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Chapter 8: Really Like A Cat..

What was dignity?

What the hell was dignity?

His dignity already crumbled to dust!

Vincent suddenly felt like a reborn man!

No, what were you kidding?!

He really couldn't take this anymore, okay?!

Don't look at him like that

This daddy had always been a straight man, you know!

Even thinking about his handsome co-worker in the pub like that would immediately make him disgusted himself. A shudder even spread out all over his body! Therefore how could just one look at this goddess, he suddenly couldn't remember his identity anymore?!

No, it must be because the goddess is special, after all?

That's right! The goddess was a goddess! He wasn't a man! Of course his reaction would be different! Vincent tried to convince himself.

Did they say a beautiful thing was very fatal?

It must be! Because the goddess was beautiful! Beautiful was the goddess! \(≧∇≦)/

Vincent nodded firmly like he just came to a superb conclusion. Like that a heavy feeling in his mind suddenly vanished like his crumbling dignity.

What the hell was dignity?!

As long as it was about his goddess, anything that happened in front of him was just disgusting bug that needed to be slapped like a dirt!

Did you forget that the goddess call you a 'worthless than a bug', Vincent?

Cough! Σ('◉⌓◉')

No! Don't try to sway him!! This daddy was now the goddess's believer! (/□\*)・゜

Vincent forced his thought far away. How could he think about another thing when the goddess was in front of him?! There was nothing important except bathing the goddess!

With that in mind, Vincent continued to bathe his goddess more sincerely.

After he was done with the goddess's body, he suddenly realized he hadn't washed the hair. With a sigh, he took a bowl of water and poured them gently above the goddess's hair. Noctis blinked his eyes cutely as he shook his head. His action was really similar with wet kitten. It was so adorable and made his heart itched.

Vincent endured and endured. As he finally admitted himself that he wasn't so straight anymore, then he would break through straight away to any obstacle! Now the only thing left was he had to hold on his dignity as gentleman! It couldn't be rushed! He had to take it slowly, even though he really liked the goddess!

Carefully, Vincent poured the hair concoction to his palm, before he gently washed the almost transparent white hair. He instantly loved the feeling in his hand.

It was so soft!! (/∇\*)。o

He almost couldn't believe himself he was touching a hair and not a silk!

Vincent paused as he suddenly noticed something in his goddess's head.

It was horns.

He really forgot that the goddess had two silvery white small curved horns. No, it should be the demon king, right? The horns must be some kind of demon thing. Vincent looked at them curiously. They really grew from the side of head. It was weird since this was his first time seeing something like this. The most similar thing he ever saw was a goat's horn. But they really looked different. Vincent rubbed the horn curiously


Vincent's hand immediately froze. Just now… he didn't mishear it right? He tried to rub them again

"Ah…" A sound that was so dangerous enticing instantly was heard again. Vincent's heart immediately was 'thump thump thump thump'ed hard. He looked down to Noctis's expression. The demon king was closing his eyes blissfully. He even let out a low purr sound as Vincent rubbed his horns and hair.

Really looked like a cat…

Vincent swallowed with difficulty. With an uncontrollably heart and a certain below thing that was getting hard, Vincent, the gentleman protagonist, quickly finished the bath in a lighting speed. He sighed in relief as he finally had the adorable demon king in the large towel.

Noctis blinked his eyes sleepily as he let him dried his body. Bathing always made him so sleepy. Therefore he just stood there obediently as Vincent dressed him in new clothes. It was different from before. Vincent didn't know where the clothes came from as the old clothes also already disappeared. But it had same color, black. This little guy, even though his body was all white, but all his clothes were gloomy dark.

Vincent sighed in relief as he finally finished dressing the demon king. He smiled as Noctis just blinked at him sleepily. Really, it was very different from his overbearing awake form. Vincent couldn't help but rubbed the little guy hair again.

Then he suddenly thought of something as he looked at his goddess. If Noctis never took a bath himself then didn't it mean there was other person who would bathe him before he came here? A strong possessiveness suddenly enveloped his mind out of nowhere. "Noctis, who was used bathing you before I come?!" he asked urgently.

"Ah?" Noctis opened his eyes reluctantly. He didn't even notice his slave just use his name, not his tittle. "Bath?" He blinked again sleepily before finally could answered correctly. "Oh, it is Marie…"

"This—Noctis, don't let other person touched you again! No. Let me be the only one who could touch—cough—I mean bathe you!" Vincent asked hurriedly. Since he had decided to pursue this goddess then no one could touch this goddess except him!

Noctis frowned as he finally blinked awake when he heard his slave question. "But why…?" he asked confusedly.

"T-that—cough!—I mean with you as The Great Demon King, no one was permit to touch you except me, your slave!" Vincent explained in hurry.

"But Marie is also my servant though…" Noctis asked even more confused.

"M-marie is busy!" Vincent almost puked blood. "She has a lot of other thing! Therefore let me this humble worthless human to serve Your Majesty at other little things like a bath! Didn't you make me your slave to serve you daily?"

Actually, Vincent, it was for the human invasion plan…

Of course, Author wasn't going to remind the protagonist about that as he was currently in his pink bubbles… ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

Noctis looked at him suspiciously. "That's true, but…"

"But….?" Vincent looked at him hopefully.

Facing such intense gaze, Noctis suddenly felt his face weirdly warm. With a huff, he crossed his arms on his chest and said in pout. "Alright fine, you can bathe me every day!"

"Thank you so much for Master's kindness! I will work to my best in serving you, The Greatest Demon King ever in this world, Master!" Vincent secretly cheered loudly in his heart. ヾ(≧∇≦*)ゝ

"Hmph, that's right! I am the greatest!" Noctis nodded firmly. "It is good that you finally know!" he said with satisfied expression. His rosy lips even turned into a brilliant smile as he was pleased that his slave finally wasn't just a worthless bug!

With that satisfied smile, Noctis walked out of the bath chamber proudly, leaving a certain protagonist flustered.

Damn it, he was so adorable! ٩(//̀Д/́/)۶

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