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Chapter 9: CHAPTER 9


Me and Chris were sitting in his office discussing about our king's related work when we heard our mate crying ...Chris and me with our inhuman speed reached to the room where our mate was in . we panicked to see the sight infront of us , vic was holding our mate and she was crying hard in pain ...chris quickly pushed him off her and I went to console her ...

Her whole body was shaking in fear . so I quickly hugged her Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s_15603192606185205/chapter-9_42042904784462949">;s_15603192606185205/chapter-9_42042904784462949</a> for visiting.

"shhhh belle it's ok , we are here one will hurt you" I said trying to calm her down

"te-tesoro, g-grace I am s-sorry " Vic tried to come near her but she hid herself more into me trying to seek protection . I felt happy and hurt at the same time . I was happy that she was feeling safe with me but she was fearing vic and Chris and this is not good .

"vic leave with Chris for now I'll bring her to the dinner hall" I said looking at him and he agreed with a hurt face .

"grace don't worry we'll never hurt you ...please don't cry" i said stroking her hairs


"h-he said t-the same thing yesterday ..." she snapped and Aaron's body froze .

Grace pulled herself from him and went into the bathroom to do her business ..she came after half an hour and was relieved to see that Aaron had left the room . today's incident made her desperate to leave these three mysterious brothers more . if she had to leave this place then she needs to contact trevor and for that she needed to found the card and for that she would have to ask the brothers about it

"arghhh, where the heavens I am stuck " she said pulling her hairs frustratingly ..

"but I have to do this, I'll ask Aaron ..he is much better than the other two " she thought determinantly

As she tried to reach the dining hall , she hissed due to the sudden pain in her foot ..she tried to put it back on floor but the next moment she was In someone's arm

"let me help you please "Aaron requested her to which she nodded because she knew without his help she wouldn't be able to make it to the dining room

When they reached the dining table ..she sat beside Aaron . vicenzo was hurt but he knew that what he did today was the only reason she was sitting away from him.

"Tesoro , I am sorry for what I did today , I wasn't in my senses ...I am sorry" vicenzo said genuinely regretting his actions

grace didn't know what to do so she just said "It's ok " and hearing this vicenzo's face lit up with a smile .

when they finished with their breakfast , Aaron took her to his office . grace was confused on why did he bring her in a office like room instead of her room

"this is my office, can ask me what you wanted to ask for so long" he answered her unspoken question .

"ho-how did you know that" she asked as he made her sit on the couch

"you are an open book belle , anyone can know what's going in your mind " he replied and sat beside her

"now tell me what you wanted to ask" he asked with a warm smile ...

"Aaron actually I wanted to contact my friend but I lost my friend's contact card , it was In my jeans pocket I mean if you could help me find it would be helpful" she said looking at him hopefully

"ok this isn't a problem because your clothes are still in the mansion , I'll ask the servant to check" he replied sweetly

"thankyou so much Aaron" she said giving him a wonderful smile that made his heart skip a beat

"and care to explain who is this friend of yours and why do you want to contact your friend because as much I remember you said yesterday you didn't have any friends and after your parents death you live alone " Christian interrupted as soon as he entered aron's office with vic

"sorry mr. Christian but I don't owe you any explainations " she snapped at him

Aaron sensed that christian was about storm at her before he could do so he spoke

"belle it's not like that ..i am mean you are still healing and we do care for you ..we are just worried " aron said

"right grace because yesterday you only told us that you are all alone , so  where did this friend of yours came from" vicenzo said emphasizing the word friend

Hearing all this grace felt frustrated , apart from her mom and dad nobody has the right to question her like that and they were asking her as if she was their some sort of private property .she was done with their attitude . though ,she deep down her heart trusted them but her father's words were enough to ignore her deep buried feelings for them .

"just stop it please , all of you ...I am thankful to you guyzz that you saved my life and took care of me , but this thing doesn't give you any right to question me ." she said frustratingly and loud growls erupted in the room but she ignored it believing herself to be delusional.

"we have every fucking right on you grace we are your -" christian growled emphasizing the word right but Aaron cut him off immediately but she flinched at his dangerous authoritive tone

"you are our responsibility grace and we care for you , we can't let you get hurt " he said cupping her face looking right into her big mesmerizing eyes and she got lost in them yet again , her heartbeat was so fast that she felt as if her heart will explode in her chest , so she keeps her hand on her chest not understanding what was going on with her . Aaron smiled mentally when he listened her uneven heartbeat that was due to him . he absolutely loved it how innocent his mate was and he loved the fact that he had an effect on her.....................


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