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14.04% Digging to Survive: I Can See Hints / Chapter 34: Strength-Type Scroll? Klein’s Strength Has Increased!

Strength-Type Scroll? Klein’s Strength Has Increased! - Digging to Survive: I Can See Hints - Chapter 34 by Sword Old Wolf full book limited free

Chapter 34: Strength-Type Scroll? Klein’s Strength Has Increased!

Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL

It was cool all around him.

Klein held his torch and lit up his surroundings.

If he were to walk alone, he would feel a chill run down his spine.

He wasn't afraid of the dark and walked around.

The Kobolds only set traps at the periphery.

Inside were their residences and places of activity. It was impossible for them to set traps.

"Over there!"

Klein shook his torch and saw a large treasure chest in the corner at the end.

It was made of wood and was painted with brown-red paint.

It was much larger than the few treasure chests that Klein had encountered before.

[Be careful! There are traps set inside the treasure chest. Be careful of the bullets and arrows inside. Standing in front of it is equivalent to courting death.]

Out of habit, Klein looked around and indeed found the traps.

It wasn't surprising that the Kobolds would set more than a dozen traps outside and place a few traps inside the treasured treasure vault.

Klein thought for a moment and said, "Then I'll go to the side."

Klein called Little Fox over and carefully reached out his shovel.

He inserted it roughly.

With a crack, the treasure chest was opened.

Shoo! Shoo! Ping!

Three short arrows shot out.

Klein walked into the treasure chest and looked down.

'Damn, it's more than half full!'

[System notification: Large Wooden Treasure Chest+1]

[System notification: Silver Block+6]

[System notification: Gold Block+6]

[System notification: Wind Rune+1]

[System notification: Water Rune+1]

[System notification: Fire Rune+1]

[System notification: Crystal+5]

[System notification: Excellent Runic Lamp Blueprint+1]

[System notification: Low-Grade Strength Enchantment Scroll+1]

A series of resources notification popped up.

There were runes that Klein needed, as well as new materials such as crystals.

There was also some jewelry, but most of them were trash. They were broken down into four gold pieces, six silver pieces, six jade stones, and three crystals.

"The excellent runic lamp blueprint isn't bad either. I'll learn it."

Klein grabbed another eye-catching item and muttered to himself, "Another scroll. What can this scroll do? Enchant weapons?"

He first went to the crafting interface to take a look at the synthesis list of runic lamp.

[This item is a daily runic device that can be used for illumination. Its effects far exceeded that of torches and bonfires.]

It required crystals and fire runes. The description described it as having low energy consumption, but it was unknown whether it was true or false.

"I just happened to find crystals in the treasure chest. I'll synthesize it directly."

Klein currently had 5 fire runes, which was the rune with the most inventory.

[System notification: Fire Rune-1, Crystal-2, Copper-2, Silver-1]

[System notification: Excellent Runic Lamp has been successfully forged.]

[System notification: Adding 1 Wood allows it to be used for 60 minutes.]

An object in the shape of a trophy appeared in Klein's hand.

The top was a crystal ball, the bottom was brass.

"Add 1 piece of wood."

When Klein saw that he was using up wood, he felt no heartache.

There was plenty of wood. It was good as long as he didn't use up his souls!

The addition of wood was complete.

In an instant, the runic lamp shone with the effect of an incandescent light bulb.

It lit up the surroundings.

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"Not bad, a long-lost light."

Klein couldn't help but sigh.

After coming to the subterranean world, he wasn't too used to relying on fire to light up at night.

With the runic lamp, he could greatly improve the quality of his nightlife.

In addition, the runic lamp had two modes of illumination.

One was to shine in all directions.

The other was to focus the light into a beam, just like a flashlight.

Klein played with it for a moment, and he used the light to examine the scroll he had just obtained.

The material was paper.

When he unfolded it, he could see many abstruse characters.

They were densely packed, like tadpole characters.

[Low-Grade Strength Enchantment Scroll: After using the scroll, one can condense a power charm in any living creature's body, and their biological strength will be enhanced.]

There was no need for any materials!

'Power charm? Can it increase strength? Any living creature can use it, which means...'

Klein lowered his head to look at the enchantment scroll and muttered, "Using low-grade power enchantment scroll, the target of the enchantment..."


The enchantment scroll trembled slightly.

In the blink of an eye, it turned into ashes, as though it had just been burned.

The ashes surged towards Klein's body.

There was some heat on his chest.

Klein pulled down his collar and saw a strange rune condensing at the burning spot.

From light to red, it gradually disappeared, completely returning to calm.

Klein could clearly sense that his strength had increased by a large margin.

It was even more amplified and exaggerated than drinking the One-Eyed Lizard's blood.

However, the muscles on his body didn't change.

'This is only a low-grade enchantment scroll. If it was any higher...'

Klein's eyes were burning.

If there was a low-grade enchantment scroll, then there must be a high-grade enchantment scroll.

If there was a power enchantment, then there must be other enchantment methods. Perhaps even flames, lightning, and the like could be enchanted.

There were still many mysteries in the catacombs world that were worth exploring!

Klein stayed here for more than ten minutes and plundered everything.

The useless items in the wooden treasure chest were all broken down into resources.

After doing all this, he raised the runic lamp and headed to the next catacomb.

At the same time, people began to complete the transactions with Klein.

As the runes arrived in his account, they were about to meet the material requirements for the low-level runic base's upgrade scroll.

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