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3.73% Digging to Survive: I Can See Hints / Chapter 9: Repairing the Runic Base. The Profit is Four Times the Cost

Repairing the Runic Base. The Profit is Four Times the Cost - Digging to Survive: I Can See Hints - Chapter 9 by Sword Old Wolf full book limited free

Chapter 9: Repairing the Runic Base. The Profit is Four Times the Cost

Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL

The eighth catacomb.

Klein was collecting Black Vines.

It had been attached to the wall. The branches were thin like vines, and its trunk was thicker.

A wave of harvesting yielded a total of eight units of Black Vines.

Apart from that, he also harvested the fruits of the Black Vines.

The eighth cave was mainly made of materials.

In the seventh cave, Klein checked five directions and found that none of the caves had danger.

One of the caves was empty, and there were four caves left. Each of them had more or less some materials.

Klein had already dug out 2 iron blocks, 2 copper blocks, 4 stones, and 10 wood blocks.

Along with 8 Black Vines and 3 Black Vine Fruits, he had harvested quite a lot.

Among them, the Black Vine Fruit was edible.

[Black Vine Fruit: Remove the outer skin, and you will be able to taste the purple fruit. It tastes sweet and sour, and is rich in vitamins. Currently, you have taken one and a half stars of the Satiation Index. Overall score: 24]

Klein took out a fruit.

His first laughed loudly. The outer skin was rough and appeared purple-black, and it did not look good.

However, in the underground world, it was good stuff to eat.

Klein removed the hard outer layer.

The purplish flesh was revealed.

The air was immediately filled with a sweet and sour smell.

In the sixth subterranean world, Klein pinched his nose and drank two bottles of lizard blood. There was still a strange smell in his mouth.

After three days of being stimulated by the smell, a large amount of saliva was immediately secreted from his mouth.

"The first fruit to come to the subterranean world!"

Klein took a deep breath and took a fierce bite.

The sweet and sour juice filled his mouth.

It was seedless and tender.

It felt good!

He couldn't help but kick his feet.

...He didn't care about the juice staining his teeth as his lips turned purple. He took another bite.

This was much better than eating wheat bread.

One fruit was easily taken care of.

Klein resisted the urge to eat the second fruit and opened the runic base.

Holding the construction hammer in his hand, he opened the repair interface again.

[Repair Progress: 1/6]

[Repair Materials: Soul 1/1, Copper 10/2, Iron 3/2, Fire Rune 1/1, Wind Rune 1/1]

The remaining five materials were all gathered.

"Repair all."

Klein raised the construction hammer and struck the runic base.

[System notification: Soul-2, Copper-2, Iron-2, Fire Rune-1, Wind Rune-1]

[System notification: The Excellent Runic Base has been successfully restored.]

The reminder flashed by.

The inside and outside of the rune base were completely new.

The first thing was the internal environment.

It was no longer stained.

The ground was clean, and the firing was done quickly. The base had doubled in size.

Some of the potholes had already been filled up.

The ventilation effect had improved a lot.

Moreover, one could feel waves of warmth.

It was probably the effect of the wind and fire runes.

As for the outside, it was originally like a dilapidated mud house, but when a strong wind blew, it would collapse.

That was not bad.

After taking a look around, he opened the runic base's construction interface.

[Wooden Door]

In the entire cheetah, the runic base's existing features could be upgraded.

It could also be rebuilt to improve the facilities within the base.

It was all very simple and very basic.

All of them looked simple.

For example, the lighting equipment inside the base is not shown in the list.

He probably needed to look for a manufacturing blueprint to learn it.

"Three digs today, seven to go."

Klein took out the condenser and placed it on the ground.

"Add four more pieces of wood and activate the water condenser," he said.

[System notification: Wood-4]

The water condenser shook slightly and was already activated.

The flame pattern turned fiery red.

Klein touched the water condenser with his palm again and could feel the surface temperature increasing.

"This thing can be used as a heater at night."

After more than ten minutes, the temperature remained at about seventy to eighty degrees.

Klein couldn't help but open the lid.

He looked down and saw that some water had already gathered in the condensation tank.

Water droplets constantly emerged from the small hole above and fell to the bottom.

The water was normal, and he didn't believe that it would boil.

"Too bad. It would be great if it could boil."

Klein closed the lid and waited patiently.

At this rate, there would be at least three hundred milliliters of water in an hour.

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"Four units of wood for three hundred milliliters of water. It's worth it."

"I believe there are a bunch of people who are willing to exchange four units of wood for three to four hundred milliliters of water. No, even if it's a hundred milliliters, there will still be people who are willing to exchange."

Klein pondered for a moment and opened the trade channel.

Currently, he could use the following resources:

Water, wheat bread 1, lizard meat 6, Black Vine Fruit 2, bacon 4.

Copper 8, iron 1, wood 10, stone 5, sand 20, lizard skin 1, lizard bone 4, fluorescent grass 6, fluorescent grass seed 2.

Flint 1, plastic bottle 3

Trade Channel.

[Seller: Klein 182]

[Trade item: 400g Wheat Bread ]

[Requirements: Any 1 Rune]

[Options: 1 Soul]

[Inventory: 1]

[Seller's Message: If you have any special items, you can make a private transaction.]


The two items were successfully placed on the shelves.

Under normal circumstances, any version of saliva would be around 15 ml to 20 ml.

Although Klein was a black-hearted businessman who traded 15 ml for 1 piece of wood, to some players who were jealous of the lack of water, he was equivalent to a savior!

In addition, Klein had his own considerations as to why he set a limited trading limit.

If he allowed multiple transactions, it would be easy for it to be hoarded instead of being traded away.

20 stocks could be exchanged for 20 logs.

If he operated the water condenser again, it could produce about 1,500 ml of water.

The net profit was four times the cost!

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