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100% Demonic Saint / Chapter 46: Dilemma

Dilemma - Demonic Saint - Chapter 46 by Daoist_windfall_69 full book limited free

Chapter 46: Dilemma

Gaofeng was considering his options. He had completely disregarded the soul-guarding treasure due to his unique soul giving him all of the protection it needed. He didn't need another pair of wings, either. The cauldron was designated for being used in pill-concoction, which Gaofeng didn't have any interest in.

The rest of these items, however, might provide Gaofeng with ample benefits. He wanted to obtain the two unidentifiable objects first, as he would definitely take them both. Who knew what kind of wonderous items these were to be on such a level that even the greatest Holy Monks of countless generations were unable to correctly identify them. In his opinion, these two items were most likely of the greatest value in this treasury.

Perhaps these treasures were even beyond the deity level, having reached all the way to the Godly realm. After making up his mind, he walked up to the unidentified white book. The book seemed completely blank, without inscription or even a text, but it gave off an aura which made even Gaofeng shudder. It wasn't a malicious aura, but it carried with it seemingly endless vitality and the pure aura felt like burning force upon his skin.

His physical power had already reached the Transcendence realm, meaning that any power which could make his body hurt was incredibly potent. Gaofeng easily bypassed the power of the formation which exuded pressure on anyone walking up to the book, but when he finally touched it and attempted to store it in his spacial pouch, the book didn't move at all.

Immediately following his attempt at taking the book with him, a cold female voice rang throughout his mind, "You little beast! How dare you touch my things? Scram at this instant! Otherwise, if you continue attempting to take possession of my book, I will hunt you down to the end of the universe, cut your head off, and put it on a stake outside of my palace. What is mine, is MINE." The voice turned to shrieks towards the end, nearly bursting Gaofeng's eardrums.

Gaofeng was shook for a moment, because he absolutely didn't expect this item to belong to such a powerhouse. Would the consequences of taking this book truly be so grave? And if they would, didn't that mean that the book was far more valuable than even he could imagine? This turn of events made him desire the book even more.

His heart was currently pounding, and his breath became heavier and heavier. The voice carried such a might and aura that Gaofeng felt as if he was on the brink of death. He was able to calm himself after a while, and began considering the options.

If the voice spoke the truth, she would hunt him down, but if this item truly belonged to her, and she was this powerful, how did the treasure end up here of all places? There didn't seem to be any reason to let the book stay here if she could truly just swoop in and grab it. It could be a remnant voice, akin to a recording, or perhaps she was tied down somewhere and unable to retrieve the book at the moment.

No matter the reason, it was obvious to Gaofeng that she couldn't retrieve the book for the moment. This meant that Gaofeng had an opportunity. He could take the risk of attempting to steal the book, but if he wasn't able to increase his strength enough in time for him to be able to deal with the consequences, he might perish in her hands.

Naturally, Gaofeng's Dao was a bold and domineering one, and he wouldn't let himself be put off from benefits by mere threats, no matter the power behind them. Perhaps this could even become an opportunity for him to temper himself and become forged in hellfire. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

His mind was made up, and so he once again grabbed the book. This time he activated his full power, activating his bloodline to the maximum, using his physique, and also his cultivation base. Not only this, but he activated Shimmer. The reason he used Shimmer at this moment, was because he felt that Shimmer was the ability which was the most harmonious with the pure light being given off by the book.

When he once again had the book in his hands, there was no voice warning him not to take it. Instead, a purple flower appeared from thin air right above the book. The purple flower emanated a sweet fragrance which reminded Gaofeng of his family's medicine garden, but suddenly the flower shot towards Gaofeng's heart.

It moved at such a speed that even Gaofeng wasn't able to avoid it. The flower drilled through his skin and attempted to pierce through his heart, killing him in one blow. At the exact moment the flower touched his heart, however, the Myriad Heart automatically activated. It exuded its suppressing aura upon the flower, making it pause in its tracks.

The pain of the flower penetrating his skin wasn't much to Gaofeng, but on its way through his body and towards his heart, it had touched upon many blood vessels, and at every instance the flower touched his blood, it released drops of a purple liquid which soon was carried throughout his entire body through his bloodstream.

This purple liquid made Gaofeng's entire body ache, and intermittent bursts of intense pain happened again and again. While the purple liquid was wreaking havoc in his body, the Myriad Heart was working on subduing the purple flower. Although it could easily stop the flower from penetrating the heart itself, controlling the flower was something else completely.

Gaofeng's Myriad Heart exuded the full might of the Divine Myriad Changes technique, and was able to temporarily confine the flower using its innate power of fate and the natural ability of the Divine Myriad Changes to incorporate everything to further its own power.

When the Myriad Heart finally had completely restrained the purple flower, it still couldn't dispose of it. It could only lock it up and make sure that it didn't completely disintegrate Gaofeng's insides.

In the meanwhile, however, Gaofeng's body was still wracked with the burning pain of the purple liquid which circulated throughout his veins. While in this state of pain, the Myriad Heart completely erupted with its power to imbue Gaofeng with the special ability to see through flaws in cultivation techniques and abilities, but this time it was different.

Instead of Gaofeng seeing any flaws, the Divine Myriad Changes appeared in his mind's eye. Then, the Myriad Heart began pointing out drastic changes in the technique. This wasn't merely slightly altering the way in which the technique needed to be cultivated, but was instead proposing entirely new concepts and ideas.

Gaofeng naturally wouldn't doubt the Myriad Heart, as it was the Myriad Heart which had created the Divine Myriad Changes in the first-place, and since it had created it, it could naturally alter and improve it.

The new version of the Divine Myriad Changes which was proposed included many points which Gaofeng didn't yet understand, but he changed it according to the guidance from the Myriad Heart. The length of the technique was increasing, and it was becoming more intricate with each change.

When the new version of the Divine Myriad Changes had been completed, Gaofeng began cultivating it at once. He suspected that the revisions would help his current circumstances, so there was no time to waste.

The new technique made Gaofeng feel an itching feeling at six different locations at once. These locations were in each hand and each foot, as well as his chin and in the flesh right before his dagger-like tail.

This itch increased to a tearing pain, but it soon subsided. The feeling then completely disappeared, and was followed by a soothing coldness spreading throughout his body.

After this transformation had taken place, the new Myriad Changes technique began increasing the amount of constrictions the purple flower had been put under, and it actually constructed something which looked like thick blood veins. However, what was transported through these veins wasn't blood.

It was actually an extract from the purple flower which was transported through these veins and to the spots which had been altered previously. They had been altered to form a kind of chamber which was connected to the purple flower as their nucleus, and when the purple liquid touched each claw, his fangs, as well as his tail, the purple energy was imbued in these deadly weapons.

This turned Gaofeng himself into the one utilizing the purple flower and its energy rather than the flower hurting him in any way. Instead, it was unwillingly helping him increase his own power. However, though utilizing this new Divine Myriad Changes, Gaofeng felt that there was still a great danger connected to the purple flower. He felt like he was being watched, or at least that the being who had created the purple flower would always know where he was.

This was a massive future death-sentence hanging over his head, but he had to endure it. There didn't seem to be any other way, as the Myriad Heart was unable to completely dispel the purple flower, and even if it could it still wouldn't do it because of the power it could grant Gaofeng.

Daoist_windfall_69 Daoist_windfall_69

I hope you all enjoy the chapter! Have a great rest of your day <3

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