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100% Demon King Is So Adorable / Chapter 25: More Training Again

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Chapter 25: More Training Again

Days continued as he trained hard every day.

Since his goddess said he was so slow, then he would prove it that he wasn't slow at all!!

He would show his goddess that he wasn't slower than Marie!!!

Cough… a certain protagonist was burning in a lot of vinegar… ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

And so Vincent trained even harder than before…

After fluently combining the first technique to the fourth technique without paused in the middle of the practice, he finally moved to the last basic technique.

Unleashing Demon Blade was just like its name was sounded. It was moves to unleash an ultimate attack, Demon Blade The technique had a bit complicated moves. He had to accumulate all mana in his hand before fully release them to the target.

The first time he did it, he immediately felt mana exhaustion. He had to recover his mana first before trying again. After trying them countless times, he was finally figuring how to control amount of mana he used for the attack.

He still felt mana exhaustion, but at least he could use the attack for two times without recovering his mana.

He then practiced all basic technique together continuously. After a week of practice he finally could practice them fluently and faster than before.

One important thing he noticed after practicing the skill was his body had gotten a lot of stronger. The muscles in his arms became more noticeable than before. Even six packs were starting to form in his stomach right now!!

He was always dreaming of having them before, but because of his full work schedules, he didn't have a time to do it. So the only thing he could do in the past was keeping his body fit with habits of jogging every day to the work place. Of course, saving more money was only plusses!

He became understand why the warrior was prioritizing their mana path, it was to strengthening their body.

On the other hand, his mana path certainly didn't need to be questioned anymore.

It was his goddess's plan after all!!

After a week, it definitely had a noticeable improvement!

He now could use magic from his left hand as smooth as his right hand. He could even cast it even faster than before!

While his leg felt a lot lighter now. There wasn't any heavy blockage in there. Even though it was still narrower than the mana path in other part of his body, at least he could see any closed ones were started opening slowly.

There was also a plus from training with his mana technique. He could refine his mana liquid at the same time. So while he was practicing, he also could recover his mana slowly. The longer he practiced them, the faster his recovering mana.

Today he would start to practice using a weapon.

He decided to use a blade like the old man. Because it looked so cool to use a heavy blade like that. Cough!—don't tell his goddess about this!!

Vincent picked a sword from the racks. He frowned lightly as he felt the sword was so light. Somehow it didn't fit with the skill. He needed a heavier sword.

Was this Marie felt when she picked a huge battle axe?

Even though the skill looked so light and swift from outside, it actually needed a heavy weapon to unleash the full power. The mana manipulation that the old man made to accompany this skill was the main core of this skill power.

He browsed all weapon in the rack before he finally found the racks where all heavier weapon was placed. It seemed all light weapons were the first weapon Marie used before she practiced this skill because the amount was a lot less than the heavy one. And there were so many axes!

What was with her and axes?!

He picked a sword that wasn't too heavy but also not too light to him. He weighted it in his hand for a while and tried to swing it around.

He nodded in pleased before deciding to use it. As he was about to walk toward the center of the room, something caught his eyes. It was a large wooden case in the corner of room.

He walked toward it curiously. There wasn't any lid covering the top so he could see things inside it easily. He picked one in puzzlement. After he observed it for a while, he finally understood what this thing was.

It was iron weights.

Even though he called it iron, he didn't know what it was created from. It was black colored metal. It shaped like a thick iron bracelet. There was so many of them with different weights and shapes.

Vincent stared at them for a moment before deciding to use them too.

He picked clean bandage cloths from the shelves and put them on his wrists. He slipped an iron weight with 1 kg inside. He weighted his arm for a moment before slipping two more iron weight. He then made more bandage on his upper arms, ankles, shins, thigh and lastly on his stomach.

After he was done, he walked around to test his body. His movement was a bit slower than before, but he would manage them.

He then picked up his sword. He was considering change it to a lighter one since he already added more weights on his body. But he decided the heavier it was the better.

It turned out to be really difficult to practice the skill with a lot of weight in his body. But instead discouraged, he was even more passionate in his training.

In his mind he was imagining when his goddess would gasp in awe seeing him so powerful and giving him a lot of praise~! He could even imagine when his goddess would kiss again with his lovely lips as rewards!! (/∇\*)。o○♡

Cough! A certain protagonist becoming even more shameless that even the author was shamed for him… (ノ∀ ̄〃)

He stopped the training when it was lunch time. He didn't want to make his goddess angry again after all.

He placed the sword back to the rack before picking up his clothes. But he didn't wear them immediately. He looked down to see his sweats soaking his body. Then with a familiar motion, he activated his mana to spread all over his body. With a flash, all his sweats on his body were dried up by his fire magic.

He found this trick when he felt lazy to bath after training. Because bathing meant training less before lunch. He would prefer using the time to bath for more training. So he thought about controlling his mana to burn water element on his sweats so his body could be dried instantly.

Other than this, he also learned to manipulate his mana to do a lot of little things, like heating something like air or water, or cooling something by absorbing fire element. There were so many small useful things he could do with fire magic after he thought about them

After lunch, he was heading to his goddess's room to read his journal.

Recently, he had been learning magic runes.

He noticed almost all high magic spell needed a lot of magical theory and spell formation. There was a lot of method to make a spell formation. For example, magic formation, incantation, and magic runes. There were also longer and complicated methods by manually doing them one by one.

After seeing his goddess used a high magic spell yesterday, he noticed his goddess liked to use magic runes. He even suspected his goddess was creating his own magic runes! Because he couldn't find similar runes that he used for the spell that time! It was also simpler and faster than the complicated runes that he tried to create as practices.

After memorized all the basic magic runes, he finally knew how to make automatically filling water basin and cold cupboard. The cupboard was simpler. It just needed an ice rune and combined it with time rune and form rune. But the water basin was more complicated. It needed to form a formation to make unlimited water and automatic filling before combining them on the basin.

Because of this, he also needed to learn magical formation and theory of arithmancy too.

It was a complicated study, but he swore to learn all of them!!

Just one thing that he regretted the most, his goddess didn't write a lot of the theory!!

Almost all journals here were about all of his experiments and all of them were so random!!

How could he learn the theory if all of them was practical experiment?!

Don't tell him that he should just learn all of the experiment!

You should know just what the hell was his goddess experimenting in!

All of them were so absurd and gruesome that he couldn't bear to read them anymore.

There was even a spell to turn all human into a bug and a spell to get rid of the bug afterward!

Another absurd thing was a spell to keep his clothes always dark, a spell to burn anything that insult darkness, spell to curse anything that deny darkness.

Furthermore the recent experiments were even more random. Multiplying cakes, changing the cake's taste, creating moving cakes, creating cakes explosion, creating sweet poison, never expiring cakes, multifunction cakes…and all of any absurd things about cakes!

Just what the hell he needed to learn them for?!!

Vincent didn't know whether he should laugh or cry!!

Of course there was also a lot of powerful magic spell like creating a thunderstorm or fire meteor. But all of them were a high level magic, he couldn't use them!

He suspected his goddess only created high level magic spells because he really didn't need to use magic spells for lower level. Noctis just needed to manipulate his mana to do low level magic spells. Because of this almost of his experiment beside high level magic spells were only random things that he found interesting.

So Vincent could only sigh disappointedly and learned them on his own.


At night, after dinner and bathing his goddess, he would train again with his magic.

Other than training his blade skill every day, he also had been trying to create his own magic spell.

His fire ball finally was improved a lot!

Since he could use his left hand easily right now, he trained them to create fire ball at the same time with his right hand. His casting speed also increased a lot. He could create a small fire ball in 2 seconds on each his palms. The Explosion power was also a lot stronger than before.

He also could create a bigger fire ball in 4 seconds. The bigger the fire ball he created the longer time he needed to cast. Even though the power was so powerful, he decided to use it for a last attack because it needed a lot of mana and a longer time casting.

Beside fire ball, he also created more spell that were useful for battle.

The first one, he called it Fire Rush. It was a spell to accelerate his speed using fire. He was inspired by the demon blade that was unleashing its full power at the end. So he was thinking instead using the power for attack, he used them for speed.

He only needed to accumulate mana on his legs and exploded the power to rush his speed. But he couldn't use them all the time before it was mana consuming. That's why he was still trying to increase his control in consuming mana.

The second one, he called it Fire Blast. It was a spell to blasting a lot of fire to a close target. It was useful if he found himself in pinched situation.

Another one was spells that he was thinking to combine them with his blade skill. He had been thinking about them even since he found out about the blade skill. He wanted to combine his fire with his blade attack.

Another day then was passed like that.

With only training, and of course his goddess, in his mind, he didn't even notice the passage of time. Before he knew it, his red qillin potion was run out.

He blinked as he looked over the wooden case. There was only one left. This meant, a month was finally passed again today. It was so fast. He didn't even realize it.

Vincent picked up the potion and drank it without any hesitance before he sat on lotus position to meditate.

After one hour, he finally opened his eyes again. A bright smile was curled on lips.

All his mana paths really had opened perfectly. He just never realized them when he trained hard every day. Now that he checked them carefully, he found that all the blockages in his mana paths were already cleared. All mana points were also opened widely. He could circulate his mana to every part of his body so much smoother than before now. His casting speed also increased a lot.

He even felt his previous mana paths that were already opened before were so much better than before along with the previous closed ones.

He felt a lot stronger now after a month of training. He suddenly thought of his plan that he had been thinking since their hunting journey a month ago.

Next day, Vincent thought firmly. Next day, he would ask his goddess.

Froschmo Froschmo

This is the bonus chapter, but also means the last one that I would post for a while. I am really sorry for letting you down. I will try to finish my research soon, pray for me so I can come back here quickly hahah. Well, see you in next update, a lot of kiss kiss from me! <33333

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