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14.34% Digging to Survive: I Can See Hints / Chapter 32: Discover the Kobold’s Lair!

Discover the Kobold’s Lair! - Digging to Survive: I Can See Hints - Chapter 32 by Sword Old Wolf full book limited free

Chapter 32: Discover the Kobold’s Lair!

Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL

After recuperating, Klein waited for the next day to arrive.

Everyone was either chatting to relieve boredom, gathering intelligence, or paying close attention to the trading channel.

When they saw food or water, it instantly attracted the attention of many people.

Today, there were actually people trading food and water earlier than Klein had expected.

It was basically a small portion for trade.

It could be dozens of grams of meat or dozens of milliliters of water.

The price was even more treacherous than Klein's!

But there were still people who were willing to trade.

Compared to the fly meat on the shelves of others, in comparison, Klein was acting like a nouveau riche!

In the world channel.

"Why does Klein feel like he has endless supplies and can't finish them every day?"

"Sigh, the gap is widening. If I'm not wrong, the One-Eyed Lizard and Yellow Sand Octopus are definitely crypt creatures that he killed."

"Does anyone know how many catacombs he has dug up? As far as I know, the highest record is William's twelve catacombs. He's a special forces soldier."

The entire channel was in heated discussion.

There were already people considering whether or not to exchange with Klein.

At the same time,  Klein had already arrived at the twentieth catacomb.

Just like the hint, the ground in the twentieth catacomb was filled with lava!

If he fell down, he would melt.

Red lava.

The entire catacombs was hot, and waves of heat assaulted him.

Little Fox curled up in Klein's arms, lowered her head, and looked down. Then, she retracted her head in fear.

Its four claws hugged Klein tightly, afraid that it would fall into the lava.

Klein floated in the air.

The cool breeze from the propeller behind him made him feel slightly more comfortable.

"Open the treasure chest and leave as soon as possible."

Klein quickly searched.

Although it was at night, the red light emitted by the lava illuminated the entire catacomb.

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The catacomb wasn't big, but it was high enough.

Klein continued flying upwards.

Above him was a protruding rock mass.

It was about five meters long.

Klein landed on the rock mass.

First, he saw three treasure chests two steps away.

They were placed side by side.

They were all bronze treasure chests.

"What a pity. They're only bronze treasure chests."

Klein suddenly frowned.

That was because he saw a black cave at the end of the rock mass.

The entrance of the cave was covered in a black membrane.

"Someone came to dig it?"

Klein approached carefully, his gaze never leaving the black membrane.

[In front of you is a special cave. There are six Kobolds in it. All the treasures they have painstakingly gathered are piled inside. As long as you fly in the air, the Kobolds can't do anything to you.]

Klein was stunned.


Because they were in groups, the danger factor for Kobolds was 42.

If they were alone, their lethality would be limited, and the danger factor wouldn't be that high.

According to the illustrations, Kobolds could use weapons and set traps. They liked to collect treasures.

As long as one avoided the traps and floated in the air, they could use the runic crossbow to fire one shot at a time.

"Open the treasure chest first."

Klein squatted down and chose to open the treasure chests first.

The three treasure chests were opened at the same time!

[System notification: Bronze Treasure Chest+3]

[System notification: Earth Runes+1]

[System notification: Wind Runes+2]

[System notification: Water Runes+1]

[System notification: Silver Block+2]

[System notification: 300 ml Coke+1]

"Eh, there's Coke? It's not labeled."

Klein put the items away.

It was a pleasant surprise to see four runes appear from the three bronze treasure chests.

"I've gathered all the wind runes. I can create a speed blade."

Klein opened the creation interface.

[Perfect Runic Speed Blade: Wind Rune 2/2, Iron 51/15, Silver 4/2]

Klein chose to create it.

With the notification, the creation was successful.

A straight-edged blade about 1.5 meters long appeared in Klein's hand.

The blade's width was about two fingers placed together.

The surface of the blade was bright.

There were silver-white patterns from top to bottom.

Klein waved it a few times, and it was very light.

Furthermore, there was no reminder to add a soul this time!

"When I wave it, it feels like I'm being pushed by a gust of wind. It's too easy. As expected of a runic knife."

Klein couldn't put it down. He slashed more than ten times without any effort.

And every time he brandished the knife, the shadow of the knife flashed past quickly. It was silent and as fast as the wind.

"Let's test its sharpness."

He slashed.

He aimed at a bronze treasure chest.

A cold glint flashed!

The treasure chest split into two.

It was as though he was chopping wood.

"Good blade!"

Klein raised the knife and checked the position of the blade.

There was no curled blade, so it was intact.

"Compared to it, the machete is simply trash."

Klein clicked his tongue.

Machetes were unable to cut through copper and iron.

The three treasure chests were all broken into copper pieces by Klein.

"Let's head to the next catacomb."

Klein held the runic crossbow in his hand and brought the little fox through the black membrane.

The stuffy feeling instantly disappeared.

It was replaced by cool shade.

It wasn't completely dark inside.

Klein also saw the flames.

The entire catacomb was long and narrow, pitch-black.

It was like a piece of intestine, with a slight bend in the middle.

Klein remained in the air as he looked down.

Golden prompts kept appearing.

There were many traps on the ground.

The sound of the propeller spewing gas wasn't quiet at all.

In the long and narrow catacomb, it was abnormally ear-piercing.

Klein had no intention of concealing himself.

He would use his voice to lure the Kobolds out and use his aerial advantage to exterminate them!

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