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9.5% Digging to Survive: I Can See Hints / Chapter 23: Open Two Treasure Chests and Meet a Player!

Open Two Treasure Chests and Meet a Player! - Digging to Survive: I Can See Hints - Chapter 23 by Sword Old Wolf full book limited free

Chapter 23: Open Two Treasure Chests and Meet a Player!

Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL

A fatal blow!

Klein grinned, revealing two rows of bright teeth.

He never expected that the first time he aimed at the goods, he would hit a fatal spot.

As expected...

'Do I have a shooting talent?'

[System notification: Soul+2]

Two souls obtained in one go.

Klein was stunned.

Before this, when he killed a crypt creature it would only have one soul.

His gaze was directed at the remaining Rock Armor Crocodile.

It was being played around by Little Fox.

It couldn't catch up, and Little Fox was constantly loitering in front of it. It stopped and waited for it to catch up.

Little Fox also tried to attack.

She only left a few bloody marks on its body, and its defense was too astonishing.

"Little Fox, get out of the way," Klein shouted.

Little Fox understood and increased its speed. It threw the Rock Armor Crocodile far away in two or three tries.

The Rock Armor Crocodile was incapacitated and enraged as it shifted its target to Klein.

As for the death of its companion, it hadn't noticed it. It thought that its companion wouldn't be able to catch up, so it planned on pincer-attacking the enemy.

Klein raised the runic crossbow again.

He calculated the speed of the Rock Armor Crocodile in his mind.

He predicted its position in advance.


The arrow brushed past the Rock Armor Crocodile, but it missed.

Klein's eyelids twitched. His heart couldn't help but beat faster when he faced the two-meter-long crocodile that looked like a beast.

"Calm down."

Klein had experienced two small battles, so he took his time and aimed once again to predict his positioning.


The arrow produced sparks as it pierced through the Rock Armor Crocodile's head.

The Rock Armor Crocodile rolled forward and fell at Klein's feet.

[System notification: Soul+2]

"Phew. Done."

Klein collected the two Rock Armor Crocodile corpses before dissecting them.

[System notification: Rock Armor Crocodile Meat+12]

[System notification: Rock Armor Crocodile Tooth Tip+6]

[System notification: Rock Armor Crocodile Blood+1,200 ml]

[System notification: Rock Armor Crocodile Skin+2]

Just the meat on their bodies was already a great harvest.

Klein checked the crocodile blood first according to the usual practice.

[Rock Armor Crocodile Blood: Cold blood. It can be used to temper close-combat weapons. There is a certain chance to improve the quality of the weapon.]

Although it didn't meet the expectations, it could be used to refine and discard. It was barely acceptable.

Klein had already tasted the benefits of blood medicine, so he hoped that the crocodile blood would also have the effect of strengthening his physique.

Then, he checked the crocodile meat.

[Rock Armor Crocodile Meat: It tastes average. If taken frequently, it can strengthen one's resistance to blows. It must be cooked at high temperatures. Otherwise, in the fishy smell, the current consumption of it has a satiation index of three stars. Overall score: 72.]

"It can strengthen one's defense?"

Klein's eyes lit up.

It can strengthen one's defense. It's good stuff!

Klein happily accepted it.

"Open the treasure chest!"

Klein strode towards one of the copper treasure chests.

He checked it, and there was no harm.

[System notification: Copper Treasure Chest+1]

[Excellent Toilet Paper Blueprint+1]

[Perfect Clothing Blueprint+1]


[Cotton Thread+10]

The first treasure chest had two lifestyle blueprints. There were also new materials, cloth, and cotton thread.

With just these few items, this excavation was already worth it.

Klein opened the second copper treasure chest.

[System notification: Copper Treasure Chest+1]

[System notification: Excellent Towel+1]

[Ordinary Toothbrush Crafting Blueprint+1]

[Ponytail Hair+4]

[Iron Block+4]

Another lifestyle crafting blueprint appeared, a new material.

The copper treasure chest was completely disintegrated, and the copper block he gained was 8.

He learned all three crafting blueprints.

He kept the remaining items.

He opened the crafting list and looked at the synthesis formula for the new items.

[Excellent Toilet Paper 30 Sheets: Wood 9/1, Water 2800m/200ml]

[Perfect Clothing: Cloth 4/3, Animal Skin 3/1, Cotton Thread 10/6]

The skin of crypt creatures could be collectively referred to as animal skin.

[Ordinary Toothbrush Crafting Blueprint: Wood 9/1, Ponytail Hair 4/1]

Klein paid the most attention to the toilet paper.

After all, he had just used the parchment map yesterday. It wasn't comfortable at all.

The toilet paper came just in time!

He couldn't use it for the time being.

There was no need to immediately produce it.

Klein began to plunder the resources on the ground.

[Wood+18, Iron+20, Stone+18, Copper+16...]

"There should be nothing left."

Klein stopped.

Just as he was about to use the Rock Armor Crocodile blood to refine his machete, the earth wall on his left rippled.

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Little Fox was the first to notice the commotion and shrieked.

Klein looked up and narrowed his eyes.

Two figures passed through the complete earth wall and arrived at the local catacomb!

It was a young man and a middle-aged man.

The two of them held short spears and knives in their hands. They were originally smiling, but when they saw Klein, their smiles froze.


The two of them had seen Klein's face in person on the world channel, and they recognized the celebrity at a glance.

"What should we do?" the youth whispered.

The two of them knew that the catacombs contained rich resources, but it seemed like Klein had arrived before them.

The middle-aged man narrowed his eyes and sized up Klein. Seeing that he had nothing in his hands and that there was a weak and cute white fox sitting by his feet, he couldn't help but think of something.

The two of them had met in another catacomb.

They had been digging together since yesterday afternoon.

"Klein?" the middle-aged man asked tentatively.

"Whichever direction you want to dig in, please feel free."

Klein didn't plan on making things difficult for the two of them.

Unless the two of them made things difficult for him.

The middle-aged man said, "My name is Jack, and he's Tom."

The middle-aged man said, "We would like to invite you to join the team. We would like to excavate together and share resources so that we can survive in the catacombs world!"

In order to increase his persuasiveness, Jack said in a deep voice, "Tom and I dug up a subterranean creature yesterday, and we killed it together. If we had your materials, the strength of the team would be even stronger!"

The key was that Klein seemed to have an endless supply of meat and water.

If he could team up with Klein, the problem of food and water could be solved.

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