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13.63% Digging to Survive: I Can See Hints / Chapter 33: Kobolds Squad? They’ll Shatter With a Single Touch!

Kobolds Squad? They’ll Shatter With a Single Touch! - Digging to Survive: I Can See Hints - Chapter 33 by Sword Old Wolf full book limited free

Chapter 33: Kobolds Squad? They’ll Shatter With a Single Touch!

Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL

Two balls of fire were approaching.

With the help of the flames, Klein indeed saw a squad of Kobolds.

Although they were called Kobolds, their heads didn't look like dogs. Instead, they looked like lizards. Their skin was dark brown or black.

They were also wearing tattered clothes.

The six Kobolds' pupils flickered in the darkness.

They had already noticed Klein.

As for Little Fox, she had been placed on the ground by Klein.

The traps placed on the ground had all been destroyed by Klein's knife, stone, and other means.

They were either turned into iron resources, copper, or stone resources.

The Kobolds weren't as fast as Little Fox.

Only then did Klein dare to place Little Fox on the ground.

There was only one mission for Little Fox. When the Kobolds approached, she would quietly circle to the back and block the Kobolds' escape route.

Little Fox hid among the lush Cold Play Grass and only revealed her head when the Kobolds passed by in a hurry.

She circled to the back like a thief and hid in a corner.

Klein smiled inwardly when he saw the little figure slip past.

Then, he looked carefully at the six Kobolds on the ground. All of them were wielding spears and brandishing them into the sky as they roared.

They tried their best to pretend to be scary, using the fact that they had many companions around them to bluff.

If Klein didn't know their information, he might have really been intimidated.

"They're just looks."

Klein took out the runic crossbow and aimed it at one of the Kobolds.

"Abba abba!" one of the Kobolds screamed in panic.

The remaining five Kobolds understood and took out their short spears.

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They made a projection pose!

Klein raised his eyebrows.

"They recognize runic crossbows? That's true. The illustration shows that they can use tools. They've probably seen them before."

"They're smart, and they can also use javelins."

Klein flew quickly in the air.

The short spears slid past him, but they didn't hit him.


The crossbow arrow pierced through the Kobold's chest.

It struggled twice on the ground and died on the spot.

[System notification: Soul+1]

Klein received the notification.

The other five Kobolds screamed in exasperation, but at the same time, there was a hint of fear.

They couldn't reach him at all!

What should they do?


They didn't need to communicate and hurriedly threw down their torches to escape.

To them, they could clearly see their surroundings at night.

They came with their bright torches to bolster their courage.

Some creatures in the catacombs were afraid of fire.

Klein was speechless.

Should he praise them for their intelligence or cowardice?

The Kobolds weren't fast.

Klein followed closely behind.

Both sides were moving.

It wasn't easy to hit with the runic crossbow.

Klein put away the runic crossbow and switched to the runic blade.

The Kobolds didn't have any will to resist.

If they were alone, the danger factor was probably only a dozen or so.

They mainly relied on unity to win.

If Klein hadn't been in the air, the Kobolds' morale wouldn't have collapsed so quickly. They would've even fought with Klein.


Klein quickly flew past one of the Kobolds.

His huge head flew high into the air, and his body, which had lost its head, staggered a few steps forward and fell to the ground.

Klein did the same thing and killed two more.

The remaining two Kobolds had already escaped to where Little Fox was hiding.

Little Fox suddenly rushed out and jumped, landing a claw on one of the Kobolds' throat.


Blood spurted out of its neck.

It was then kicked down by Little Fox.

Klein happened to catch up, and he stabbed the remaining Kobold in the back.

The knife and sword easily pierced through its chest.

The Kobold team was completely annihilated!

Klein sheathed his saber.

Six Kobolds corresponded to six souls.

Including the kobolds that Little Fox had killed, the sample was on Klein's account.

Even though there were few treasures on this trip, he had already reaped a bountiful harvest.

The short spears and javelins that the Kobolds had left behind were all kept by Klein.

These weapons could also be broken down into resources.

Little Fox raised her claws and came to Klein's feet, flaunting her battle achievements.

Klein silently touched Little Fox's head and laughed. "I'll reward you with another piece of meat tomorrow."


Little Fox was instantly extremely excited as her head rubbed against Klein's palm.

Klein dissected the six corpses and obtained a batch of blood, meat, and bones.

The meat tasted sour and smelly. It didn't taste good at all.

The blood had no nutritional value.

There was no need to mention the bones.

Klein decided to put up all of the Kobold's flesh and blood on the market.

As usual, he only collected runes.

Five units of meat and 1,000 ml of blood were divided into three groups.

The taste wasn't good, but the quantity was the best.

If he pursued a price-performance ratio, there might really be people who would want it.

"Let's go in and take a look."

After dealing with the trading, Klein held up the torch the Kobold had brought.

He brought Little Fox and walked into the darkness.

What resources would there be in a Kobold's treasure?

In the world channel, the topic of Klein started again.

Klein put up three sets of kobold meat and blood. Each set had a high cost-effectiveness ratio, causing another wave.

"This... Does anyone want to eat Kobold meat? It sounds a little awkward."

"Have you guys looked into the details of the meat that was just on the shelves? It's actually warm. Big Brother Wei, are you still going to buy it in the middle of the night?"

"Yeah, it's super fresh! However, it doesn't seem to be delicious."

"The price-performance ratio is so high. I'm tempted!"

"The Kobolds sound so powerful. Has anyone encountered them before?"

Everyone's focus was mainly on Klein digging the catacombs at night.

It was already risky to dungeon during the day, let alone at night.

Just how far had this fellow progressed?

Everyone was extremely curious.

Many people had sent private messages to Klein, but they had yet to receive a reply.

Klein seemed to be shrouded in fog, filled with mystery!

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