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1.24% Digging to Survive: I Can See Hints / Chapter 3: Excavation! Making Spears!

Excavation! Making Spears! - Digging to Survive: I Can See Hints - Chapter 3 by Sword Old Wolf full book limited free

Chapter 3: Excavation! Making Spears!

Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL

During this excavation, the resources collected were: Iron Block 2, Wood 4. Sand 28. Fluorescent Grass 6. Mineral Water 2, Bread 2.

Among them, the value of sand was the lowest.

Since they were trapped in the catacombs, any random shovel would yield them 1 unit.

'I wonder how much space these resources take up.'

Klein recalled that every time he brandished the shovel, he would get rid of a large piece of sand.

If he were to store the 1:1 ratio in the runic base, a small space of about 8 cubic meters would probably not be enough.

"Open the game interface," Klein muttered.

A light blue translucent panel appeared.

Other than a row of function buttons, there was a small room icon in the upper left corner.

This represented the capacity of the runic base.

The color of the room icon represented the degree of space taken up.

If there was more than 80% of the remaining space, it was green.

Between 60% and 80%, it was yellow.

Between 40% and 60%, it was orange.

Between 20% and 40%, it was bright red.

Below 20%, it was dark red.

At that moment, the room icon was green.

It meant that there was sufficient space left.

"Runic base, open."

Klein was puzzled as he opened the base to check.


The runic base opened.

Everything was neatly placed.

Sand, iron, and wood were all placed in square shapes.

They only occupied a corner.

Furthermore, the ratio wasn't 1:1

Klein kept the base and took out a unit of sand.


The square sand suddenly expanded.

It formed a small sand dune.

As expected...

Klein didn't dwell on this matter.

Next, he tried the manufacturing function!

"Open the manufacturing panel."

The interface changed.

[Ordinary Spear (Iron) : Wood 4/2, Iron Block 2/1]

[Materials met.]

[Ordinary Iron Spear selected.]

[Confirm forging!]

[System notification: Wood-2, Iron Block-1]

[System notification: Ordinary Spear (Iron) successfully forged.]

A short spear about 1.5 meters long appeared in Klein's hand.

The body of the spear was a rough wooden stick.

The spearhead was made of iron.

[Ordinary Spear (Iron) : A brand new spear that has never seen blood before. It's estimated to be 1.5 meters long. With it, you can deal with some weak crypt creatures.]

"Not bad."

Klein gestured a few times.

It didn't feel good to the touch, but its weight was appropriate.

Pfft! Pfft! Pfft!

He aimed at the earth wall and stabbed it more than thirty times.

He hadn't had any professional training, so he lacked knowledge in this area.

He could only adjust it bit by bit.

After finding a pose that he thought felt good, he would strengthen his training to ensure that he had a certain level of proficiency.

From the moment he began digging, Klein understood at least one thing.

The soil couldn't withstand digging.

It wouldn't be surprising if a crypt creature suddenly appeared from the side.

And to open the runic base, it would take a few seconds.

If he was closer, he wouldn't be able to hide in time.

Klein put away his short spear and thought of the other players. He wondered how their progress was.

He opened a chat channel.

First, he checked the world channel.

"Where did the excavated soil go?"

"Pay attention. The runic base can be used as an interspatial ring."

"I dug it out. It's dark inside. I didn't dare to go in. I just threw a rock in, but there was no sound at all."

"That black membrane seems to be soundproof. How terrifying!"

"Who can save me! Mom, I want to go home!"

He looked at the regional channel again.

"I dug to the right and it's all black. What should I do next?"

"I made a new discovery. I can't change the direction during the excavation process!"

"Brother, the next time we meet, everyone raise their shovels with both hands. That means we're on the same side, okay?"

"I'm so hungry. I haven't eaten anything all day and was sent here. Can anyone spare me some food?"

A small group of people stood rooted to the ground as they looked around.

For the time being, no one mentioned digging the second catacomb.

Or rather, the fellows who had dug the second catacomb were all like Klein, silent.

Klein observed for a moment and gained some information.

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Not only could the black membrane block movement of the next catacomb, one couldn't hear anything either.

This information was rather important.

If there was any sound from the excavation, the crypt creatures would come when they heard the sound and guard the exit. There was no way to play.

"Which direction should I dig in next?"

Klein exited the group chat. The subsequent adventures would be much safer.

Klein first looked at the tunnel he had just dug.

Unknowingly, the tunnel had been sealed by soil.

[Take your eyes back. It's impossible to dig here. Don't waste your energy.]

As expected...

Klein checked the other directions in turn.

He didn't look up. He couldn't go up anyway. If there was something good, it would make him uncomfortable.

[Continue digging to the right. There's still good luck. There's a bag of expired spicy sticks inside that can satisfy your hunger.]

[There are flying snakes in the catacombs behind. If you want to become their food, feel free to try.]

[Dig down. There's a copper box at the bottom. There's a surprise inside. It's best to dig close to the corner so that you won't fall and hurt yourself.]

[There's nothing in the catacombs at the front. You'll waste your effort.]

There was no doubt.

The best choice was to dig down.

There was a copper box at the bottom!

Water and bread directly burst out of the wooden box. What would be in the copper box?

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