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16.52% Digging to Survive: I Can See Hints / Chapter 40: The Three of Them Are Actually So Cautious?

The Three of Them Are Actually So Cautious? - Digging to Survive: I Can See Hints - Chapter 40 by Sword Old Wolf full book limited free

Chapter 40: The Three of Them Are Actually So Cautious?

Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL

A tour?

Xaviera and Paul were intrigued as they hurriedly looked at Charles.

"Captain, shall we go in and take a look?"

Charles looked at them and asked, "Is Klein inviting us? Do you want to..."

The two of them had eager eyes.

Perhaps Klein would even treat them to a sumptuous lunch.

Charles muttered, "Don't go in. There might be a trap! I think there's a problem."

The two felt a chill in their hearts.

Indeed, his originally cold tone had suddenly softened. It was too strange!

The three people below were whispering.

Klein couldn't hear them.

A moment later, Charles said loudly, "Thank you, Mr. Klein, for answering our questions. We won't be going in the castle. I hope you won't mind if we disturb you."

With that said, the three of them turned around and left.

They headed straight for one of the earthen walls and began digging.

Klein watched them and saw that the direction they were digging in was the catacombs he had come to.

However, they didn't leave immediately. Instead, they came out after digging the tunnel and sat down to eat not far away from the tunnel.

"Very cautious."

Klein sighed.

The three of them were considered smart and didn't have any greed.

Klein thought for a moment before saying, "It's best if they don't do anything petty. Let's cook first."

Klein focused on cooking the instant noodles.

After adding the pieces of meat, the entire pot of instant noodles was filled with a fragrant aroma.

The instant noodles didn't need to be cooked for too long. If it was cooked too long, it would lose all its firmness, and it wouldn't taste good at all.

He took it out of the pot and placed it in a bowl.

"Are you sure you can eat it?"

Klein asked Little Fox on the table.

"Wu, wu, wu!"

Little Fox patted her belly.

"Alright, it's an crypt creature after all. You can't compare it with cats and dogs."

Klein filled a bowl for Little Fox.

The noodle soup was bright, and the meat floated up and down.

The air was filled with fragrance!

"Let's eat."

Klein took out all the remaining noodle soup.

He stood on the balcony and ate the noodles while observing the movements below.


He took a mouthful of instant noodles and enjoyed it.


Charles and company were roasting meat and sipping water.

Although there was the aroma of roasted meat in the air, it felt like instant noodles to the three of them.

An illusion, it was all an illusion!

They couldn't help but look in the direction of the ancient castle.

They were envious.

After a moment of silence, Charles said, "What the hell is this ancient castle? I asked the people in the channel, but no one knows."

"Heh, I also went to the world channel to ask, but no one knows. Someone has already sent a private message to Klein. Let's see if he'll answer."

"Speaking of which, it was indeed a little dangerous just now. Thankfully, we were smart and didn't fall for it."

"Could it be that this fellow's resources were snatched from the players? It's too terrifying."

"Sigh, when will we be able to dig up instant noodles?"

Xaviera and Paul chatted non-stop.

On the contrary, Charles was silent. Most of his attention was in the direction of the ancient castle.

He was constantly on guard.


Klein liked to do other things while eating.

He began observing the situation below. Seeing the three of them obediently barbequing meat, he opened the chat channel to watch everyone chat and gather some useful information.

He had just noticed that everyone was talking about him again.

"That castle must be a special building in the catacombs. Klein just doesn't want to talk about it."

"Heh heh, why haven't I encountered a castle before? Maybe that fellow was spouting nonsense."

"Everyone, the next time you meet Klein, you better be careful. From Paul's description, Klein's behavior is a little rash..."

"The evil big shot Klein!"

Due to Paul's subjective description, Klein seemed to have become a sinister and terrifying suspicious person.

Klein didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

After lunch.

Klein checked the notifications from all directions.

Charles and company had come from the left catacomb, while Klein had come from the right catacomb.

Now, Charles and company were going to Klein's previous catacomb, so Klein only had four directions to choose from.

[Excavate upwards. You will receive some resources. Pay attention to the Bedbugs on the ground. Once you step on them, the smell will follow you for an entire day. It's enough to disgust you.]

[Excavate downwards. There are two wooden treasure chests there. There's a nest of Single-Horned Sand Hounds resting.]

[There's fertile soil in the catacombs ahead. It's suitable for planting.]

[Excavate the catacombs behind. There's a Gold-Digging Dwarf that carries a large number of items with it. You can choose to kill it to snatch the treasure or make some deals with it. If you want to kill it, there's a high chance that it will escape.]

"Gold-Digging Dwarf?"

Klein was stunned when he saw the notification in the catacombs behind him.

Are there any other crypt creatures that can be traded with?

'Open the illustration manual,' Klein read silently.

A list of illustrated manuals appeared.

"Searching for Gold-Digging Dwarf."

The list scrolled.

It stopped at a certain line.


[Gold-Digging Dwarf: A type of crypt creature that walks upright. It's short and has a deformed appearance. Every Gold-Digging Dwarf has a different appearance, but they always carry a big bag with them. Inside is the treasure they collected, and they are mobile merchants in the world of the catacombs. They were smart and trustworthy. They were born with an affinity for sand, which gave them an excellent ability to drill into the earth.

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They have a sense of danger

They are strong, and most crypt creatures cannot catch them. They like to search for treasures everywhere, and they also like delicious food.]

[Ability: Quickly burrow into the ground]

[Weakness: Constitution is vulnerable]

[Danger Factor: 8]

"Check the details of the skill."

[Quickly burrow into the ground: able to burrow into the ground in a second]

After reading the information, Klein had given up on the idea of killing the Gold-Digging Dwarf.

Although the danger factor of a Gold-Digging Dwarf was low, its escape ability was too outstanding.

If he could make a trade...

Klein lit the barbecue grill again.

Perhaps he could try to lure it with barbecue.

Even if there was no trade in the end, it would be nice to see a Gold-Digging Dwarf.

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