harbor? Other than his reason for absence, she hadn't asked anything else. The latter questions she raised was to clarify her confusion. She had let him take over and answered diligently.

But why?

After pondering about it, he decided to ask directly.


``Yan: If I may, Ms. Clark, what made you so curious about me?``

``Mila: How shameless of you to ask, Mr. Hathaway!``

``Yan: I am not the type of beat around the bush.

``Mila: Do I need a reason for my curiosity? I heard about a person. I wanted to meet him. This site obliges you to, at least, chat with me for 30 minutes. It satisfies the interest.``


Ambryan clenched his right hand into a fist while the left one held it. His elbows dug on the desk, keeping his forearms raised. His left index finger tapped on the back of his right hand. Something about Ms. Clark stirred in his mind.

Except, he couldn't quite comprehend what it was.

Luckily, he didn't need to worry about it now. The computer's clock told him that there was a minute left before the chat closed. The timer started whenever the second party replied. Her waiting had no effect on the promised conversation.

He composed a short farwell, already refusing to reply after she did.


``Yan: Unfortunately, the time is up. Have a good day, Ms. Clark.``

``Mila: You too as well, Mr. Hathaway. It was a pleasure talking to you. I do hope we'd have more conversations in the future. See you around.``


Mila stretched her arms, squeezing her back muscles. She had finally met him! The conversation elated her energy. It did not disappoint her expectations. She placed the laptop on the mattress and hopped off the bed. Her feet led her to her violin case.

Now that the chat ended, she had the time to complete the soundtrack.

"Ambryan should have figured out what a curious person I am," she said with a giggle, picking up the violin. She checked if it was in tune. "His aloofness just increased it. Such a cloud of mystery he wore. I can't wait to see what I'd find out in this one week."

Mila grabbed her bow after inspecting the strings. She tested the tightness of its hair. Her thumb and finger adjusted it through the screw accordingly. In her head, the melody played over and over. It now held a new meaning.

She might name the melody after her conversation with Ambryan.

A small smile curled on her lips.

"Maybe I'd even find out more about him even when the week is over."

CailinMatthews CailinMatthews

Any thoughts on Mila? XD

I actually enjoyed writing this chapter. I hope you also enjoy reading it! One more left before Ambryan meets Evangeline! I wonder how their conversation would go? ( ゚ー゚)


If we reach Top 10 NEW Ranking by Aug 30, we'd also have double chapter release on Aug 31-Sep 04 for all the hard work. :D


Have a good day!

Other ongoing work: Trust and Believe in Love

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