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44.44% Daughter of a lonely immortal - Dropped / Chapter 8: Noodles are a woman’s best friend!

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Chapter 8: Noodles are a woman’s best friend!

Regina's mind seemed to have malfunctioned. She didn't know what a salamander spider looked like, and she really didn't want to know. She only heard the little kid mention it, and now it has in front of her carriage.

She sighed a looked outside, might as well assess the enemy. What the hell is that!? She stared at the monster with wide eyes, no way she had to fight that! She hadn't ever seen a creature as ugly and as disgusting as this.

It was a gigantic spider with red scales that frequently let out huge balls of fire. It had insanely long, black, hairy legs and black eyes without even a small trace of white. It suddenly opened it's mouth showing two ivory fangs and a wave of flames rushed towards them, she grit her teeth and responded quickly. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_29337636699160680">!_29337636699160680</a> for visiting.

She immediately jumped out of the carriage that was and burnt to ashes, not a single thing remained, such destructive abilities. Regina was frozen in fear, who wouldn't be? This was the first time she had come across this situation, in her world monsters like this don't exist! Even if they did they would've been locked up! This world was too messed up!

But she couldn't be scared now! She needed to survive, she wasn't willing to die like this! She looked around only to see her escorts being burnt to ashes. She had to kill that thing before it kills anyone else. She had to make it home, her uncle and grandfather were waiting for her. Death was just simply not an option.

She stood up forcefully and dashed towards the monster focusing all her inner energy to her feet, this would be her fight, death was not an option! A pair of oversized metallic shoes appeared on her feet. "Abyss!" She shouted and jumped high into the air and kicked the spider. The kick sent the spider flying a few meters. A few of it's legs were broken so it couldn't move, instead it pitifully sent a continuous stream of fireballs her way. My apologies Mr.Spider, but death is simply not an option.

Regina could only dodge without being able to get near the giant spider, she hadn't fought this much before, but she really wasn't ready to die. All she needed was a little opening then she could kill the spider and stop it from causing more damage. The fireball flew passed her and Regina found herself struggling more and more to doge. This body wasn't fit for such laborious actions.

Was she really meant to give up? Just like that?

A flash of silver zoomed past Regina pinning the spider to the ground, the flash of silver was a man, a youth clad in white. He had unbelievably handsome looks and he held on to a silver sword. Regina didn't have the luxury of appreciating the beauty of the man who helped her. She could only attack!

She jumped up without hesitation and gave the insect a sidekick in between it's eyes. A crack could be heard and the spider began to incinerate. The smell of burning meat made her stomach grumble. She completely forgot about the person that helped her, her love of amazing food was far above her love for beauty. All she could think about was finding a driver so she could get home and eat, but what would she eat when she got home?

She didn't dwell on the taught and instead began to find her way back to the road.

She didn't notice the stunning handsome youth in white robes staring at her. When he first met her he had suspected she wasn't as weak as she was said to be and he was now trying to figure out if she was really the rumored useless good for nothing.

Just now she defeated the 7th ranked monster with a few kicks. Even her cousin Isabella was only able to beat a 2nd ranked beast. He didn't have time to stay and wonder about such things, he had left the young woman in the woods in other to kill the spider, she needed urgent medical care so he had to find her a physician, or a healer.

His eyes narrowed and with a flick of his sleeves he vanished. Regina's eyes widened in shock, he actually vanished. Unknown to her only extremely rare soul weapons could allow people to teleport, moreover those soul weapons could not be materialised.

It is said that only geniuses could have such a soul weapon. They have to be of really high intellect. This wouldn't be the last time Regina would witness such tyrannical power. There will be many more chances in the future, especially when she comes face to face with the queen of the south.

As Regina managed to make her way home she was greeted by Alein who escorted her to the dining room, he must've know how eager she was to savour the delicious delights this world had to offer. She sat waiting eagerly for the chef to serve her food, her mind began to wonder, what kind of tasty delicacies would she eat today?

They served up a bowl of fancy looking noodles with roasted beef and some soup and wine. She felt excited as she stared at the noodles, the dishes looked colourful with the various ingredients she hadn't seen before. Her mouth almost watered as she thought of how beautiful this would taste. She gracefully took a fork and took a bite.

Suddenly she spat out the disgusting slippery noodles. She just couldn't believe it! This world messed up noodles!

How on Earth did they manage that?!

Seeing the young miss's actions the Chef immediately fell on his knees. He didn't understand what happened. The miss had never spat out his food before! Will he be able to keep his head!?

Regina's face was dark as she drank a cup of the sweet wine.

She stood up and left the dinning room and headed towards the kitchen. She really couldn't believe how horrible the food tasted, it looked extremely appetising but ended up tasting like garbage. The night she transmigrated she ate mainly meat so she didn't notice it as much. But now it was clear she had to teach the chef to cook.

"Bring meat! Vegetables! Mushrooms especially! Bring salt! Magi... Maybe you don't have that. Never mind! Just bring your normal spices!" Regina said in a cold, irritated voice as she entered the busy steaming kitchen leaving the servants staring at her with confused expressions. Naturally when one is hungry there really is no room for pretence, only food.

"Are you deaf? Quickly get what the miss asked!" Alein said waking the servants up from their trance and following Regina as she headed towards the pot over the open fire.

Half an hour later Regina walked out with a bowl of noodles and an enchanting smile on her face. It had been unbearable eating that disgusting plate of garbage from this world. ahh~ her beloved noodles.

Who didn't know that noodles were a woman's best friend?

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