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"Last night, a fight happens in an abandoned factory at Queens. It seems this new vigilante that was dubbed as "Lancer" is the one who knocked out many people in the factory. From what we have gathered, it seems this unconscious gang is, in fact, is doing drug trading and Lancer seems the one who stops this. Surprisingly, we can see Batarang on the wall of the abandoned factory. Many wonders if Batman with his sidekicks are in Queens and did the Batman with his sidekicks meet Lancer? "

I shut off my television making me not hear the news about last night incident that involves my fight against Batgirl and Robin.

Surely it is very weird to see both of them are his city but it is not surprising as Bruce Wayne visited my city along with Gordon to attend the event of this police commissioner.

"Guess your damn luck has started to affect me Hound," I said making Cu Chulain pissed."It is not my own fault to have this damn luck. Besides just relax kid, it is not like that you will meet that Bat guy this night." He said to me which make me eased a little bit.

Lancer is right. I mean what chance that I will meet Batman tonight? He has a city to protect. It is not like he will pay attention to me because of me beating Batgirl and Robin.

I arrived at my school and entered my classroom. The day passed by normally except answering a few quizzes that I easily answered.

Now it is the last period which and the homeroom teacher just handed us a paper which seems to be a field trip to Starling City, the home of Green Arrow.

It seems we will be visiting the Queen Science Facility to see this new energy source the facility created.

Well, at least my chance meeting Green Arrow will increase as we will stay at Starling City for 2 days and night since we also will attend the opening ceremony of Starling City museum.


"Okay, class, please behave well during our visit to Queen Science Facility." My homeroom teacher said to me and my classmates.

I sit at the furthest back. Guess who sits beside me?

Raven. The daughter of Trigon sits beside me. We did not talk to each other which is really good for me.

Minutes later, we arrived at Queen Science Facility. I followed the tour guide instruction but when my eyes catch sight of a man that I really knew.

Oliver Queen or you may know him as Green Arrow, from what I heard, he is back after being stranded on an island named Lian Yu, and the story goes on with the emergence of Green Arrow.

Hmm. His story plot is like The Arrow from Arrowverse though no Deathstroke with his minions threatening this city.

Besides him is Thea Queen. I really do not know whether she is his real younger sister or not since it is revealed that she is the daughter of Tommy Merlyn and Moira Queen.

Oh. I also forget to mention that this world has Dinah Laurel Lance and Dinah Sarah Lance. Oliver Queen is in a relationship with Sara Lance who I presumed is the White Canary.

I snap out of my daze when the tour guide asked us to follow him.

After showing us many gadgets and the new source of energy, we go back to the hotel we check-in.

Now it is free time for us so some of my classmates decided to stroll around the city and I also plan to do that.

"Install Lancer," I uttered and become the Hound Of Ulster and jumped on the roof. With Gae Bolg resting on my shoulder, I looked through the city searching for any crimes that must be stopped when I see a silhouette running on the roof.

"Huh? Isn't that Speedy. Weird. Usually, Green Arrow will always be with his sidekick?" I wondered in my head before deciding to tail the sidekick.

I followed him until he arrived at a warehouse which is full of armed guys.

Then I watched him knocked out those armed guys easily. He got some skills. As expected from Green Arrow's protege.

But I see a black hooded man in a hidden spot is leaping to Speedy's back. Speed obviously did not aware of this so I disappear from my hiding spot.

"CLANG!" The sound of Katana hit Gae Bolg can be heard causing Speedy to look behind only to find me and the black-hooded man.

"Hmmm. You are pretty good to sneak attack Speedy there. Who are you? A ninja?" I asked him but he replied back by doing a roundhouse kick to my fave which I block with my right arm.

"Bastard," I muttered before pushing him backwards and stab him.

"Squelch." The sound of piercing his body to can be heard and the ninja fell to the ground withholding his bleeding stomach.

"Hmm. This ninja perhaps maybe a ninja from the League of Assasins but obviously not Ra's. Because that so call immortal is obsessed with Batman.

Wait. In Arroweverse, didn't Malcolm Merlyn has a group of his own ninjas? Crap.

I swing my spear behind me reflecting an arrow and sees a figure.

" Dark Archer! What the hell are you'd doing here?" Speedy asked while pointing his arrow at him.

"You have interrupted my business here Speedy along with that Spearman." Dark Archer said to him with making a hand gesture and 7 Ninjas appeared.

Ohh. This makes things just got more interesting. A feral smirk appeared on my face while I unknowingly released blood lust from Gae Bolg.

That caused all the occupants in the abandoned factory froze after being hit by my bloodlust.

"So many Ninjas appeared. Now things just got more exciting." I said before I vanished from my spot.

Sound of stabbing can be heard with 2 ninjas from to the ground with a hole on their body.

"Oi oi. Give me a fight will you?" I ask them and the ninjas throw shuriken to me but I reflected them with my spear by swinging my spear.

Then I tilt my head avoiding an arrow and stared at Dark Archer. "Pest," I said and leap to him.

He shot many arrows to me but I parry them all and goes to stab him but sadly the remaining ninjas become his meat shield.

I clicked my tongue seeing this. I landed on the ground while resting Gae Bolg only shoulder."Tch. You really are pathetic. Using your comrades like that. This fight is pointless." I said in an annoyed tone.

"Who are you to decide this fight is pointless?" Dark Archer said and fired his arrow but I once again dispersed from his sight.

"Because I am stronger than you coward," I said from behind him and stab his knee causing him to scream pain before I kick his face.

He landed on the ground harshly. I narrowed my eyes seeing him like this. My fingers now are twitching. I just really wanted to kill this bastard right now.

But I shook my head and tried to walk away before Speedy leap in front of me and aimed his bow to me.

"Who the heck are you?" He asked me."Lancer." I replied.

"The Queens's vigilante. You did not look tough." He said to me trying to make me angry.

"At least I am not a sidekick like you." I countered back making him angry.

Then 2 figures landed in front of me and I hardens my gaze. It seems Green Arrow and Black Canary is here. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!!!_18226985305787105/chapter-3-field-trip_50026521527643355">!!!_18226985305787105/chapter-3-field-trip_50026521527643355</a> for visiting.

"Ho. Looks like the mentor is here. Greetings Fake Robin Hood. Hello, there beauty." I greeted them while slightly flirting to Black Canary.

Damn. She is very sexy.

Green Arrow then coughed to get my attention from starting at Black Canary."So you are the Lancer? Nice to meet you. So can I ask you to come with me, young man." Green Arrow asked me.

"Sorry. But I did not want to go with you. though I will go with the sexy Black Canary alone." I said while smirking making the Green Arrow frown.

"Oh. You want to go with me?" Black Canary asked me. I nodded my head many times."Yeah." I said.

But then I swung my spear hitting a dart that was aimed at me. Damn. To think they will resort to this.

I see a white figure and guess it is the White Canary. She noticed me I am looking at her and try to run but I already leap to her making her leap aside avoid my stab.

I launch a kick to her and she blocked my kick with her arms but that only made her be sent flying to the floor.

"Ho. To think the beautiful White Canary tried to knock me out with a little dart. That is cute." I said while smirking before my smirk is gone and I have a cold face.

"What did you pests want with me?" I ask them in a cold tone."We just wanted to know the new vigilante." Black Canary replied while Green Arrow is helping the White Canary get up.

"Hmm. Really?" I ask her and she nodded her head.

"Well. Seeing you guys tried to knock me out, it left a bad impression for me. So Chiao!" I said before leaping away from the abandoned factory.


I am lying on my bed while closing my eyes. I tried to make contact with other cards but failed.

Damn it. Can they at least be more sociable with me?

Whatever. I got up and looked at my body. I noticed since I have Install Lancer, my body got more muscles and each day my sixth sense has increased.

That makes me like almost a super-soldier. But I knew if I ever got into a fight with Batman or Deathstroke in my human form, I will lose because unlike them, I did not practice or master many different kinds of martial arts.

Then many thoughts appeared in my mind."So you guys are willing to train me? Thanks." I said. Guess these heroic spirits are kind enough to train me.

I then turn on my phone to see what is currently happening when news catches my eyes.

"Live News: Deathstroke vs Green Arrow!" My eyes went wide and I watched the life news. Damn. The legendary mercenary is really here. It seems he is battling against Green Arrow after severely injured White Canary.

Speedy and Black Canary is out after being injured by him. Okay. That pisses me off.

I get out of my room and walked out of the hotel. It seems the battle between the Legendary Mercenary and the Fake Robin Hood is on the Queen's building.

I need to go there really fast. "Install Lancer!" I shouted and I am back becoming the Hound of Ulster.

I immediately jump on many building to join the battle.


Oliver Queen AKA Green Arrow is really having a bad day today. First, he got news about Speedy goes on his own to defeat crimes in an abandoned factory. Second, Speedy is not dead, so that makes him felt safe from feeling the rampage of his younger sister, Thea Queen.

Third, he saw the newest vigilante from Queens, Lancer. He had to admit that the new vigilante has that dangerous aura from him. Fourth, his plan to bring Lancer to his hideout nicely by secretly knocking him out with his girlfriend, White Canary shot him with a dart. Fifth, the plan failed so that put Lancer felt pissed and kicked her girlfriend.

And now he is facing Deathstroke, a mercenary that is hired to kill her mother courtesy of some bastard that is jealous of her mother being a mayor of Starling City.

And he along with his team trying to defeat him but end up getting beaten by him and now only him remain.

Deathstroke already stabs his knee not to mention poisoning him with that poison clad knife that sliced his shoulder.

So yeah, he is really in trouble right now. Deathstroke then slashes towards his front body forcing him to block with his arrow but sadly he pointed his gun to his knee and shot it.

"Fuck. That hurts." Oliver said and quickly push him back and leap aside from being hit by the bullets. He shot many arrows to the legendary who dodge them easily and closed their distance.

He delivers a kick to his stomach before smacking away his arrows and uppercut him. Green Arrow landed on the ground with his mouth is bleeding.

"What's wrong Arrow? Cannot get up?" Deathstroke asked. Oliver tried to stand but fails.

"This is the end line for you. " Death stroke said and point his gun to Oliver who tried to move his body.

Then a red blur hit Deathstroke causing the mercenary to scream in pain. Oliver sees a red spear has stabbed the mercenary on his knee.

"Wait. That red spear. I knew it's the owner." He thought before Lancer appeared in front of him and punched Deathstroke on his mask.

That sends him several feet away from them."Are you alright Bowman?" Lancer asked while picking up his shoulder.

"Yeah. Except being stab and being poison." Green Arrow replied. Lancer raised his eyebrows hearing that before he turns his attention to Deathstroke who already stand up and glared at Lancer.

"To think the newbie vigilante managed to sneak attack me? I guess I am getting sluggish." Deathstroke said before appeared in front of Lancer and stab to his stomach but Lancer blocked it by using his spear making Deathstroke got send backwards and a kick hit his stomach once again.

Deathstroke managed to make himself to not fall to the ground."You are good at using that spear and kicking lad." Deathstroke commented.

I then aimed my spear to his knee but he dodges and uses his katana to slash my neck but I block it with my spear.

A gun is pointed to my face but my other hand is fast enough to smack it. I twirl my spear and made a stabbing to Deathstroke but he managed to stand back but the force of my stabbing hit him.

I chased him and stab him. He blocked it with his katana but his katana broke upon getting hit by Gae Bolg.

He then shot at me but I spin my spear reflecting all those bullets. I then stop spinning and dash forward. The bullets hit my armour and grazed my stomach which felt like a tickle.

I grip my spear tighter and stab at his knee but he leaps aside but I slash towards him. He uses his remaining katana to block it but the katana got broken after being hit by Gae Bolg.

Then he tried to shoot me but I smack the gun away with Gae Bolg and kick his face like kicking a rugby ball sending him to hit the wall.

I can see his mark has cracked. He gets up and pulled out a bo staff."I had to admit kid you give me a tough fight here. You are more skilled than the Green Arrow. I can assure you with this those skills of yours, you are almost to the level of Batman. So I wanted to ask you a question?" The mercenary asked me.

"What is the question?" I asked."Join me." Deathstroke said to me."No thanks." I replied. No way I will join you.

"That is a shame," Deathstroke said before leaving forwards and aimed his bo to my groin but I deflect it with my first before slashing in an arc making the staff break into half.

Seeing the opportunity I tried to stab him but I see a certain object.

"Fuck. Flashbang grenade." I thought before stepping backwards while closing my eyes making the roof shined because of the explosion.

I open eyes to see Deathstroke already is far from me.

"You almost got me there Lancer. May we have an intense duel the next time we met." He said but I already tried to leap to him but he throws a smoke bomb on the ground and he disappears.

"Tch." I clicked my tongue seeing he disappeared.

I twirl my spear and rest it on my shoulder. I approach Green Arrow to see he already stood up.

"So how is Black Canary doing? Heard she is injured fighting that mercenary." I asked him in a serious tone making him looked at me.

"Seriously, you asked about her rather than me? I got stabbed and got shot on my knee here." He said to me in a deadpan tone.

"You will be fine," I replied.

Green Arrow looked at me making me feel uncomfortable."What?" I asked."How are you so skilled using that spear and hand to hand combat?" He asked me.

"Practice them as your life depends on them," I replied before approaching the edge of the building.

"May we meet again Green Arrow. Send my regards to Black Canary." I said to him and jump away from the building.

"Damn brat. At least he is nice to call me Green Arrow. Diggle. Pick me up will you?" He said before sitting on the ground.


Deathstroke is lying on a bed while his body is healing itself when his phone rings. He picked up his phone.

"Hey. Yeah. Sorry. Did not manage to kill the target. Bye." He said in a simple tone and destroy the phone.

"Queens's vigilante, Lancer. The duel between us will commence whether you like it or not." Deathstroke said while imagining himself best Lancer.


"Aaachhoooo!" I sneeze on the bus. Damn it, who talked about me. I grab a tissue and wipe my nose.

"Are you alright?" Raven asked me. Huh? Did she talk to me?

"Pardon me?" I asked."I ask you, are you alright?" She asked me."Yeah. I am alright." I replied.

She then stared at me for a second and continue to read her book. I blinked my eyes seeing this before taking out my phone.

I played games on my phone while waiting for him to arrive at my school. Wonder when I can Install the other heroic spirits?


Oliver Queen is rewatching the video of the fight between Lancer and Deathstroke. Besides him is Sara Lance, Laurel Lance, Diggle, Roy, Felicity, Thea and lastly Barry Allen AKA The Flash who come to visit Oliver Queen.

"He is quite skilled," Barry commented seeing the Lancer countered Deathstroke's attacks many times.

"Not quite skilled Barry. He is really good at using his spear. Look at that thrust and sings he made. With a single thrust, he can kill anyone." Oliver commented.

"Adding the fact he has super strength. Look at those punches he delivered to Deathstroke. Even his mask is cracked after a single punch." Sara added.

"So anyone knows something about Lancer and he is good at using spear?" Diggle asked.

"No. Except we know he is a hero at Queens. Judging by his feat at Queens, people in the city liked him." Laurel commented while showing the news and pictures of Lanced's heroic deed at Queens.

"Say do you think the other already know?" Barry asked Oliver."Well, you can count on Bats in this matter. I am sure he already uses his supercomputer to search about this Lancer." Oliver replied.


In an underground cave under a mansion, a man wearing a bat suit is typing something on a big computer.

Many images of Lancer can be seen on the computer.

"Who exactly are you Lancer?" The man in batsuit muttered while looking at the pictures of Lancer.

"For someone to beat Deathstroke is not a simple matter. Perhaps he is once a member of the League of Assasins. But his fighting style is purely like spearman." The man in batsuit said before he thought other possibilities about the new vigilante, Lancer.

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