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50% Devour Everything / Chapter 2: Chapter 1 - The New World

Chapter 1 - The New World - Devour Everything - Chapter 2 by SoundingWizard full book limited free

Chapter 2: Chapter 1 - The New World

After the weird sensation of being turned into light particles and dissipating into nothingness he opened his eyes to see a flat plain. Because of his strong sense of sight he could barely see the outline of buildings towards the North, he looked towards the South and he saw a large forest that covered both South and East directions and in the West direction he could see a large and deep crevice. He remembered that he had received skills from that mysterious demon. ' How do I check those skills I got I wonder ' then text popped up in my head.

[ Status ]

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HP: 200/200

MP: 80/80

Exp: 0/1000

Strength: 4 .

Intelligence: 8

Defence: 4

Agility: 3

Luck: 5

Charisma: 6

Dexterity: 5

[ Skills ]

Hardened Organs [Lvl 1/10]

Devour [Lvl 1/10] [U]

[ Racial ]

Regeneration [Lvl 1/10]

Minor Shapeshift [Lvl 1/10]

Telepathy [Lvl 1/10]

One With Nature [Lvl 1/10]

[ Profession ]


[ Magic ]


[ Racial Magic ]


Elf Magic Lvl 1/10

Demon Magic Lvl 1/10

[ Resistances ]



[Magic Resistances]


[ Money ]

[Platinum] 0

[Large Gold] 0

[Gold] 0

[Large Silver] 0

[Silver] 0

[Large Copper] 0

[Copper] 10

[Copper Pieces] 80

' Wow that's interesting ' he thought to himself as he looked at the text that just flooded into his brain. it seemed that 10 is the average for stats in this world as he skimmed down to the skills he could finally see an explanation for the skills he received from the giant wheel.

[Hardened Organs Lvl 1/10]: [Perfect Poison Resistance] and can process any material that enters your body.

[Devour Lvl 1/10]: Gain skills/skill experience from consuming random Flora and Fauna. Additional 5x bite strength. Cannot level up [Magic], [Professions] or [Mastery Skills]

' Interesting i'll have to experiment with this skill ' He thought with a smile that covered his face just after he said that he noticed a small rock on the ground ' I wonder what skill i'll get from that ' he thought while examining the rock. He examined the rock and saw that there was nothing suspicious about the rock so he put it in his mouth and start chewing and all he felt was a grainy texture in his mouth just as he was about to spit out the rock when he heard a *DING* sound effect.

[ Skill Gained ]

Gained [Hardened Flesh Lvl 1/10]: flesh will become harder with each level. 2 additional points to defence upon level up

' I wonder what would happen if I ate more rocks' With that thought he just picked up another rock and started devouring it but nothing seemed to happen until he looked a his newest skill.

Hardened Flesh[Lvl 1/10 Exp till next level 10/1000]

' Oh so that's how it works ' He was relieved to know that he could level up his skills by eating the same item again instead of only being able to eat it once to get the skill. So he decided to keep consuming rocks until he levelled up the skill. After he levelled up the skill he looked over the text that appeared in his mind

Hardened Flesh[Lvl 2/10 Exp till next level 0/2000]

He scanned his surroundings to see what else he could consume to strengthen himself when just then he noticed a leaf on the ground. As he picked up the leaf and put it in his mouth he heard another *DING*.

[ Affinity Gained ]

Affinity [Plant Lvl 1/10]: Able to use Plant Magic [Plant Control] and [Summon Plant]. More [Magic Spells] acquired after affinity levels up.

After a while of walking and eating small rocks and falling leaves he seemed to notice a small stream walking towards the clear stream he notice some small fish swimming downstream. as soon as they noticed him they sped away further downstream ' I wonder if I get a skill from drinking water ' he then puts his hands under the clear water and raised his hands to his lips drinking it he hears a *DING*.

[ Affinity Gained ]

Affinity [Water Lvl 1/10]: able to use Water Magic [Water Orb] and [Water jet]. More [Magic Spells] acquired after affinity levels up.

' Neat ' He then continued on his journey ' Where should I go next ' As his eyes darted around the surrounding area he noticed a small one room run-down shack that he didn't see earlier or maybe he did see it earlier and totally ignored it, even so it made him curious what was in that shack so he walked towards the shack in a relaxed manner that if anyone else saw him they would think that he was just out for a stroll. as he approached the run-down shack he noticed that it was surprisingly sturdy he then reached the front door and turned the doorknob. The door swung open with a nasty high pitched screech if anyone in the shack was sleeping they would've woken up with that screech. But luckily there was nobody there all that was in there was a small wooden chest and a rusty steel sword he walked up to the small wooden chest and opened it, inside were some rusty cookware and some weird minerals disregarding the wooden chest for a minute he then looks over to the steel sword. The sword looks like it would fall apart if he tried to hit something with it even if that thing he hit was soft. ' Well if I cant use it i'll jut try and eat it ' He then bit down on the sword and surprisingly it just crumbled, usually it would take a lot more force to crumble but since it was so rusted it just crumbled he then heard the usual *DING* sound.

[ Skill Gained ]

Skill Gained [Sword Mastery Lvl 1/10]: +20% when using a sword.

' Now onto the chest ' that was the very next thought he had after he finished eating the sword he then looked back over to the small chest and slowly walked over to once again inspect the items in the chest. After he sat there looking for a few minutes an unexpected *DING* arrived.

[ Skill Gained ]

Skill Gained [Inspect Lvl 1/10]: Able to gain information on things or people depending on skill and player level.

Once he read what the skill does he was quite surprised and elated ' This will come in handy ' He thought with a content smile in his face.

SoundingWizard SoundingWizard

Hey guys there will be an auxiliary chapter to explain the all the things that weren't explained in this chapter. if you have any suggestions leave a comment. also if you need me to explain anything I would be more than happy to

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