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66.66% Devour Everything / Chapter 3: Chapter 2 - To The Town

Chapter 2 - To The Town - Devour Everything - Chapter 3 by SoundingWizard full book limited free

Chapter 3: Chapter 2 - To The Town

As he didn't know how to activate the skill he looked at the skill on his status screen.


[Lvl 1/10 ][Exp: 0/1000]:

Able to gain information on things or people depending on skill and player level. To Activate you just need to think inspect and the information will pop up in your mind unless you have insufficient level.

' I should've been able to figure that out myself ' He said disappointed with himself ' Never mind that I have more important things to do ' He then went over to the chest and then inspected the weird but enticing looking silver metal.

[Name]: ???

[Rank]: Uncommon

[Description]: ???

' Huh maybe my level is insufficient ' he then dismissed the metal, he then went to bite the metal but no matter how hard he tried he couldn't seem to eat it. 'Interesting maybe I need more strength to eat it, whatever i'll just keep it and maybe be able to eat it at a later date' the metal was then put in his pocket. After he put the metal in his pocket he looked over at the rusty pots and pans and inspected them. .

[Name]: Rusty Pots and Pans

[Rank]: Common

[Description]: Pots and pans so rusty that they are unusable.

' Well i'll just eat them then ' *CRUNCH* was the sound that resounded loudly in the shack luckily there was nobody around otherwise they would've thought that a monster was eating someone.


[Profession Gained]

Gained [Chef Lvl 1/5]: gain profession related skills. if you create a new dish you can gain status points but only for the first time it is cooked you will receive no more stat points if you make the same dish twice.

Then he looked over at the crate and decided to start munching down it and then he heard that sound play in his mind.*DING*

[Skill Gained]

Gained [Lock Picking Lvl 1/10] Able to unlock chests. +10% chance to instantly unlock a chest.

He then left the abandoned shack to look around and see if anything else was nearby. When he looked around he saw a carriage in the distance coming toward him, when the carriage was closer to him he waved it down. The carriage then slowed down and stopped in front of him "What do you want." The man said with a sneer.

"I was just wondering if you could either give me a lift or point to the nearest town." I said with slight trepidation.

"Oh if that's all then i'd be more than happy to give you a lift into town. I thought that you were gonna try and rob me." he said with a kind smile on his face.

"But i'll only take you to the gate and no further." he continued

"That's fine, that's as far as I expected you to take me." I say thankfully.

"Hop on then time waits for no man." he said in a kind manner

Dante then boarded the carriage and sat down and looked around inside. The carriage was fairly empty except a few small crates and barrels. Along the way Dante was thinking of what he should do next but he didn't know what he could do so he asked the kind old man whose name that he found out was Thomas

"Hey Thomas what kind of job can I get in that town that you are bringing me to." He asked to break the tension in the air. "Well it all depends on what qualifications you have." Thomas replied.

"Okay but I don't have many qualifications." he says nervously as he looks at Thomas who is focusing on driving the carriage. "What qualifications do you have then." Thomas asked in a curious tone

"Not many, but I can do a little magic though i'm not very proficient in it." He explained

"If that's the case then you don't have many options available to you. The only jobs I can think of are bounty hunter or an adventurer or possibly a mage at the mage's association but it is very rare for people to get a job there." He said in a calm tone.

"Thanks for the help Thomas. I really appreciate the help." He said in a thankful tone of voice.

"Not a problem, it was nothing much." Thomas said like it wasn't a problem

Dante then thought over which job would best suit his needs 'well bounty hunter is out because i don't really want to hunt people down for money, being a mage at the mage's association is also out they would probably restrict me and order me around and i don't like that feeling so that only leaves becoming an adventurer i wonder if there is a guild i can join there should be well there is a mage's association so the guild must be a thing'

As he decided to be an adventurer he looked off into the distance to the forest he wondered what kind of things he could experience, what skills he could gain and what types of strange materials he could find along his journey but as he was day-dreaming the carriage unexpectedly stopped when Dante Looked towards the front of the carriage when he saw a man in front of the carriage trying to signal him to stop so that he could talk to him the carriage came to a stop and the man started talking to Thomas. Dante couldn't make out much but what he could make out was that his name was Louis and he wanted to get to the nearest town much like him. Louis was about 6'4 in height, slim but muscular build, tanned skin, auburn hair that went down to his shoulders and had a scar on his face that went from the top of his left eyebrow straight down until his jaw. He seemed like he was a sword user by the two-handed long sword that was on his back. He then heard Thomas say "We got another person along for the ride, hope you don't mind Dante."

"No not at all, the more the merrier." Dante replied. Thomas then turned back to Louis and said

"Well come on then we don't have all day hurry up and hop in so we can get going." Thomas said in an excited tone. Louis then hopped in the carriage and he sat down across from me. I decided to introduce myself "Hey my name is Dante what's your name."

"Louis." he replies and says nothing more 'this is gonna be a long ride' He thought. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

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