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14% Destined to be yours... / Chapter 7: Chapter 7

Chapter 7 - Destined to be yours... - Chapter 7 by arrette full book limited free

Chapter 7: Chapter 7

Aly was busy listing the supplies she needed for her laundry when her phone rang.

"Morning, Ma." Aly said to the other line.

"Morning, I called to remind you about your nephew's baptismal on Sunday." Aly's mother said.

"Don't worry, Ma, I will not forget. Ella had many friends, why is it I'm the godmother again of their second child?" Aly asked.

"Because you're going to be a good godmother to their children." Her mom answered.

She was also the godmother of her elder brother and sister-in-law's first born child. Her elder brother, Greg, and one of her friends in college, Ella, married each other.

"Just don't forget and please come early." Aly's mother continued.

"Yes, Ma. Love you, bye." Aly said before ending the call.

After a while, her phone rang again.

"Allllyyyy!" Ella screaming excitedly.

"Hey, can you lower down your voice. My ears will bleed." Aly said smiling.

"Come early on Sunday, I will introduce you to someone." Ella said. Aly furrowed her brows.

"Again?" Aly said.

"Don't worry, he's my cousin and I'm sure you will like him. He's a widower and very handsome too." Ella said with romantic excitement in her voice. Aly sighed.

Ella, together with Grace, were always introducing Aly to their guy friends. Some will be her acquaintances, some will pursue her for a while but she will dump them later.

Grace is the wife of Aly's second elder brother, Joey.



While Aly together with Tyler and Caden are on their way to her nephew's baptismal, Aly's phone rang.

"Where are you? The mass will be starting few minutes from now. The seminar was already finished." Ella said.

"We're on our way there." Aly answered.

"I told you to come early." Ella said a little irritated.

"Relax, I'll be there before it will start." Aly said.

"Hhmmpp, you're always late. Mama will scold you again later." Ella said giving her a warning.

"Don't worry, I know how to ease her anger." Aly said looking at Tyler and Caden. The two boys made an OK sign with their hands understanding what their mommy is saying.

The mother and sons tandem reached the church where the baptism will be held. She parked her car and they went inside. She looked around and her two sons did the same.

"Mommy, there they are." Tyler said seeing his tall uncle, Greg. They walked towards the chairs where the others were sitting.

"You're late again!" Aly's mom said with irritation in her face.

"Don't get angry with mom, Mamu." Caden said hugging his grandmother.

"She's too busy and too tired so she woke up late." Tyler said pitifully. Aly smiled happily. Her mom forgot all about her because of her sons' doings.

Tyler and Caden sat beside their grandparents while Aly sat beside Ella and Greg. Because they were late and she was busy cuddling her nephew, she didn't noticed who she sat with.

"Aly, meet my cousin." Ella said pointing the guy next to her.

"Brett?" Aly said surprised.

Brett smiled. He saw Aly's arrival a while ago. At first, he was also surprised seeing her.

"Hi!" Brett said smiling.

"You knew each other?" Ella asked curiously.

Their conversation was paused because the initiating priest already started the mass.

After the mass, the newly baptized baby together with the godparents will take pictures as a remembrance. When it's Aly's turn, Ella's wicked mind had an idea.

"Brett, why don't you join Aly in the picture?" Ella said asking Brett. Aly looked at Ella puzzled. "Hurry up." Ella said while pulling her cousin. Brett couldn't do anything because Ella was pulling him hard and was pushed beside Aly. "Closer!" Ella said. Aly raised her brow. She knew Ella was up to something. Greg was smiling because her wife was playing cupid again with his sister.

"There, you looked good together!" Ella said grinning from ear to ear. "Tyler, Caden." Ella calling her nephews. The two boys approached their auntie.

"Yes, Auntie Ella?" Caden asked. "Go, take a picture with your mom." Ella said and the two boys proceeded to their mom's side. Ella got her baby from Aly.

Brett is starting to do a disappearing act from the view when he was stopped by her cousin. "Stay there." Ella said winking. Brett scratched his head. "Tyler, go to Uncle Brett's side, Caden stay to your mom's side. Okay, perfect!" Ella said smiling happily. Aly and Brett were standing side by side. "If only Harper and Aria are here, it would be a picture perfect." Ella said to herself.


"So tell me, how you both knew each other?" Ella asked Aly while they're getting food from the buffet table.

After the mass celebration, they proceeded to the reception held in an events place near the church.

"Tyler and Harper were classmates same with Caden and Aria." Aly answered.

"Really?" Ella said. "So you are the one Harper and Aria were talking about." Ella continued. Aly furrowed her brows.

"Talking about what?" Aly asked and Ella smiled brightly.

"If they are to have their second mom, they wanted her to be you." Ella said with teasing voice. Aly blushed. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Why are you blushing?" Grace asked Aly while they were approaching the table assigned to them.

Sitting on the table were Ella and Greg, Grace and Joey, and Aly and Brett who were sitting side by side. Tyler and Caden were with their grandparents together with their cousins.

Greg and Ella had two children. Their eldest is a thirteen year old boy. The couple thought that they will have an only child but heaven blessed them with another baby girl.

Joey and Ella had a twelve year old girl and their hoping for another one.

Ella laughed. "I just told her a very important information." Ella said that made Aly's face became tomato red in color.

"Are you okay?" Brett asked seeing the uneasiness of Aly.

"Yes but your cousin is really annoying." Aly said and Brett smiled.

"I agree." Brett said and they both laughed.

Ella and Grace looked at each other meaningfully.

The group became busy chatting with this and that. They didn't noticed the time passed and the bottles of beer they drank especially the men. Visitors started to bid their farewells and left the place. Greg and Joey were supported by their wives.

"Brett, let's drink another time. We need to go home early, we will make our second baby." Joey said and Grace pinched his husband's side.

"Yeah Brett, come to our house and I will teach you how to court my sister." Greg said putting his arms on Aly's shoulders. Aly pinched his elder brother side.

"You know Brett, this sister of mine is very beautiful and very sweet." Greg continued.

"Will you stop?" Aly said looking annoyed with his brother's talkativeness.

"But she's really scary." Greg continued then laughed.

Ella pulled her husband. "Let's go home, you're really drunk." Ella said.

"Brett, can you drive?" Ella asked.

"Yes, of course!" Brett stood up but felt his world go around. Luckily, Aly was still beside him so she was able to support Brett's body before he could fall down on the ground. Brett put his arms on Aly's shoulders.

"I'm sorry." Brett whispered to her ears. Aly felt shivers all over her body.

"It's okay." Aly said.

"Don't drive then. Let Aly drive you home. I will come back later to get your car here and you get it tomorrow in our house." Ella said and Brett nodded. Aly had no choice but to agree with the set up.


Lessons from quotes (source unknown)

The real test of true love is having all the things go wrong but still having a special way to love inspite of all the wrong things that may happen.

The saddest thing that can happen between friends is that one falls in love while other wants nothing more than friendship.

The sweetest thing is falling in love. The best part is finding your ideal one. The loveliest moment is being loved back. The most heartbreaking time is when you realize you are only loved as a friend.

The time to tell people you love how much you love and need them is now, while they are all around to appreciate it.

The words we want to say are difficult to find sometimes for their journey begins far, far away... in the heart.

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