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Chapter 11: Change 2

Tuing~ Tuing~

Vincent stared weirdly at the new appendage that was attached to his behind. It moved wildly on its own like a living thing. He reached out to grab it. His gaze became even weirder as he rubbed it.


A tail…?

Vincent turned his back to the mirror trying to see his new appendage. It was black colored with a messy long black fur at the end. It was attached to the end of his backbone.

Sure enough, it was really a tail.

But why…?

He remembered his goddess didn't have a tail. Should he become something after he drank the goddess's blood, he would become a demon, right? But what the hell was he now?

Vincent turned around again to look for another change. His ears become pointed like his goddess. He noticed his eyes were also a bit different. There was a spark of red mixed with his dark grey. It also had a slit pupil. Beside fangs and longer nails, the most noticeable thing was only his black tail.

Thankfully he didn't have horns. How would he hide them if he had to invade human community later?!

Vincent noticed his skin became smoother and fairer. He also felt his body really light, like he could run a hundred kilometer without tired in a flash. His body also felt a lot stronger.

Huh, did he become taller?

He didn't know how much, but he sure felt like his body had added few inches in height. Damn, his goddess would call him a worthless giant even more now…

After he was done looking at his changed body, he looked around to search his clothes. A bath would felt really nice. His body felt really awful. It also smelt unpleasant.

Vincent blinked as he finally noticed something else that was even weirder.


What was this…?

Vincent reached out his hand to touch them. But he found he couldn't feel anything.

But they were everywhere. Like really really a lot.

They were really tiny and transparent. Like microorganism that was flying in the middle air. Their shapes were irregular. They moved freely in the middle air without care. Even when he reached out to touch them, they only scattered for a while before gathered again.

What the hell were these?

Vincent thought even more confused. Why didn't he see them at the first time he came here? Is it because his body changed so he could see them now?

He shook his head, deciding to ask about them later when he met his goddess. He took his clothes from the bed table. But as he took the fabrics, something else made his eyes blinked. Just now… why the sound of the fabric was so loud?

Vincent looked around, felt even more stupid to just notice them now. His hearing really became sharper. He could even hear water dripping from the basin. Like really aloud, directly next to his pointed ears. His nose also became sharper he noticed.

He guessed he should feel glad with his changed body. Wouldn't this be very useful for him later when he meet a dangerous thing?

He looked around his room in amazement as he tried to adapt to his new body. He frowned in puzzlement as he felt a strange pull to somewhere in the castle. It felt like calling him or something.

Vincent shook his head, deciding a bath was in order now. With that he wore his old pants before ran to the bath chamber with his new clothes. He didn't want his new clothes smelt awful because of his body after all.

An hour later, he finally felt really fresh. There was no awful smell again. He could even appreciate his smooth skin now. Damn, it was really soft.

Because of his sharper hearing, he could hear his goddess and Marie were talking in the previous chamber. Strangely, the pull was also coming from where his goddess was. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

With a faster step, he entered the chamber in excitement. He couldn't wait for his goddess's reaction! He opened the door aloud, words at the end of his lips when the goddess's voice suddenly cut him sharply.

"You stink!"

Vincent who just took a long bath : "…."

"That's right, you are stink, human." Marie added even more heartlessly.

Goddess! Could you please give him some mercy?! (ToT)

"But I already took a bath just now!" Vincent complained aloud. He even smelt his body just in case the smell was still there.

"No, Master means you still stink of human." Marie decided to explain.

"Huh?" Vincent sniffed his body but he couldn't smell anything. Did she means that he was still a human? Then what about his tail?

"It really stinks so weird!" Noctis scrunched his nose at him. But the goddess still walked toward him in curiously.

"Oh, you have tail!" He exclaimed in surprise. But it wasn't the kind of surprise in unexpected shock. He looked more like he already expected it, just felt surprise that he really had it.

"That's right. Do you know what I am now? I remembered you didn't have a tail, Master." Vincent decided to ask forwardly.

"Of course, I have a tail. Almost all demons have a tail." Noctis frowned in disapproval at him.

"Eh?" Vincent blinked. "But I saw your body…"

"Because it is hidden, it could be your weakness if it was shown carelessly." Noctis said easily like it was something that all demons knew.

"Ah… so I am a demon now? And how do you hide it?" Vincent couldn't help but secretly looked at the goddess's behind. Damn it, he really wanted to see his goddess's tail!

"With magic, of course. You will need to train it first before you could do something like this." Noctis looked at him in scrutiny. He circled around his slave before finally stopped in front of his chest. He narrowed his eyes even further at the sight of his chest. Vincent couldn't help but noticed that strange pull was really coming from his goddess. Maybe it was the side effect of the slave contract?

"You really aren't fully demon." Noctis murmured unhappily. "You still stink of human!" He scolded in disapproval, made Vincent really black lined.

Goddess, do you hate human that much?! (ToT)

"So I am a half demon…?" Vincent asked hesitantly.

"Half? Huh, you can call it like that too. But, how can you be only half?!" Noctis glared at him in anger, like it was his fault that he was only a half-demon.

"Uh… I shouldn't be an half?" Vincent flinched a bit.

"Master's blood is the purest of all demons in this world. So it should be impossible for his blood cannot purify all of your human blood." Marie explained calmly. She then turned to his master, trying to pacify him. "Master, maybe because the human was from another world, so the body is different."

"Huh, as expected, it is your fault after all!" Noctis glared at him even more.

Yes, yes, it was his fault, Goddess. Please don't be angry! (ToT)

"But it seems his core is developed nicely, Master." Marie said in compliment.

"Of course it is! It is my magic core after all!" Noctis said like it was an absolute fact. He nodded in approval at his chest's slave.

"You gave your magic core to me?!" Vincent widened his eyes. He suddenly remembered a ball of bright dark thing that was transferred to him by a kiss.

"How else you can get a magic core?" Noctis looked at him with a look 'Are you stupid? As expected, you are just a worthless bug that cannot even think something like this!'

Cough!—"B-but what about yours?! Should you need a magic core to do magic?" Vincent asked hesitantly.

Noctis blinked confusedly. He looked at him for a while before finally understand what his slave asked. "What? Are you stupid?! Of course, I only give you a tiny part of it! You think you are so great to even receive this great demon king's core?!" Noctis glared at him with a look 'Who did you think you are, worthless bug?!'

Vincent coughed lightly, suddenly felt really ashamed. He then suddenly thought of something. "But master, if you only need to give me your blood and your magic core, why couldn't Marie just do it for me? You are the demon king after all, you shouldn't bother with something of this small."

"Are you trying to kill Marie?!" Noctis frowned at him.

"Eh?" Vincent blinked in surprise.

Noctis sighed before finally explained. He shouldn't expect so much from the worthless bug. He didn't have any intelligence at all! The demon king thought unhappily.

"I can do it because I am the demon king! Not everyone can do something like this. You are dead if you got your magic core taken!" he said firmly.

"Oh, I see.." Vincent frowned in thought. So that's why they were so curious when they saw he didn't have a magic core. They thought he should be already dead.

"Then what should I do now? Can you teach me to do magic now?" Vincent asked curiously.

"Not so fast. You need to train your magic core first." Noctis waved his hand in refusal. He looked already uninterested at him.

"Oh, how do I do it?" Vincent asked curiously. But he immediately black lined as he saw his goddess glared at him unhappily again.

"Master, he is just a worthless bug from another world. It is natural he doesn't know anything about magic here." Marie reminded his master gently.

"Huff! I should know I would get a really stupid slave!" Noctis said unhappily, making Vincent even more black lined. But he sighed in relief as he saw his goddess still walked toward him.

"I will only do it this one time! You better understand it all!" said the demon king in upset.

Vincent couldn't get a chance to ask what the goddess would do when Noctis suddenly placed his finger on his forehead. Then he felt sharp sting as something suddenly invade his mind.

It was really fast. Extra information suddenly entered his mind. There was so much information that he felt so dizzy from reading it. After a while it was finally over. He touched his head in confused expression.

"How is it?" Noctis asked frowning.

Vincent blinked lightly. He knew his goddess just sent him some knowledge about magic training. He could understand some of them. But he still needed some times to comprehend it all.

"Yes, thank you, master. I know what I should do now." Vincent said in gratitude. He even sent a brilliant smile to his goddess!

"Huff, it is good that you finally knew, you worthless bug!" Noctis scolded him lightly, but without any anger this time.

Vincent couldn't help but black lined.

Goddess, what do you keep calling him 'worthless bug'?!

Wait a minutes!

Did his goddess even know his name?!!! ━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━




Vincent, the worthless protagonist bug finally realized something critical… (*〇□〇)...!

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