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Chapter 26: Cap 26

I had slept like a baby after enjoying the agate body, I had gotten up recently, a little morning exercise, washing my body and now I am taking Shizuka to college, I really hate driving, so Agata is the one who does it, me I'm in the back with Shizuka.

- "Yesterday I met a woman named Yukinoshita Majime, she had a very pretty daughter, and she liked Ágata, they said they were the same" Agata already told me about that, apparently the girl had mana, what a surprise, and it's 100 I'm sure I gave it to him, but I don't remember in what way, I have to see the girl and draw conclusions, but I'm not in a hurry, it's not that it was a danger.

- "oh, you like Shizuka children, we could have one whenever you want." I told her as she bit her ear, and touched her breasts, she turned tomato red.

- "I want to, how about we try today." He said in a tiny tone, and his head lowered, it took a lot of courage to do that.

I kissed her and I could see Agata looking in the rear view mirror, she winked at her, her eyes ran scared, she is like a little lamb and asks to be sacrificed, returning to Shizuka she answered the kiss, she has no problems with that, only with the following steps.

- "Also the girl's mother wanted to meet you, I was going to tell you yesterday but I was sleeping so peacefully that I didn't want to bother you." finishing the kiss he talks to me again.

- "the gesture is appreciated, I was tired." What a good woman, so attentive and concerned about everything that happens to me, all my women are like that, being a good person brings its rewards.

- "I know, but you can meet her, she seemed like a good person, and the girl was also interested in you." Obviously, since I gave her the mana she uses, but I don't remember how, maybe the girl remembers, where is my perfect memory when I need it.

- "I'll do it later." First I must go back to my world, take Riven, and see the girls that I left at my house, I have to teach them to obey me, and as for Effie, I have to reinforce the dressage training, although the beginning was a total success, how proud I am of my progress in that area.

- "Ok, we're here" said Agata.

I get out of the car, and I kiss her again so that everyone knows that this woman is mine.

- "not here." I shyly reproach myself

- "You do not love me."

- "never say that, and kiss me hard." His kiss was with tongue, showing his eternal affection.

Finishing the kiss, I look at Ágata.

- "and yours Ágata." Suzuki pouted a little annoyed that he thought of another woman after kissing her and said.

- "Leon, don't bother her, now we're going, let's go, Agata" takes her by the hand and both of them leave, or of course I'll leave the car in the parking lot so they can return in the afternoon.

After leaving the car, I decided to walk, sometimes it is good to walk, using teleportation at all times bores me, sometimes walking gives me the opportunity to admire the beauties that the world gives you, like women, in this case a woman With big tits, called Mayumi, she took her little daughter to school, she should be 7 years old now Yui, seeing that it is a great opportunity to get closer to her and win her heart, I use a car that comes, I will force him to go red .

When the two of them are going through the crosswalk, and the green light for the pedestrian, I control the driver to fall asleep and jump red to keep moving at high speed.

When Mayumi notices the car, she reacts immediately wraps Yui in her body, the maternal instinct acted before the survival instinct, but it is not necessary, I moved high speed to take Mayumi as a princess while still holding her daughter Yui, saving her from near death.

As for the driver, he hit a pole and died, maybe, I have no idea, not that I care, although he died for a good act, I help this god to conquer a beautiful woman.

- "Hello Mayumi, thinking of meeting you by chance, or maybe fate wanted to bring us together." I told him in a relaxed and cheerful tone, I wanted him to relax a bit, but it didn't work.

He still had his head down and was hugging Yui tightly, I think it was a shock, I had forgotten that he is a normal person, let's relax his mind, releasing a little mana.

Slowly her tense body began to loosen, and she looked at me, she seemed surprised, and began to turn red when I looked at the position they were in, but it only lasted a second, until she looked at her daughter, put her down at two o'clock and Mayumi began to check Yui if she had any injuries, once he looked at her from all sides and made sure she was okay, she sighed with relief as her large chest rose and fell.

- "Thank you, you saved me."

- "You are my beautiful employee, how would I not do it, what kind of boss would I be if I let you die in front of my eyes, also I already see you as a good friend, I like to talk to a happy person like you. he was blushing.

Control yourself Mayumi, at your age and blushing, besides that my heart beats like an idiot, aaaah, also only sees you as a friend and is married, stop acting like an idiot., Mayumi thought.

- "Thank you, I also consider you a friend, but also my employer and I do not intend to abuse our friendship, I will be a good employee I promise, I will take your cafeteria to be the best." She said with a beautiful smile and she was a little red, I think even her breasts were smiling, or was it my imagination.

- "I trust you, now you want to go home to rest, it also had to be a trauma for little Yui."

- "Ah, Yui, how are you, Yui." But Yui didn't respond, she was staring at me, I'll have something on my face, apart from being very manly and handsome, it's not that I'm narcissistic.

He shook her a little and woke up from his stupor, he looked at me, and offered me his palette, although it was sucked, I would have preferred a new one, even so I received it, so as not to damage the feelings of a loli, speaking of lolis, zoe is legal, Apparently yes, he is over a thousand years old, only he has a childish and mischievous personality, worthy of the appearance he represents, sometimes he can cause chaos, but he does it without intention or malice, it would be a problem to have a woman like that under my charge , I already see her destroying buildings by mistake or my house by mistake.

- "I think he likes you." Mi said Mayumi, pulling me out of my thoughts.

- "I think so, that's good, since we will see each other in a row, having a harmonious relationship will be useful."

Look at the little Yui who was hidden behind her mother's very fleshy legs, those seductive thighs, I already want to try them, returning to Yui, her eyes that looked at me looked like stars that illuminated a moonless night, there was longing, it's like if he had found something he lost years ago, I just hope he doesn't think I'm his father, we are nothing alike, maybe he wants a hug.

- "What's up Yui, you can come and give me a hug, if you want." I heard that once, of coiling on my leg like an anaconda catching its prey, what a bad analogy for the situation, but it is understood.

- "Yui, don't be rude, come back now." Mayumi immediately chided.

- "It is not necessary, I told him he could hug me."

- "I'm sorry, she's not like that, she seems to like you a lot, sigh, Yui comes back."

- "not necessary, you want to go on my shoulders." I said to which she happily nodded.

I crouched down and it certainly climbed onto my shoulders, while hugging my head.

- "Do not spoil, if you continue like this, she will become a spoiled child in days." Although she rebuked me in her words, she said it with happiness, seeing her happy daughter and my being good to her.

- "Relax, it's good that he's like this, don't forget that he just had an experience close to death, forget that and remember these moments is better."

- "You're right, thanks again, you always help me, I would like to give you back all that you have helped me." And of course you will, with those tempting breasts and thighs.

- "Of course you can, do your best at work and everything will be fine."

After our conversation, we went to our destination, once we arrived I called Hanabi to show him everything, she seemed very enthusiastic, no idea why, she is not so good with other people, she has a selfish and jealous personality, but I do not worry For Mayumi, Hanabi would never do anything against my women, she is very faithful.

Now I was alone with Yui, who was looking at me, we were sitting next to each other, she had a cake and a glass of milk, I was eating a good-sized piece of meat, about a kilo maybe, I was hungry , and it is still morning.

- "you like school." I asked curiously, I wonder how he was when he was little, maybe the same idiot he was when he grew up.

- "Yes" he said with a little doubt.

- "you get along well with others."

- "Yes, but whenever we play, I am the dog." the dog, maybe that's why he had a dog in the future, if he has one, I'll buy him a good leash and use it to make it unbreakable.

- "and what do you want to be."

- "the mother."

- "you don't get bored of being the dog."

- "yes." she said a little dejected, nobody would like to be the dog forever, I think, I've never played that, I play world domination, it's more fun.

- "and why do you keep doing it."

- "Because they tell me that it is, and if I'm not, I won't be able to play with everyone." She said a little shy and embarrassed.

Since I was little, an idiot who tries to do anything to fit in, I always found that she was an idiot, but she is only a girl now, if I will not judge her, what I do not understand is the desire of people to fit in a place that does not they love you, or they just want you for their own enjoyment, but that has to do with how we have lived, for a long time, in a world that sought uniformity. Since we are children, we are grouped into classes by age, we must learn the same contents, in the same period of time and from there it is very likely that we will follow the lines that are marked for us, we adapt to the groups in which we must integrate and we tend to imitate socially accepted guidelines. We are supposed to follow a certain pattern.

Therefore, the best thing is to find your own way, and therefore your happiness, at the cost of anything, even if you have to take everything away from others, but if I say this to a girl, she will not understand me, at least That is blue, and it is because she grew up in another type of environment and society, she has already killed despite being so young, that tsundere with a mixture of yandere, I already miss her.

- "you love your mother." Let's start the guide to the right path.

- "yes." She answered firmly, the frustrated girl was no longer there.

- "If you want her, you will not make her sad, you know if you are happy, she is happy, so look for your own happiness, and if you don't fit in, and they don't accept you, don't worry, you can always come and play with me . " I said softly and slowly, so that the words came through correctly.

- "Yes, promise. And he gave me his little finger and I did the same."

- "promise." I said, I wonder if I'm too soft on lolis, maybe, or I'm just in a good mood, who knows, but if I know one thing, this girl will grow up and have bigger breasts than her mother, now I just have to wait for May I grow up so that I can enjoy a mother and daughter trio, I still lack the Yukinoshita trio, the Kawasaki trio, aaahh, so many milfs and beautiful daughters to take, this world seems like a supermarket, and I have a credit card with unlimited space.

Finishing eating with her, Mayumi came back, looked at us and smiled, she was glad that we got along.

- "I already understand most of what should be done and how the business works, I will start my work right now." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

- "Okay, I have to leave them, I have many things to do."

- "Anyway, I'm not taking your time anymore, come on Yui, say goodbye."

- "See you later, ummm." She was unsure what to call me so I gave her a push.

- "Only Leon, I am not honorary." but they don't matter if they use it, I'm just lazy to use them.

- "Don't pamper her, she has to learn to respect her elders, tell her León-sama"

- "Un, see you later Leon-sama."

They left and headed towards the office, while Yui looked back every so often, now that he was alone, Hanabi approached.

- "Danna-sama is leaving." Hanabi asked.

- "yes."

- "good trip." He gave me a little bow.

- "It seems that you get along with her, what happened to jealousy." I was a little curious about this change in attitude.

- "I realized that it is not necessary, I know that I have a place as his favorite toy." Besides that if I get along with her, and she is her future wife as well, I have a better chance of her coming to my side and being able to enjoy her presence, but it goes without saying. Hanabi thought.

- "It's good that you don't forget." He didn't say everything, but it doesn't matter, something tells me that those two will be very close.

Back to the real world

I decided to return to the real world, I had three girls to train and one in training, the easiest to start, would be the two sisters, after finding out that their parents sold them as cattle, they are not at their best, I just have to feed the desire for revenge and fidelity to me, and everything will be fine, as for Lesya, the Ukrainian who forgives me for my "mistakes", in quotes, because they are not, I wonder if I should take the path of absolute domination and hard, or go step by step and be softer, decisions, decisions.

I was indoors, the twins and Amaya were studying, I almost never go, it's very boring, besides I'm constantly doing other things.

- "Hello lion, from what I remember there were 4 girls, only 3 arrived, what happened to the last one." Asked Kayle, who was coming down the stairs, she was surely accommodating the 3 girls currently asleep.

- "It was necessary to indoctrinate her, I'm still working on it, she will return in a week as a faithful devotee of the ouroboros clan."

- "since when are we a clan." She said doubtfully.

- "Just kidding, we are a family, clan sounds like idiots who kill each other for social position."

- "You're right, we are family and I hope you don't break the girl." He doesn't care much what I do now, his justice only leans towards his family, although he still complains about some things from time to time, but what a woman does not complain more when she is already your wife.

- "don't worry, oh, I almost forgot." I returned to the other world, and took Riven, to transport myself back to the real world.

- "Another girl, you put them together like candy, sigh, just try not to be a danger to others." he said with a slightly irritated and concerned tone. "You want her as your wife or for your maid fetish."

- "we'll see that Kayle, her name is Riven, what if you guide her on the right path, she has several problems, and she wants to redeem herself from her past full of blood, you are the aspect of justice, see what you can do." I'll leave it to her, and if she doesn't achieve anything, I'll use my methods.

- "It's good to have a big house, I have a room ready, I'll leave it there, I wonder if I'll have to enlarge it later." It looked like she was still irritated.

- "I'm going to convince the others, regarding the house, I think we should expand it." he snorted before leaving.

I am thinking of bringing akara, Charsi and Itharia into this world, they can learn new and interesting things, and find new hobbies, you can also have a super love session with all of them.

I climbed the stairs and went to the room where Lesya was.

- "awake."

- "mmmm, or is it you, you look different without your mask, but I know it's you." He told me, in a soft and friendly tone, not to last long, I'll make sure of that.

- "You don't seem scared and your instinct is good, I'm the same."

- "I'm not afraid, because I should." an unshakable smile, remained on his face, I want to break it.

- "So you don't hate me, and you're not afraid of me, what a strange case."

- "It's not weird, that's how we should all be, everyone deserves a second chance."

- "If I told you, that I can revive your parents, what would you give for it." it is necessary to give him a temptation, maybe he will choose it or maybe not.

- "If you really could, I would not let you do it, that goes against nature and the cycle of life, the dead are dead and you must let them rest." He scolded me like I was a little child, wait if I am in this world.

- "I wonder about that." There are many zombies in the world, and I have a total control of all, as well as a count and how they are, just look how this woman's parents were, and surprise, they are still complete, they have not been destroyed by bullets and that thing He said that the dead must rest, but I rule death, if life does not let you rest, because death should not be the same.

I transported them to my side and showed them to Lesya, she seemed surprised, but didn't even ask how they got there, her priority was another.

- "dad mom." her smile, had already faltered, and the tears threatened to come out.

- "grrrrrr." they replied, they don't even have a conscience.

- "What do you say, what things would you do to get them to rest once and for all, you know that they can still know what they do, but they do not control their body, how do you think they feel knowing all the cruel things they have done." it really is a lie, but she doesn't know.

- "because, why do you do that, let them free, life and death are something you should not play with, you only make him suffer and misfortune will fall on you, unless you receive their forgiveness and repent from the bottom of your heart. " Even so, I was looking for me to repent, how naive and irritating, his stupidity makes me angry.

- "But, I have your forgiveness, with that I free myself from all guilt, you will also forgive me again, since that is what your mother told you, it is not like that, I can continue to take whatever I want, total, you will forgive me I will regret I will find redemption for my bad deeds, and if I do something bad again, we will continue the previous cycle and so on. "

- "I, I." She hesitated a bit, no matter how good it is, if you harm something precious about that person, even she will waver on her way to good.

- "You will not, you will not obey your mother, look at her, she is watching you, she is sad because you are not a good girl and you forgive me."

- "I ..., I forgive you, but, you must stop, what you are doing is wrong, you can still redeem yourself and surrender to the authorities, everything will be fine, I will support you." It took a while, but he still repeated those stupid words.

- "Why should I go, you forgave me, so everything is fine, I am free of all guilt, since we must all give second chances, most likely that others did too, it is not logical."

- "please stop this." This is his true face, I wondered, is he really such an idiot, we'll see.

- "We better play a game, one week, if you forgive me again after a week, I will return the world to what it was, it's a good deal, don't you think."

- "You will really fulfill it, you will return everything to normal and you will surrender." I wonder hopefully this girl I just wanna break her

- "I will, I promise, in my name, I León ouroboros I swear that if you forgive me after a week I will eliminate all the zombies of the earth and I will not do any damage to it, for a while."

- "yes, I accept the game"

- "But this couldn't be that easy, don't you think, it's a game and it should be fun for both of us, more than anything, for me, since you come out winning, you agree."

- "Well, you're right."

- "that's why the game starts now." and I transport two guys to the room, I don't know where they are from and I don't care, they were chosen at random, one was about 20 and the other 50, their clothes were ragged, maybe life doesn't treat them well. You'll ask why I brought them, to start the game.

I create some ropes and I reinforce them with mana, I tie them with them to the wall, he was surprised when he saw that some ropes were sticking it to the wall, I also ended up tying the guys and I attached them to the floor, and I silenced this room and sealed it, not even Kayle with all her strength will be able to enter.

- "what is this and who are they."

- "As I said, the beginning of the game, now, daddy and mommy, help yourselves, I invite you"

Giving the order, which the zombies of Lesya's parents responded, and began to eat alive the two guys who were screaming with force and terror, the tears came out, their sphincter was released and the smell of the piece was beginning to change to a very bad one, Lesya's eyes began to cry, and she was vomiting all her food, she closed her eyes so as not to see, but the sound still reaches her ears, but when I amplify it in this piece, she can hear each chew and how they break it. bones and muscles with each bite, and as the blood runs and floods the floor.

- "stop, please stop, this is wrong, dad and mom are innocent, don't let them do that."

- "So, it's okay for someone else to do it, you know these two guys are murderers and rapists," I really didn't know I just made it up, "your parents are doing good to society by eliminating this scum."

- "Please no more."

- "just started, don't forget, a week, see you later beautiful."

It will not last more than a few days, I will still watch her, I thought I was soft, but this girl irritates me, more than anything her ideal irritates me, if she used her persistence in something else, I would like it, but no, also, forgive me? that, to occupy the world with my convenience, this fucking world is mine, and all that resides in the same, and since everything is mine, I can do whatever I want with it, and I'm not doing wrong, I'm helping People value themselves more, join together and understand the meaning of living, I let them show their true face, I gave them the ability to free themselves from the chains called society, they should thank me and make a monument in my name, that badly attacked.

and I disappeared from the room, her parents will receive food every day, like her, I will give her potions, that will be enough for her to be healthy, I was thinking of taking another approach, but as I said, I was irritated by her stupidity, I also wanted to vary a little, I still have a couple of sisters to have fun, very beautiful, and idiots, and once I give them a taste of pleasure, they will follow me like faithful dogs, in addition to obtaining revenge against those who sold it.

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