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16.59% Digging to Survive: I Can See Hints / Chapter 37: Perfect Strength Bracers!

Perfect Strength Bracers! - Digging to Survive: I Can See Hints - Chapter 37 by Sword Old Wolf full book limited free

Chapter 37: Perfect Strength Bracers!

Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL

[System notification: Soul+3]

[System notification: Soul+3]

The two Night Whistlers provided Klein with six souls.

Among the crypt creatures that Klein had killed, this was the one with the most souls.

Fortunately, it was daytime.

If it was nighttime, the two Night Whistlers would be enough for him to drink a pot.

Klein conveniently collected the two corpses.

[System notification: Night Whistler Meat+10]

[System notification: Night Whistler Blood+100ml]

[System notification: Night Whistler Skin+2]

[System notification: Night Whistler Bone+8]

As usual, he checked first.

He checked the details of the meat and blood.

[Nigh Whistler Meat: The meat is full of fat and tastes greasy. If eaten frequently, it will make the creatures restless. The current satiation index is three-and-a-half stars, with a comprehensive score of 66.]

[Night Whistler Blood: Consume after boiling. Once consumed at night, the physique will be slightly strengthened without any side effects.]

The meat wasn't very useful. It could only be eaten or pressed for oil. But the blood had a special effect!

Klein licked his lips and poured all of the 100ml of blood into the stone pot.

He placed it on the grill, added wood, and lit a fire.

The blood was boiled first. He still had to open the iron treasure chest!

In the corner, Klein came before the iron treasure chest.

The golden prompt said that there was no danger.

Open the treasure chest.

[System notification: Iron Treasure Chest+1]

[System notification: Earth Rune+2]

[System notification: Sweet Fruit Seed+1]

[System notification: Perfect Wrist Guard Blueprint+1]

Klein raised his eyebrows.

Another perfect blueprint!

Furthermore, there was a fruit seed.

[Sweet Fruit Seed: The main body is small and doesn't need to be watered often. It can also grow a large number of sweet fruits that are rich in vitamins...]

[Perfect Strength Bracer Blueprint: With strength, the Strength Bracer is your reward for living at night. It will increase the strength of an arm if you are a woman.]

"Good stuff."

Klein was delighted.

It could increase his strength again, and it was even a runic device.

"Learn the blueprint," Klein read.

A light flashed.

Learning successful.

He quickly opened the blueprint.

[Perfect Strength Bracer: Earth Rune 5/2. Wind Rune 1/1. Copper 10/21]

[System notification: Earth Rune-2, Wind Rune-1. Copper-4.]

[System notification: Perfect Strength Bracer successfully created.]

Klein got a wristband. It was about five centimeters long and dark yellow. 

There were a few characters that were very close to the power symbol that Klein saw last night.

Klein extended his right hand into the bracer and pushed it up, trapping his arm in the middle of the bracer.

The bracer had a suction force that stuck to the surface of his skin.

Following that, Klein clearly felt a warm current flow through his right arm. It flowed endlessly. It was as though he had injected a surge of energy into his right arm!

Klein lifted the iron treasure chest with his right hand, feeling much more relaxed than before.

Klein took a deep breath and said, "There are still some resources on the ground. I'll first plunder them before drinking the blood."

There was Fragrant Rice Tree seeds.

The remaining three earth runes were just enough to produce two runic planting pots.

Klein plundered all the resources in the catacomb.

[Wood+22, Iron+16, Copper+7, Stone+2...]

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The large amount of materials consumed this morning were replenished a little.

Klein added all the charcoal into the grill and increased the intensity of the fire.

It still took some time to boil.

During this period of time, Klein didn't idle around. He first created two fine runic planting pots,

Total consumption: 10 iron blocks, 10 stones, 10 copper blocks, and 2 earth runes.

The planting pot was round, the diameter was the size of a washbasin, and the depth was about a meter.

With the planting pot and seeds, he also needed soil.

Under normal circumstances, the soil dug out from the catacombs wouldn't be fertile, making it difficult to use the pot.

However, this wasn't an ordinary pot.

[Excellent Runic Pot] 

Even if the soil was poor, it would become fertile if placed in the planting pot. The prerequisite was that you added a soul...

A soul was equivalent to fertilizer!

Klein made two pots of sand and buried the seeds.

A Fragrant Rice Tree seed, and a Sweet Fruit seed.

After that, he added a soul into each pot.

[Excellent Runic Pot: 30/30 days]

The number represented that the soul was valid for 30 days.

Klein placed the pot on the balcony of the second floor of the base.

He then watered the two pots.

By the time he was done, the blood of the Night Whistlers downstairs was already boiling.

"I wonder if I have to swallow it while it's boiling, or can I wait until it's cold?"

Klein moved his nose closer and took a whiff of the smell.

After it boiled, the pungent smell was almost gone, and the color of the liquid also became lighter.

It didn't look like blood.

Klein tried to take a small sip, but his tongue was immediately scalded.

He could only wait until it was slightly cooler before he started drinking.

"I hope the effects of the medicine don't disappear."

Klein blew on the stone pot.

It was too hot for him to put his mouth on, unless he wanted to burn himself.

He had some healing medicine on hand.

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