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Chapter 5: Contract

Vincent knew he should stop saying this. But really, he seriously didn't know what the hell was going on right now.

Setting aside the absurd declaration from the black figure, Vincent found himself standing nervously with the darkness caught his body in tight. He then saw something wondrous as the darkness swept clean the drawing from the floor. It was magical

The darkness was moving around in the room. Paper and chalk was flying in the middle of air. Then before he realized it, a new drawing was already done in the floor below him.

It was much smaller and simpler. Vincent realized that maybe the drawing was really a magic circle. But that mean something big was going to be happened, right? Did in the movie a magic circle was used as some kind of ritual?

Did the black figure say something about make him his slave?

Vincent suddenly felt that his life maybe was really in serious situation. Damn it! Was there a way to get out of this?

But the darkness didn't let him do anything. He tried to move his body around, however the darkness was really holding him like iron. He could not move at all! Damn it, even his feet was hanging in the air a feet away from the floor!

He strained his muscles in panic as he saw the black figure walked toward him.

The black figure nodded in approval at the new magic circle. The maid woman then approached her master with a black knife in her hand which the master grabbed it absentmindedly before entered the magic circle with Vincent

Vincent gasped in shock as the darkness around his body was melting his clothes suddenly. He clenched his fists or at least tried to clench his fists in the darkness's hold as he watched tensely at the darkness that was melting his clothes. He still remembered that thing was burning the mafia guys into ashes. They wouldn't suddenly melt his body too, right?

"W-what are you going to do?" Vincent let a relief breath as the darkness finally stopped melting his clothes until he was just wearing a pants and shoes.

The blacked figure ignored him. He bowed down to pull out his knife from its scabbard. Then as the black figure lifted his head to look at him, Vincent gasped in stunned awe.

His face…

Vincent couldn't see it clearly. But just now, only in a slight glance, he could see part of it.

A face that would never be able forgot by him.

He couldn't help but felt disappointed as the black figure bowed down again to look at his chest. The black figure was actually a lot shorter than him. His head only reached his shoulder, so unless he got rid the hood, he couldn't see it again to ensure.

Vincent was so immersed in his thought about the black figure's face that he didn't notice when the knife point touched his chest. So he almost puked blood when the knife abruptly stabbed deep in his chest.

No, he really puked blood here!!

It was so hurt!

So much pain!

So much pain!!

So much pain!!!

Did he say he wouldn't kill him?!!

"Master, you should have just cut the skin and not stab it like that." Marie reminded her master gently from the side.

"Oh, right. I forgot." The black figure admitted easily. Then he carelessly pulled out the knife from the human's chest, making the chest spurted out even more blood.

Vincent : "…" He wanted to curse aloud!

He opened his mouth to protest but only a blood that was coughed by him.

The black figure ignored the wound heartlessly, but the darkness quickly flocked together in the wound. Vincent felt weird sensation from his wound, before the pain slowly reduce to slight sting. When the darkness left his chest, his wound was already healed clean without a trace.

Vincent would have gasped in admiration if not for the black figure already touched his chest again with his knife.

"W-wait, what are you going to do?!" Vincent said tensely. Being stabbed carelessly was hard enough, he still wanted to cut him?

The black figure ignored him and just used his knife edge to cut his skin.

"N-no! H-hey w-wait a minutes!! You cannot make me a slave! I-I mean, you will not get anything from make me slave! Hey, listen to me first!!" Vincent cried out in panic as he saw the black figure was drawing something on his chest with a knife. He was flinched a bit as the slight sting from cut was starting shown.

The black figure paused a bit and titled his head at him hearing his words.

Vincent immediately rushed to explain, "Listen, why don't we talk this slowly?! You really will not get anything from slaving me! Seriously you should let—

"I should just kill you then." The black figure cut his words with a frowning tone.


Why did you immediately give me dead sentence?!

Vincent wanted to puke a lot of blood!!

Vincent flinched as he saw the darkness on his body suddenly moved again as if wanted to attack. "W-wait, wait, wait!! I will become your slave! I will become your slave!!" he rushed to say in panic.

The black figure turned into a silence as he was just staring at him through his large hood. Vincent was sweating in cold as he waited him to do something.

After a few minutes, the black figure finally moved his hand again to cut his chest. How know what he was thinking as he quietly drew a circle on his left chest directly above his heart. After the circle, the black figure then drew something like symbol in the middle of the circle.

Vincent tensely looked at the drawing. The circle was about the size of palm. He vaguely comprehended that the drawing would be used for some rituals to make him his slave. He just hoped this 'slave' meaning was not anything bad since he could only do nothing but accepted it.

After it was done, the black figure looked at the drawing in approval. He took a step back, before cutting the palm of his own left hand with his knife to draw a similar circle. Vincent tensed as the black figure put his bleeding palm right above the circle on his chest.

The darkness suddenly flocked together to the magic circle in floor. It immediately flared on at same time as the circle in his chest. Then in his melodious voice, the black figure declared in low tone.

"In the name of Chaos, I, Demon King Noctis, Lord of the Darkness, beseech thee to grant me this human to be mine for he will serve me and protect me. Only for me he will remain loyal and never betray me as should he do otherwise he will only meet with his death. In the name of Chaos, I claimed this human to be mine."

Vincent widened his dark eyes as he heard the vow. The magic circle in his chest lit so bright that he almost couldn't see anything. The dark energy suddenly surrounded them making him almost suffocated. There were also some weird sensations that infiltrated his body, especially his chest. For a moment, Vincent didn't know what to think. In his mind, there was only the voice of the black figure who echoed repeatedly saying the magical oath.

After a while, light from the magic circle was dissipated.

Vincent fell effortless to the floor as the darkness let go of him. He immediately touched a circle drawing in his chest. The blood was already dried. Instead it became a permanent red drawing that no matter what he did it wouldn't go away.

It was really done.

He really was become that black figure's slave.

Vincent was not stupid. From the oath that black figure said he had to serve and protect him. Vincent also could not betray him unless he wanted to die. It was so ridiculous that he felt like dreaming instead.

"It is done!" The black figure declared smugly, "From now you are my slave, human!"

Vincent tensely looked at him. No, maybe he still could do something? As long as he didn't betray the black figure he would be fine after all. The problem was, just what the black figure wanted from him?

He warily stood up from the floor. They looked at each other for a while before Vincent ventured himself to ask carefully.

"Just now, you said you are a Demon King?"

"What?" The black figure looked at him with a tone that sound like 'Are you stupid? You should have knew that already!'.

"Master, he is from another world, so maybe he doesn't know your greatness yet." Maria reminded gently as she took the black knife from her master's hand.

"Ah, is it that so?" The black figure nodded sympathetically like it was really bad thing that the human didn't know his greatness yet.

"That's fine. Listen well, human!" The black figure turned at him directly. He stood proudly with his shoulder straight, and then with elegant movement he raised his hand and gracefully lowered his hood from his head. Thus his melodious voice rang as he said aloud.

"I am Lord of Darkness of this world, King of All Dark Creatures, Demon King Noctis Rex Abyssus!"

But instead noticing the voice, Vincent was stunned in silence as he saw the appearance of the demon king.

Froschmo Froschmo

A surprise bonus chapter for those who have been giving me votes for my first short week~ ^^

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