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80% Demon King Is So Adorable / Chapter 20: Going Outside For First Time

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Chapter 20: Going Outside For First Time

Vincent felt his self-esteem couldn't be saved any more even since he arrived in another world.

First, he was called as worthless human bug. Second, he suddenly became a slave.

He also didn't know many times his goddess called him stupid.

Now, his life was even less important than a cake!


How could he be this low? Vincent couldn't help but felt depressed.

He guessed it was better being a cook than slave. Since this meant his goddess would always need him, but…

To think his goddess needed cakes more than him…

Vincent really wanted to cry hard!! (ToT)

Therefore, for the sake of his beloved cakes, Noctis decided to follow them to go outside and hunt.

It suddenly became like a picnic as his goddess asked him to cook a lot of cakes as stock for his goddess's snacks in the two days hunting.

Thus, they were ready to go at tomorrow morning.


Vincent walked nervously but excitedly following his goddess to the front door.

The last time he came to this door was the first time he saw it. He never bothered to check it anymore as he really didn't need to go outside.

Now, he would finally look outside situation.

The large stone door was opened gently as the darkness pushed it open. Marie walked outside the door first before letting her master walked outside.

Vincent followed them carefully to cross the bridge toward outside the cave. He had been using the mana walking since yesterday. At least he now could absorb aether on his shoes more or less. It was slow, the aether absorbing he meant, not his walk. He had perfectly mastered the walk, so he could walk smoothly. He even trained to run with it yesterday, though it was just casual run.

Vincent covered his eyes as for the first time in a month he finally caught sight of the sunlight.

It was a forest outside the cave.

As he looked back to the cave, he noticed it was more like a huge hill or maybe small mountain with a castle underground built inside. Well, more like a secret base maybe.

Vincent gasped in amazement as the mouth of cave was suddenly covered by the darkness and in a flash it became a wall from earth. He touched them curiously. It was really real. The mouth of cave became a cliff wall. He even punched the wall for few times to make sure the hardness. It was as if there wasn't any cave inside.

He suddenly felt maybe it was really a secret base.

Vincent shook his head before following quickly his goddess who already walked ahead.

The forest wasn't any different with the forest from his world. Well, maybe there were more weird plants here that he didn't know, and the tree was higher and wilder. The sun also didn't really different from his world.

But he loved the fresh air.

It was really refreshing as he breathed the air outside after a long time.

He walked directly beside his goddess. He noticed Noctis was already eating his cake snacks, making him felt black lined.

It wasn't even ten minutes yet since they walked, Goddess!! ( ̄  ̄|||)

But Noctis was happily eating his snacks without care.

All the cakes and other provisions were stored inside a spatial ring. It was a ring that was enchanted with magic runes to have a room dimension inside. It was a fascinating thing. He suddenly became really interested to study magic runes.

He didn't know how large his goddess's spatial ring was, but he also received one from him. It was about 50 meter cubic. His goddess said he wanted to give him a larger one, but his level was still low, so he cannot use it.

But still, it was huge!

To experience something that only happened in the novel was really awesome.


The East Mountain was far from the base.

They needed to walk till afternoon before they finally arrived in there.

One thing that he felt really grateful about his changed body as half demon was he now could walk far without being really tired.

They walked not slowly but also not fast. They just walked in casual phase.

Marie, he noticed, was walking in strange manner. She always made sure she was walking directly beside her master, only differed by a few inches behind her master. When he walked on the right side of Noctis, Marie would immediately change her position to the left side of her master, but when he walked on the left side, Marie would also change her position to the right side.

As Vincent watched her carefully, he suddenly realized her attitude seemed like a bodyguard instead a maid. She always made sure her master was protected from all side.

But their walking was really calm and peaceful. He thought monsters or something would immediately appear as soon as they stepped out of the base. But he hadn't seen anything so far.

After one hour of walking, Noctis suddenly complained impatiently. "Why we have to walk so far?!" he said with his adorably frown as he looked at his own feet irritably. Why did he have to walk annoyingly like this?!

"Master, do you want to fly instead? We still have a long way." Marie suggested lightly.

"We can fly?!" Vincent asked in shock. But he suddenly remembered a high level magic spell that could allow him to fly in the middle air. "Wait, if you guys are flying, what about me?!" He asked worriedly. His level was still low after all. He didn't know if the spell could also bring him along.

Noctis frowned at him.

Vincent immediately tried to defend himself. "Master, why don't we just walk instead? We can take a break if you want. Beside it is my first time outside. I want to look around the world outside in detail."

Noctis still quietly frowned at him. He looked at the east the direction that was still a long way to go before he pouted. "Alright…" he mumbled in upset before turning to Vincent and raised his arms expectantly. "But you have to carry me!" he demanded.


Vincent widened his eyes in stunned.

Noctis just looked at him impatiently, "Hurry up!" he demanded raising his arms expectantly.

Vincent cleared his throat softly before he turned around tensely. He knelt carefully as he presented his back to his goddess. His heart beat quickly became loud and uncontrollable as he said nervously. "I will carry you on my back, Master."

Noctis immediately jumped at his back with quite huff. His arms quickly warped around Vincent's neck tightly.

Vincent held his goddess's legs carefully before standing with his goddess warped on his back tightly. His heartbeat became much louder and faster as he felt his goddess's soft body on his back. He could even feel his goddess's butt on his hand!!

I-it was so soft!! (/∇\*)。o○♡

Vincent screamed loudly in his heart.

Damn it, it was so plump!!

What should he do?! He felt like couldn't control himself!!

Vincent couldn't help but squeezed those soft bottoms as he pretended to raise his goddess's body higher.

D-damn it!!

No, he had to calm himself!!

"Why is your heart beating so fast and loud?" a melodious voice was suddenly heard from his shoulder.

Cough!!! ━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━

No, Goddess, it was his normal heartbeat okay?!!

Vincent forced his heart to calm down as he answered as casual as he could. "No, Master, I am just excited to be outside for the first time." He began to walk again carefully with Marie to the East Mountain.

Noctis just hummed before complaining in upset. "But it is so slow!! I want to quickly go home and eat more cakes!!"

Cough!—That was the reason to make him carry you?! ━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━

Vincent felt like puking a lot of blood.

"But I already made you a lot of cakes, didn't I, Master?" Vincent asked softly, tightening his grip on his goddess body as he moved around a bit on his back to find a comfortable position. After found them, Noctis finally sighed happily and warped his arms around Vincent's neck tightly while his chin was placed comfortably on Vincent's shoulder. His warm breath was brushing teasingly against Vincent's ears.

Vincent felt his heart that was being tickled teasingly instead.

His goddess was really light. With his new body, he didn't felt any weight at all in carrying his goddess. His body also felt really soft and delicate, making him wanted to hold him protectively forever while his sweet scent was making him a bit dizzy and addicted helplessly.

"But I have to eat them myself! I like being fed by you!" Noctis answered unhappily, waking Vincent up from his daze.

Vincent blinked for a few times to remember what they were talking just now. He glanced beside him to see that Marie was walking beside him with a few step behind. She must be making sure her master's back was protected.


Vincent couldn't help but felt a fluttering feeling in his stomach as he finally understood what his goddess just said about.

His goddess liked being fed by him…

His goddess liked being fed by him…

His goddess liked being fed by him…

His goddess liked being with him…

His goddess liked him…

Ah… the butterflies inside his stomach were fluttering teasingly even more. Vincent felt his heart and face warm pleasantly. (/∇\*)。o○♡

Vincent chuckled softly, feeling really stupid for his feeling right now.

"You really like to being served, Master?" Vincent asked his goddess teasingly.

"Of course!! I am the Demon King!! Everyone should be honored to be able serve me!" Noctis replied confidently with absolute tone. "Chaos said so!" he added even prouder.

"I see…" Vincent smiled fondly. His goddess really was obedient with Chaos.

After a few chattering, they finally felt into silence. Thus they were walking in quiet peacefully. Before long, Vincent felt his goddess's breath was slowing steadily. He took a glance to see his goddess was already sleeping peacefully on his shoulder. Vincent smiled softly at the sight.

Maybe continued living like this in another world really was not bad.


Vincent took a look at the small hill in front of him.

After walking for three hours, they were finally entering the mountain side. After passing this small hill, they would finally enter the east mountain area.

He took a glance at Marie, before walking ahead entering the hill area. Since his goddess was sleeping quietly on his back, they decided to walk around the small hill instead. They didn't want to wake up the demon king after all. Climbing the hill would make the walking a bit uncomfortable.

After asking, Vincent finally knew the name of the forest. It was Dark Hollow Forest.

It was called like that because the forest was placed in the valley, directly in the middle of a lot of mountain. This forest was really a perfect place for a secret base.

The East Mountain was actually named East Hollow, but since it was mountain, a lot of people called it The East Mountain.

It was the second closest mountain to the base. The most closest was the South Mountain, which directly placed behind the small hill that housed their home.

While only vaguely, Vincent somehow understood that the Dark Hollow Forest was placed in the corner of south area of the Dark Continent. It was really far from human community because most of human continent was placed in the middle and north of the world. The Dark Continent was a place where a lot of creature and demon lived freely without persecution from the human.

It was the reason why they didn't encounter anyone in their walking at all. While for monsters, Vincent somehow could detect that any monster surrounding them was afraid on his goddess's aura. Even when he was sleeping, Vincent could still vaguely feel his rich dark aura was surrounding them.

Vincent didn't know why his goddess was hiding in the corner of the continent. But he was sure the reason related with Chaos and something about his goddess's mature period.

But Vincent decided to just follow along. If it was important, his goddess would immediately tell him after all.

It was afternoon when they finally arrived below the East Mountain. They decided to rest for a while and take a lunch, for him of course since Marie didn't need to eat.

They walked to a small river near the mountain.

Vincent walked ahead a bit faster, feeling thirsty after hours of walking. But as the river finally was in sight, a loud brushing sound was heard ahead.

Vincent froze as he narrowed his eyes at the sight in front of him. It was the first time he ever saw any living thing beside his goddess and Marie in this world.

A rabbit.

At least it looked like a rabbit.

Because which rabbit that had blue furs? It also had a long black horn on his head and bright red eyes.

And it was a lot bigger than his world's rabbit, about the size of adult dog.

The blue furs of the rabbit were standing spiky in a fright. His claws were crushing the grass below him tightly in fear. It was staring at him dazedly. No, it wasn't staring at him he realized.

The weird blue rabbit was staring at his goddess's face dazedly.

The weird rabbit was acting so scared so much that his blue furs became a spiky straight, but his body was trembling in wanting to move closer to his goddess. His red eyes were staring dazedly at his goddess's face.


As if his goddess felt the rabbit's staring, he began to wake up. Noctis yawned sleepily and rubbed his eyes adorably. He blinked at the surrounding before noticing the blue rabbit.

"Ah!" His goddess's melodious voice gasped in surprise.

The weird rabbit immediately flinched hard. As if embarrassed his blue furs immediately became a bright pink. Then with a soft thud, the rabbit fell to ground stiffly in unconscious.

Vincent : "…"

Did he just saw the rabbit was being charmed to dead by his goddess's beauty…?!


How could his goddess's beauty be this fatal that even the rabbit was charmed to dead?!

This was a sin!!!

This beauty really was a SIN!!! (┙>∧<)┙へ┻┻

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