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52% Demon King Is So Adorable / Chapter 13: Food Temptation

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Chapter 13: Food Temptation

Since it was already passed, Vincent could only accept it bitterly.

Beside it was also his fault to be unconscious that long.

But still…

That creepy woman! How dare he touch his goddess?!

The only one who could bathe his goddess was only him!!

Just look! He would definitely make that creepy woman pay it later! Vincent thought viciously in burning vinegar.

The creepy woman who only did her job as maid : "…."

Of course the goddess remained oblivious of his servant's turmoil. Noctis only continued to ask him in curiosity. "What is your magic's affinity?"

Affinity? He means the fire in his magic core?

"I think it is fire. The core is huge and covered by a lot of flame. There is also a bit of darkness in them." Vincent replied carefully.

Noctis hummed lightly. "I see, you should inherit darkness element from me. It should be your side affinity, while fire element is your main ones."

"Why I didn't get the darkness as main affinity?" Vincent somehow felt a bit disappointed that he couldn't get the same main affinity with his goddess.

"Main affinity of the magic core always relate with your body. You couldn't get another element as your main affinity if your body isn't compatible." Noctis explained lightly. "You have to continue training your magic core to refine aether into mana every day. Don't slacken even a bit. After you able to create a mana pool, then you can use magic easily."

"Aye, Master! I will not disappoint you!" Vincent immediately saluted. ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

Then his stomach grumbled loudly, reminding his state of hunger. Vincent blushed lightly, could only asked embarrassedly. "Master, do you have some food? I haven't eaten since coming here."

"Food?" Noctis asked in surprise. "Why do you need food?" he asked with a confused expression.

What did that mean?! You looked like you didn't need food at all!! Wait, no, maybe they really didn't need it?! Vincent thought in panic.

"Master, the human only began his training in magic. His body still needs food nutrients to sustain it." Marie explained to remind his Master.

"Oh, that's right." Noctis frown in realization.

"Wait, you guys really don't need food?!" Vincent asked in panic.

"Well, the higher is your level in magic cultivation, then the lower your need in something mortal like food. Absorbing aether is enough as nutrients for body. Though, I never really need food before…" Noctis murmured at the end of his words.

Something mortal? "But you still take a sleep though?" Vincent pointed curiously. He thought sleeping was something mortal did too?

"Of course, Master needs to sleep. He is still a child after all." Marie was the one who answered it this time. "He needs rests to let his body grow healthy."

Child?! His goddess was still a child?! Vincent suddenly hesitated to ask. "How old is Master?"

Marie answered firmly. "Master was only 113 years old."

Cough!—Vincent really wanted to puke blood!

What about him that was 21 years old if 113 years old was only a child?!

"W-when is a demon considered as adult?" Vincent asked pitifully.

"Each demon has different mature periods. There is a demon that needs to reach age five hundreds before he can mature. There is also a demon that only needs to reach age less than a hundred to mature. If everything goes smoothly, Master only needs another several decades before he matures." Marie answered casually.

Several decades?! Don't tell him he needs to wait another several decades before he could pursue his goddess romantically?! Vincent thought desperately. Image of him as wrinkled old man waiting for his goddess matured really made him wanted to cry hard! ヘ(;´Д`ヘ)

No, he really must achieve immortality!

If he could reach a celestial stage then his chances to be together with his goddess would be higher! Vincent thought in burning spirit.

Vincent cleared his throat as his stomach grumbled again. "So, Master, you really don't have some food then?"

Noctis frowned before he turned to Marie. "Well, I don't really remember. Marie, can you make him some food?"

"Sure, Master. I will immediately prepare it." Marie bowed to her master before she was gone from the chamber.

Ah, as expected, Marie turned out to be not creepy woman after all. She was a kind and gentle woman! Look, she even wanted to make him some food! Vincent nodded in relief.

But an hour later, he immediately wanted to take his words back! That maid was a really creepy woman!!!

Because what the hell is this?!

This, this, how could this be called a food?!

Vincent screamed hysterically in his mind as he saw the food Marie brought.

It was black and purple colored soup. With some terrifying unknown things that was boiling inside the sauce. He even could see bloody eye balls in there!! The soup was even still boiling hot!!

He sure as hell would never ate or even come close to that poisonous thing!

"What is it? You don't like it? I thought you want some food?" Noctis frowned confusedly as he saw his slave was only paling at the sight of food. He never really ate food before so he didn't know how the food should like or whether the food that Marie made was delicious or not. To him, food was just one of things mortal needed to sustain their life. So why should he care that the foods was appealing or not?

"No, no, this, this—Cough!" Vincent felt like to puke blood. "That's right! Master, human food is different with demon food. My body is still human, so I don't know if I can eat something posio—Cough!—I mean I cannot eat demon food yet." He quickly lied.

"Is that so?" Noctis frowned but believed him since he never had a human slave before. He also disliked human, so he didn't bother to know what the human food like. He then turned to Marie who quickly understood her master's want. She bowed lightly then said. "I will immediately try to make some human food, Master."

"No!!!" Vincent abruptly exclaimed in fright, surprising the demon king and his maid. "I mean—Master, may I borrow your kitchen? I can make my own food!" Vincent quickly said. What if that creepy woman only made another dangerous thing later?! He thought shivering in fright.

"Well alright… you will make some human food?" Noctis asked thoughtfully.

"That's right, Master." Vincent replied in relief, wiped his cold sweats as he thought the dangerous thing that he almost got.

"Okay. I want to see it!" Noctis immediately declared. His rosy eyes were blazing in curiosity again. He then quickly grabbed his slave and pulled him toward the kitchen.

Ah! His goddess touched his hand~~~~~~!! (/∇\*)。o○♡

A certain protagonist immediately flied to paradise land again as he felt those soft and delicate palm of his goddess~

The kitchen turned out to be not dirty as he thought as he remembered the owner never used it before. The cupboard even packed with a lot of food ingredients! There was so many that he almost couldn't count each names. They even had a lot of cooking appliances! Even though their models were so different and without electricity, he at least could guessed their functions roughly.

"If you never ate food, why do you have so many foods in the kitchen, Master?" Vincent asked curiously as he looked over the ingredients, trying to see what he could use to make dinner.

"Well, they are materials for magic experiment." Noctis replied casually as he watched in curiously at his slave who moved around to take out some ingredients.

Magic experiment?! What kind of magic experiment that need food ingredients as material?! Vincent thought in disbelief. But he decided to not bother it and quickly focused to his cooking. He was really hungry after all.

He found some unknown raw meat in the freezing cupboard. These cupboards were really amazing. There was no electricity. But they could keep the meat cold. He saw some weird symbol drawing on the cupboard. He guessed they worked similar with the water basin.

"What is this meat from?" He asked curiously. The meat was red, a bit similar with a beef in his world.

"Oh, that is a golden-horn red goat meat. Their horns are really useful for magic refining." Noctis replied easily.

What the hell was that?! Vincent thought in incredulity. But his goddess said goat, this world's goat shouldn't be too different with his world's goat, right?!

Vincent decided to not bother with the name of the meat anymore and used it for making some steak. He tasted some seasoning powders like and flours to identify each of them. He was afraid he would accidentally use some dangerous thing for his food if he didn't identify them carefully!

He also found some plain eggs in the cupboard. His goddess said something about them from some birds with weird names. After he tasted it a bit, he decided to not care about its names. Since he found some flour and eggs, he decided to make a cake for his goddess. Even though his goddess said he never need food, that didn't mean he wouldn't eat right?

With his cooking skill, he would make his goddess fell in love with him through his cooking!! Don't underestimate his experience as side chef in restaurant and bakery for three years!!

With that thought he passionately cooked to the best of his abilities.

As a delicious smell of his cooking began to spread, Noctis walked toward him in curiously. He stood beside him in front of the stove to look over. "What are you making?" he asked couldn't hold back his curiosity anymore.

"It is a surprise." Vincent replied with a secret smile. He took a bowl of raspberry cream, or at least he guessed they were raspberry, since it was similar with red berry in his world and scooped a little with a small spoon.

"What don't you try to taste it, Master?" He directed the spoon with cream to the front of his goddess's mouth.

Noctis blinked in surprise. He never really ate food before, but looking at the delicious smell, he really couldn't hold back his curiosity. He knew that with a blood contract, his slave would never be able to poison him after all.

Vincent grinned widely as his goddess finally opened his lips. He gently placed the small spoon inside his goddess's mouth.

Noctis's rosy eyes immediately widened in surprise as the cream taste touched his tongue. "It is so sweet!!" He exclaimed in delight surprise.

"You don't like it?" Vincent asked with light chuckling even though he secretly cheered loudly in his mind as he knew his goddess really liked the sweet! ヾ(≧∇≦)ゞ

"No! It is so good!" Noctis exclaimed. "I want more! How can this be so good?!" He said before impatiently reached out his hand to grab the bowl with cream. But Vincent quickly pulled the bowl away from his goddess's reach.

"What are you doing?!" Noctis glared at him unhappily.

Vincent couldn't help but black lined. His goddess was really overbearing! He quickly said to explain. "No, Master. It hasn't finished! You have to wait a bit, until the cake is baked completely!"

"But I want it now!" Noctis complained unhappily. He still hadn't give up to reach the bowl as he pulled Vincent's hand impatiently.

"No, you have to wait, Master! I promise it will be really delicious with the cake! You will not regret it!" Vincent hurriedly explained.

Noctis paused as he heard about delicious cake. He didn't know what the cake meant, but it sounded delicious. He glared at him suspiciously before he said with a pout. "Fine, but hurry up!!"

Vincent could only grinned happily before quickly checked the cake. It would still need to wait for a while. But thankfully, the steaks were finished. He placed the steaks on three plates before pouring the sauce above them. Then he brought them to dining table beside the kitchen.

"Here, Master. What don't you try this first? I promise this is also delicious." He said to Noctis who stared at him suspiciously. He seemed still held a grudge at him for not let him eat the cake first. After glaring for a while, Noctis finally walked toward the table and sat.

Vincent sighed in relief before he sat too. "Marie, there is a portion for you too. Come sit." He said to Marie who was just standing in the side of room since earlier. The maid looked at him curiously before she also sat beside her master.

Noctis pulled the plate toward him. He stabbed the steak with a fork curiously. It was smelled delicious. But he didn't know how to eat something like this. The darkness beside him whispered that he needed to stab it with a fork. But it was a bit large. Should he cut it first?

Seeing this, Vincent could only smile helplessly. He forgot his goddess never ate before. He pulled his goddess's plate toward him. He grabbed a knife and a fork before he cut the meat to small pieces. But as he was about to push the plate back toward his goddess, he saw his goddess open his small mouth to him, indirectly ordering him to feed him.


Vincent quickly grabbed his throbbing heart. Damn it, he was so adorable!!!!

Vincent forced his heart to calm down before grabbing a small piece of meat with a fork. With a trembling heart, he gently fed the meat to his goddess.

Noctis's rosy eyes immediately brightened in delight as he tasted the steak. It was so delicious. The meat was so tender and soft. The sauce was so tasty! His eyes even curved a bit as he chewed the steak. Is it because of this human like to eat? He wondered in curiously.

"Is it tasty?" Vincent asked with a smile.

"En!" Noctis nodded firmly. He opened his mouth again obediently to receive the meat. His eyes curved in delight as he chewed. He looked really cute. Vincent thought helplessly.

His dark eyes couldn't help but gazed at his goddess's lips as he ate. That small mouth even looked so cute. He suddenly remembered those lips taste as he kissed by them a few days ago. He swallowed with difficulty. He still remembered that heavenly sweetness!!! (/∇\*)。o○♡

After he was done with the steak, Noctis immediately pulled Vincent's hand toward the oven. "The cake!!" He ordered impatiently.

Goddess, he hadn't even eaten!! Vincent complained in his heart. But he still stood to follow his goddess to check the cake.

It was only a few minutes left. Vincent moved to prepare the topping. Too bad he didn't find some chocolates just now. It would be really great if he could make a chocolate-berry cake. Maybe later he could search for some cocoas.

Vincent sighed helplessly as he saw the goddess already robbed the bowl of cream from him. He even used his fingers to scoop the cream in excitement. It was so messy. He took a cloth to wipe his goddess's fingers. "Master, please be patient. I will prepare the cake right now. Why don't you sit first in the table?"

"No! I want to see!" Noctis declared firmly. But he still gave him the cream bowl. He obediently lifted his face as Vincent wiped the mess of cream from his beautiful face.

Vincent smiled fondly as he rubbed his smooth skin. After it was clean, he moved to take out the cake from the oven. He then placed the topping on the cake. After a few minutes, the cake was done. Noctis followed the cake with his eyes in excitement as Vincent brought it to the table.

The impatient could even be felt from the way his goddess fidgeting in his chair as Vincent cut the cake to small pieces. He placed a portion on his goddess place before placing another for Marie. The maid only stared at him curiously before reaching out to receive the cake.

"Give me!" Noctis pulled his hand impatiently, ordering him to quickly feed him the cake already.

Vincent chuckled helplessly. He obediently put the cake into his goddess's mouth.

"Mnn~!" Noctis moaned in delight as he tasted the sweetness in his mouth. Vincent immediately felt his throat really dry. He swallowed difficulty as he heard his goddess's melodious moan.

Damn it, maybe it was really a bad idea to tempt his goddess with a cake! A certain below thing of his was beginning to hard!!!

Noctis of course remained oblivious of his slave discomfort as he moaned loudly. The cake was really really really delicious! It was so soft and melting in his mouth. It was so heavenly sweet! He really felt regretful to never taste human food before! It was so tasty!

"Marie, it is very sweet!" Noctis exclaimed happily to his maid as he saw her still staring to her own cake.

"Yes, Master. I am glad that you love it." Marie replied with a gentle smile.

"I decided! You have to make the cake for me every day!" Noctis ordered to Vincent in satisfied expression. His eyes were curving in delight as he licked a cream on his lips.

Vincent cursed loudly in his heart. Goddess, please stop making such a tempting expression!! His birdy here really couldn't take it!!

He cried pitifully in his heart as he looked at his problem between his legs.

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