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Chapter 7: 007: Keep Calm And Wizard On

It's been 4 months. Nothing. And on another reason for me to stress, summer vacation is only a week away, Draco and I have to spend it alone.

"What do you guys think the second dimension is?" I asked nervously. I told them about it immediately after speaking with Dumbledore awhile ago. I've been upsessing over it ever since.

"You need to stop worrying Delilah. Professor Dumbledore said that he's seen it before and nothing happened, this could very well be the same thing." Harry said, trying to calm me down. I ran my fingers through my hair a few times and replied, "It's driving me mad, not knowing what's out there or what's to come. How are you guys so calm!" Ron giggled and looked at Hermione, "Sex." My face glowed red. I'm quite shy when it comes to talking about this sort of stuff. Hermione smacked Ron on the arm as I grew tenser than before. Harry placed his hand on my lower back, sending shivers up my spine. I stood up and paced around the room, "I just can't take my mind off it. This possible threat is all I can think about!" I noticed Ron lean over to Harry and whisper something while I was pacing. Harry stood up and said, "Why don't we go do something. We can try to take your mind off of this." I nodded, still tense.

Harry took me up to his bedroom, I'd only been in here a few times, not enough to notice the features. I stood still at the doorway and said, "What are we doing here?" Harry closed and locked the door before replying, "Do you want to try my method of keeping your mind sane?" I nodded my head suspiciously. Harry began walking closer to me, I stood against the wall. He put his arms up, locking me in place and asked, "Are you sure?" I nodded my head, my breathing slightly off beat. Harry kissed my cheek and whispered, "I think Ron was right. About sex taking your mind off of this. We haven't had sex since we found out. Maybe it'll help?" I nodded my head and got a fire in my heart.

Harry picked me up and lightly slammed me against the opposite wall. Kissing down my neck. He then layed me down on the bed and took off my shirt, followed by my skirt and all of his clothes. He stopped for a moment so I quickly begged, "Please, don't stop. Just f*ck me!" Harry smirked and leaned his head below my waist. Kissing my inner thighs and everything in between...

I layed down next to Harry, completely lost for words and breath, as he was as well. I turned over to him and said, "You were right. Sex did take my mind off it. I feel relaxed and less tense!" Harry pretended to be annoyed as he replied, "So does this mean we have to have sex every time you start feeling crazy?" We both laughed and then I quickly said, "That could possibly be the case until I find a new way to occupy my mind."

Harry bit his lip and as he leaned over to me he whispered in my ear, "Just to be safe...should we go for round two?" Before I replied he began kissing the side of my neck, leaving a few hickeys for anyone to see. This caused me to quickly climb on top of him and kiss him roughly. I kissed his neck and chest while interlocking our hands above his head. He sat up with me still on his lap and said, "You are definitely special, Delilah Malfoy!" I smirked and continued kissing him.

I fell to Harry's side, once again, out of breath, and whispered, "I could get used to this!" I didn't even have to look at him to know he was smiling. We heard a knock on the door, startling both Harry and myself. "Relax, it's just me, Ron. I came to get some clothes, can you unlock the door and make sure everything's covered?" I laughed and covered my chest while Harry put on his boxers to unlock the door. I layed in bed, seductively watching Harry. When Ron came in his eyes went straight to me, noticing my look, as he said, "Well, someone's been having fun!" I smirked and never broke eye contact with Harry as I replied, "Harry's been very good to me for the past three hours!" Ron laughed and continued to grab his clothes. "What do you need the clothes for, mate?" Harry asked him. Ron quickly answered, "I'm staying in Hermione and Delilahs room tonight, I figured this would be the solution to keep Delilah from going mad so I think she should stay in here with you." Harry and I went along with it as Hermione appeared in the doorway. "What's taking you so long Ron?" She asked, her attention gazed at me, naked under the sheets. She smiled, giving me a look and said, "You're telling me all about this tomorrow, until then, Ron, I think we should give them their privacy!" Ron smiled and nodded. They said goodbye and walked out, Harry locked the door once more and jumped back into bed. "What do you want to do?" I took a deep breath and replied, "Maybe go for a walk, practice some new spells, or whatever you want to do..."

It's been three days, three days that I've spent inseparable from Harry. Everyone thinks it's normal since I lost my father, but that isn't the case at all. Harry and I worked out a situation with Dumbledore, allowing Harry and I to stay together in his room until summer break, along with Ron and Hermione to stay in my room. He understands what I'm going through, even though deep down he probably suspects what we're actually up to in our free time. Draco and I have been quite distant, but other than that I've been feeling better.

"DELILAH!" A voice yelled from across the hallway, I turned around to see Draco trying to catch up with me. "What is it?" I asked. Draco gave me a nasty look and answered, "You know bloody well what!" I gave him a confused expression as he continued, "You've been banging Pottah and staying in his room for the past week!" My face turned red as I stuttered, "Well, I- I meant to tell you, but you've been so distant lately. I didn't want to bother you." Draco pulled me in for a tight hug, which is something he's never done before, and said, "Please, when somethings going on with you it's never good. Come to me if you need anything at all, you won't be bothering me. You're my sister, and I love you!" My eyes watered, this is definitely rare for Draco to be opening up like this. He must be spiraling not knowing what's going on in my head. "Thank you Draco, I am fine though, really. Harry's been helping me, that's why I've been staying with him. You have nothing to worry about!" With my convincing smile Draco believed me. People had stopped and were watching us. I quickly called out, "Draco!" He turned around and walked back over to me, "What are you planning on doing for Summer Break?" I continued. Draco shrugged his shoulders and said, "Crabbe offered for me to come home with him but I said no because you have nowhere to go either!" I smiled sincerely, laying my hand on his shoulder, and replied, "You should go. Have fun with your friends over the summer. I'll send you letters so you know I'm okay, but I'll be fine on my own!" Draco objected for a moment but after my nagging he finally agreed to have fun for once. No one is controlling us for the first time in our lives...we're free! I want him to make the most of it without worrying about me.

George and Fred Weasley came up to me and said, "We heard what happened. You really have nowhere to go for summer?" I shrugged my shoulders and answered, "I can always go home, nobody's there though. But I'll be fine, thank you for your concern boys." As I turned to walk away Fred grabbed my arm to stop me. I turned around as he said, "Why don't you come to The Burrow again. Mother loves your company, and help in the kitchen!" I laughed with a bright smile that I haven't shown in months and replied, "I don't know. I've been having some...issues, lately. Plus I don't want to impose..." The twins laughed and said, "Ron told us all about it. We think it'll be good for you to be around lots of people to keep you distracted and busy over summer! And as far as imposing goes, we've already written to our mother that you'd be spending summer break with us, so you don't have a choice in the matter." I sighed with a smile and said, "What the hell! I'm in!" They smiled as we walked into the Gryffindor common room together.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione all sat on one of the couches together. Their attention turned to the three of us as we walked in with smiles. My smile bared my teeth which is something very rare even on a good day. Everyone was confused, then Ron blurted out, "So? Are you coming?" I sighed dramatically as I answered with my bright smile, "They convinced me!" Harry pulled me off to the side and said, "You look..." I cut him off and jokingly said, "Horrible? Sad? Angry?" Harry laughed and continued, "No. You look happy, really happy. It makes me happy!" I smiled wider and kissed Harry before saying, "This summer is going to be EPIC!"

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