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Chapter 6: A Goddess

Vincent was only an orphan.

He was abandoned at the doorstep of orphanage as a baby. So until now he always thought that his parent threw him away because they didn't want him.

When he got adopted by someone, he was really happy. He thought maybe he was wanted by someone at last. But as he got older, that thought was quickly washed away.

He started to think that maybe no one would want him after all. Because the small family that adopted him was gone only after a few years later.

He started to get used with the thought of being alone.

Beside he was so poor. He also didn't have any special talent. He didn't even graduate from a high school!

So after all this years, Vincent never thought of having a girlfriend.

But it didn't mean he never thought of a woman before.

Melisa, the frequent customer that almost came every week to the pub was a beautiful woman. She has a beautiful face and nice body. However he didn't notice anything special about her, because he also often saw another customer who was more beautiful than her.

There was also an actress that was recently popular in a famous movie. She was so beautiful that many male customers in the pub often praised her. Vincent also felt that actress was so beautiful. She has a beautiful long black hair. Her fair skin looked so smooth and exquisite. Her beautiful face had a small dimple in her left cheek that looked very cute each time she smiled. Vincent even felt a bit heartbeat each time he saw her smile in the TV. She looked like an angel.

But now... as Vincent looked at the demon king's appearance in front of him, he felt like all those years what he saw in a woman was just a joke. All those beautiful women that he always saw didn't even reach a slight inch of worthiness. Only one thing that was crossed his mind as he saw the demon king's appearance.

A Goddess…

He has fair skin so white that almost looked like a beautiful snow, glistening smooth and soft like a piece of exquisite jade. His eyes were rosy colored. They were so clear and radiant with a slit iris in the middle that made them so vivid. They were decorated by long beautiful white eyelashes and straight white eyebrows.

His straight nose was small and cute while his lips were rosy colored with soft texture that was tempting anyone to take a taste. His hair was white colored wavy and only reached his chin. They looked so soft and fluffy, covering a pair of pointed ears that was a bit curved at the end. Two small silvery white curved horns were seen decorating each side of his head, making his beautiful features looked so adorable.

He was so beautiful that he couldn't bear to look at him.


Vincent grabbed his chest in heavy fist. His heart throbbed uncontrollably and his face was flushing warm.


How can he be this beautiful—?

No, no, no, this, this must be an illusion! Only an illusion!! He was a guy! He couldn't be this beautiful that even a goddess was shame of hers!

No, no, no, wrong, wrong, he wasn't a goddess!

No! He needed to think straight for a moment!

Vincent slapped his face hard a few times before took a heavy breathe. After a while, he eventually dared himself to look again at the demon king in front of him.


A blood was quietly dripping from his nose…

SLAP!—Vincent instantly slammed his hand to his nose. Head turned away in a flash.

No, no, no, no, no—

It was a sin!!

His appearance was a SIN!!

How can a demon king have that kind of appearance?! Even goddess was not that beautiful?!

And he was guy, you know?! A guy couldn't be that beautiful!

No, it must be a Queen right?! He must have heard it wrongly just now. It must be a Demon Queen instead Demon King! ٩(//̀Д/́/)۶

Vincent discreetly looked at the demon king's chest, continuously told himself that it was just small breast and not a flat chest.

"What are you looking at?!" Noctis demanded unhappily as his slave ignored his grand introduction.

Cough!—He forgot that the beautiful goddess also had an angel voice!

Vincent felt like puking a lot of blood!

"No, no, this, this—" Vincent took a deep breathe. He cleared his throat for a moment before spoke again. "Cough! So, um, so you are demon king?!" Stupid! What the hell was he saying?! Vincent almost slapped his face again.

The demon king immediately looked proud again. "That's right! I am the demon king! But since you are my slave, I will allow you to call me master!" he said with a bright smile.

Vincent almost blinded himself from the smile.

It was so brilliant and beautiful like a warm spring suddenly arrived in this ugly dark chamber!

Vincent immediately forced his eyes to turn away. "Cough! Of course, M-master!" He was afraid if he looked even further he would immediately kneel and begged the guy to let him do anything or even call him 'my lord goddess demon king' or something.

Like a desperate guy he was, he immediately searched topic to distract himself. "Just now, what do you mean with me help you to conquer the world?"

Noctis's rosy eyes instantly brightened as he heard his question. "That's right! As Demon King, I must fulfill my destiny to rule this world! There are so many worthless human bugs in the world that I felt so nausea just looking at it! So I must get rid of them to make my ruling smooth!" the demon king complained with a pout. Vincent instantly captured by the adorableness of that pout, even forgot that he was one of the worthless human bugs.

"Chaos said rather made it difficult for me with some worthless thing like killing those bugs one by one, I better conquer it instead. Therefore I can just order them to get rid of themselves easily!" Noctis said even more firmly and felt like satisfied with himself.

"Huh, wait, what does that related to me? And who is chaos?!" Vincent blinked few times as the demon king's words finally reached his ears.

"Chaos is Chaos." Noctis said looked at him with expression 'are you stupid?' that somehow made Vincent felt like buried his face in shame. Damn it! Those eyes were really so deadly!

"Master, the human means he was from another world, so he doesn't know the greatness of Our Chaos yet." Marie slipped in sudden gently reminding his master again. This woman was so quiet that Vincent almost always forgot about her

"Huh, that's right. So troublesome! You are even worthless than a bug if you don't even know the Chaos!" Noctis complained unhappily.

Vincent who was worthless than a bug : "…"

Noctis frowned lightly as he tried to explain, "Chaos is Chaos, you know! They are everywhere! They are the one that oversee and gave birth to this world. Order and Chaos, they are. Chaos also is the one who gave birth to me, The Demon King."

"I see…." Vincent hesitantly said even though he actually didn't understand them a slight bit. But the demon king must be noticed it because Noctis looked at him in peeved as if he couldn't accept his slave was so useless and worthless that even a bug was shame for it!

Vincent coughed lightly. "So what does conquering the world relate to me?"

Noctis huffed in upset as he crossed his arms on his chest. He glared at him in an offended look as if Vincent really just insulted him greatly. He even refused to talk anymore.


Damn it, how could he look like that?! Vincent didn't know if he should felt sorry to his master or to himself for being almost couldn't control himself after seeing the cuteness of his master when angry.

Marie cleared her throat lightly. "Master, the human was just worthless bug so please don't feel offended as it was natural for it to don't know anything. I will see it myself to teach the human so it could kept up with your greatness."

Vincent : "…"

Could they just stopped calling him worthless that a bug?! His self-esteem couldn't really take it anymore, okay! (┙>∧<)┙へ┻┻

"Hmph, then you do that!" Noctis said in a pout. He still refused to talk to his slave yet.

"Of course, Master." Marie nodded respectfully before she turned to Vincent. "What Master means about your help is to infiltrate human communities so we can invade it from inside. Those Human Magus can detect our aura as demon, so we will instantly be caught if we walk in directly. So we need a volunteer to investigate it first before we start the invasion

Vincent turned silence as he absorbed the information. There were so many things that he didn't understand in those explanation, especially about human magus. Magus as in a magician..?

After a short moment of his time here in this world, Vincent could vaguely understand that this world had magic and demon like some kind of fantasy novel. That the goddess in front of him was also some kind of villain that wanted to conquer the world. Let set aside first about him who had just become a slave of the said villain. The most important thing is, how could he infiltrate the human communities which filled with strong magicians while he himself was so weak that the goddess kept calling him 'worthless than a bug'?!!

Vincent felt like asking the darkness to send him home… ლ(´﹏`ლ)

Froschmo Froschmo

Demon King Noctis' Life Motto

- Not knowing the Greatness of Chaos is insulting!

- Not knowing the Greatness of Demon King is insulting!

- Human is so worthless that even a bug is shamed for it!



Did Noctis sound like a chuunibyou to you? lol

His unique character will slowly be explained in each chapter in the future...

and yes, Noctis is white from the head to toe except his rosy eyes.

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