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1.81% DESTINED TO THEM / Chapter 1: CHAPTER 1


Author: Yakubu_Favour_Dung

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Chapter 1: CHAPTER 1

Walking out to the corridor, Ella raised her gown and ran outside. She didn't want to follow, at least not today. She wanted to be alone; she wanted to pray a longer prayer.

Turning around, she made sure she wasn't followed and sped down hill to the cave beside the castle. Turning around for the last time, she looked left, right and behind her to be sure. Taking a deep breath, she entered the cave.

Slowing down, she began to think of what to say, how to say it and why she will be saying it. She entered the door by the left and adjusted her dress with her eyes downcast. She has come here more times than she can remember. Taking her tenth step, she came to a halt. She knew she was mid-way through the vast room. Kneeling down, she went quiet.

"Dear God, I am not a good person that I know. But I have come before you today to help me be better. Most of all, I want to get married. I don't know who. I don't know when. And I don't care. But I want to be married. That is my prayer to you today. Thank you Lord for the answered prayer. I pray with thanksgiving in Jesus name amen." Opening her eyes, she looked up then.

There was a statue of Jesus with his arms wide open. He was smiling and she prayed intently to smile one day on her wedding day. Standing on her feet, she dusted herself. She thanked him once more and left. The moment she went off the cave and the evening breeze flushed her face, she knew one thing; she might or might not regret her prayer.

She wanted to be married, yes. But to whom and when she didn't care? That part she wasn't sure of. Of course she wanted to know who and when, but she ….. Shaking her head, she walked back to her room and slept.

The sound of the birds woke her. She'd slept longer than she should have. She got out of bed and took a shower. She went down stairs and met her family at the table and a few guests she wasn't sure she knew.

"Good morning, dad, mom and everyone." She greeted me and sat down.

"Good morning lovely. How was your night?" Her father said.

"It was good thank you, and yours?" She replied with a smile.

"Forever and always will be great." He smiled but frowned. "Well as long as your mother stays with me, of course." He added quickly with a smile.

This is always the part that gets to her. As long as they are together, they'll always be fine. She wanted that feeling. She wanted that assurance. She wanted a companion who would give her that assurance. Who she will give that assurance to. She wanted it all. With a smile, took her spoon and began to eat.

"I'll take my leave now, my lord." A male voice said opposite Ella. "I have an appointment with a friend of mine in the next kingdom." The voice continued.

Ella took her time finishing her food before lifting her eyes to see who it was. Also, one of the reasons why she didn't raise her head before was mainly because she might not know who he is. When she lifted her eyes, he was still sitting down in front of her. He wasn't looking at her but she felt as if he knew she was looking at him.

When his eyes met hers, they remained. His eyes were gold, but had a ring of red surrounding the gold. Suddenly the two colors mixed, leaving an orange shade.

"You don't have to leave so soon, my daughter here loves riding, I was hoping you'd take her out riding" The king, Ella's father said.

"Oh, that's so bad. But my appointment has to be held. And besides, I don't think she's enthusiastic about my taking her riding." He said.

"Oh, I was thinking of going hunting today, dad." Ella said out of the blue and walked out of the dining room.

"My daughter's always like that. Forgive her manners." The king apologized

"No, offense. I'll take my leave now, my lord." He stood and gave a fair bow.

"Salvador!" the king called.

He stopped and looked at the king. "My lord"

"It was nice to have you aboard. Hoping to see you soon." The king smiled then.

Salvador walked out and thought of the king's daughter, Ella. Good name, he thought. Not that he likes her or something but, she looks pretty. Pretty, yeah suits her better than beautiful.

"For a day like this, I'd like to have to go to the river banks and lie down." Ella was saying to one of her guards, smilingly.

"My princess, the river banks? I heard the waters are not friendly today, my lady." The guard warned.

"Scott_" referring to the guard. "I heard that too, but I want to be alone for a while." She knew that Scott got her point as he immediately got her sadled on her horse.

Salvador listened silently but with a smile, he left for his own business. What a gutsy princess they have. She'll make a terrific queen someday.

Ella sped through the woods without stopping. She felt better with each stride the horse took. But she didn't quite get far, she heard some steps behind her.

She looked around but no one was there. When she turned to continue forward to ride on, she saw a werewolf looking back at her. The best option in her mind was to run, but she knew better. The werewolf will outrun her!

The werewolf's eyes changed from charcoal black to blue, she didn't know what that meant. But all she knew was that those eyes looked friendly.

Taking a deep breath, she got off her horse and went to where it stood. She wanted to stroke its face, but the closer she got, the smaller she became.

It got so – she realized upon arrival – that the werewolf had overwhelmed her in size. She stood and looked at it in the eyes. Daringly, she took another step forward. Sometimes she really wonders what her boldness will lead her into.

She reached out and stroked the werewolf – though albeit – before she dropped her hand. The werewolf growled and ran away. She wanted to know its name. At least to know if it's a he or a she. She prays to meet the werewolf again.

She turned back and headed home. She was oddly done for today. The river can wait.

When she reached home she went to her room and shower, afterwards she slept. She was awoken much later in the day for her lunch, apart from that, nothing much. She just remained in her room.

She was called upon by her father to be at the ball room for the party at hand. She wanted nothing to do with that, if you ask her personally but as a princess that she is, she had to be there.

Her father, as usual, sent her her dress alongside maids to get her ready. The maid helped her change her clothes and did her hair. They did a few touches here and there in her face as well.

When she finally left her room, she was looking elegant and ready for the party. As she descended down the stairs, she got a few eyes here and there. The ones she caught anyway, but ignored and walked to her father who was talking to someone.

"Father." She greeted me as she neared.

"Ah, Ella my love! You look lovely." Her father said after excusing himself from the quest he was speaking with but didn't dismiss him either.

"Thanks dad. And you don't look bad yourself, if I may comment." She curtsied. "Good evening my lord." She greeted the man beside her father with a smile.

"God evening my lady, you look …." he ran out of breath and took another, "amazing." He finished.

"Thank you my lord, and you look better." She replied.

"Thank you." He said.

"This is my daughter, Ella, the one I spoke about." The king, Ella's father, said to the guest, "this is Prince Harvey." The king introduced them.

They shook hands and looked at me as if I was the king.

"Ella, Harvey, I know both of you are busy, but I was thinking about a union, if possible, between the two of you." The king looked weary when he said this. "Oh and yes, he's human so no pressure, my dear." The king added quickly to Ella.

"Oh, that's comforting to know." Ella replied. Finally she was going to get married, she felt adored.

"Why don't you two get to know each other better? I'll go see a friend or two." The king excused himself.

Ella and Harvey spoke for a while and seemed to have a lot in common. They danced as well before the food was served. Everyone was mandated to be at the table before the king.

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