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11.2% Digging to Survive: I Can See Hints / Chapter 27: Boss, Doesn’t Your Conscience Hurt?

Boss, Doesn’t Your Conscience Hurt? - Digging to Survive: I Can See Hints - Chapter 27 by Sword Old Wolf full book limited free

Chapter 27: Boss, Doesn’t Your Conscience Hurt?

Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL

[Excellent Runic Pot Blueprint: It's a daily runic device. By adding soil into it, seeds can be planted. There's no need for fertilizer, and plants can grow quickly.]

Klein learned the blueprint and opened the synthesis list to quickly take a look.

There were four main materials: iron, stone, copper, and earth runes.

One of the earth runes was required, and the conditions were just right.

Klein hesitated for a moment and didn't choose to produce it.

At the moment, the seeds he had on hand were the Fluorescent Grass and Cold Play Grass.

He had obtained them from his previous collection of Fluorescent Grass, as well as the stock of Jack and Tom.

However, regardless of whether it was the Fluorescent Grass or Cold Play Grass, they could be easily exchanged on the market.

Money was about to arrive.

If he used one earth rune to plant two types of grass, the cost-benefit ratio would be too low.

Black Vine seeds were more or less the same. At the very least, they could produce sweet and sour fruits.

However, there were no Black Vine seeds on the market.

Klein thought for a moment and said, "I'll leave them for now. If I find fruit seeds in the future, I'll make them. At the very least, they have to be vegetables."

"I'll open the copper treasure chest first."

Klein walked to the corner.

Under the fire, the copper treasure chest was only blackened. There wasn't much of a problem overall.

The inspection was flawless.

[System notification: Copper Treasure Chest+1]

[System notification: Wind Runes+2]

[System notification: Soap+1]

'I'm pretty lucky!'

'I actually got two wind runes.'

'The soap isn't bad either.'

'It can improve the quality of life.'

Klein happily put it away.

He didn't decompose the copper treasure chest.

There were quite a few small items now, and they could be placed in a chest.

There was no shortage of copper resources anyway.

After dealing with the treasure chest, he continued to plunder the ground.

There were plants in the original catacomb, but they were burned clean.

Even the wooden blocks weren't completely preserved. They were turned into charcoal.

[Iron+2, Stone+4, Charcoal+6.]

Five more crossbow bolts were collected.

The next catacombs are on the right.

Klein took out a medium-sized map.

The map indicated that there was a dangerous crypt creature in the catacomb on the right.

Klein focused his gaze and a golden prompt appeared.

[Congratulations! There was an iron treasure chest in the catacombs on the right. A few hours ago, the foolish crypt creature choked itself to death.]

Klein was dumbfounded.

Choked to death?


It was just as well that there was no danger.

Klein picked up the shovel and dug to the right.

His speed was extremely fast.

After a while,  Klein arrived at the eighteenth catacomb.

This catacomb wasn't boxy, but a zigzag.

Klein took out his machete.

After circling half a circle, he saw a huge corpse lying on the ground.

A huge snake!

Its body was green with patterns.

It was five meters long and as thick as an arm.

There was a faint stench of decay in the air.

Its throat was bulging, and it was unknown what it had swallowed.

[Floret Snake: Violent, likes a cool environment and loiters in the subterranean caves. Likes eating sand, and its corpse will quickly decompose after death.]

[Ability: Binding]

[Weakness: Not very smart]

[Danger Factor: 24]

Klein read the illustrated description and immediately guessed at a possibility.

Probably choked on the dirt.

"No wonder it was judged to be stupid,"  Kline said.

He went to the front of the snake and looked through its open mouth.

"It really is."

A lump of earth was big enough and hard enough.

The snake ate the whole thing.

Then, he dissected it.

The snake was dissected into 10 pieces of meat, 400 ml of blood, and 1 piece of skin.

The blood and flesh were not fresh.

After the snake died, its corpse would quickly decompose. After an hour, the blood and flesh would have a faintly fishy smell.

However, according to the description, it was edible.

The blood of the snake was harmless and had no effect.

The description of the meat was that it tasted bad but could satisfy hunger. Its nutritional value was also extremely low.

Because it wasn't fresh, there was a chance of a stomachache after eating it.

'I'll throw it into the trading market.'

With the principle of not wasting it, Klein opened the trading market once again.

Once again, he saw Rogers put up a sale.

This time, he put it up a fire rune for sale.

It required an internal mass of more than 1,000 grams.

For the flesh of the Floret Snake, 300 grams per unit was more than enough.

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"Since there's a risk involved, I'll give you two more pieces."

Klein chose to trade five pieces of Floret Snake meat.

He successfully obtained the fire rune.

Klein casually glanced at it and used the remaining Dog Spider meat to exchange for a blueprint of an ordinary leather glove and an exquisite blanket.

The rest...

No one on the market collected beast blood. They only collected water.

'I can only put it up and sell it.'

As Klein was thinking, a private message box popped up.

There were three main types of private messages that popped up on their own.

The first type had a keyword set.

The second type was that both parties had just spoken to each other and had replied to each other's messages.

The third type was that both sides had conducted transactions, making it easier for buyers and sellers to communicate.

Rogers 178.23: "Boss, you just traded me a roasted spider. The taste was so sour and it was exploding in my mouth! Now, you gave me a snake that might cause stomach pain!"

Could you blame him?

This guy was the one who had put it up for transaction.

And there was only a chance that the snake would give you a stomachache. Maybe you'll get lucky?

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