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12:Going Out - Dimensional Restaurant in Marvel (NOT DROPPED ON PAUSE) - Chapter 12 by GenesissElbey full book limited free

Chapter 12: 12:Going Out

It seems as if all the life gets taking out of the restaurant whenever theirs no customers in here

I stood up and started cleaning the restaurant it took me a while but I finally did it. Taking off the apron tied to my waist I changed into clean clothes, went to the corner, and found the GT robot. Squatting down I knocked on the beak-like sharp corner of the GT robot's face and listened to it make a dull "Thud"

"It seems like we got a good one."

The strength I just used was enough to penetrate a ten-centimeter-thick steel plate, but I only heard a thud, without leaving any traces.

If you think about it, this is natural as they were designed to catch a variety of high-end prey.

"It should be hard that makes it more useful, but I don't have time to look at it"

moving it to the storage space, I closed the restaurant. I then drew a circle in the air with my right hand, and sparks occurred in the air, gradually forming a circle and the previous sparks became like an outline for the portal.

After waiting for the portal to completely stabilize, I stepped in and appeared next to the top of a skyscraper in a matter of seconds.

Looking down you could see everything from here, on the street at noon, there were endless pedestrians, the vehicles flowed endlessly, looking up and I saw skyscrapers higher than the one I was on some of their heads were in the clouds, the glass reflected the sunlight which seemed way to close causing it to be too blinding to look higher

"Well, there is no position shift." this was the same place I came to last time, "it seems like im talented in magic after learning it a few days ago making portals isn't that hard anymore"

A few days ago, I remembered about an incident in a fanfiction, somebody paid a certain sorcerer's supreme money to learn magic, and now that I met her it would be a wasted opportunity not to learn magic too right?

You could argue that the system might make me Op in the long run but it's never a bad thing to get stronger what happens and good forbid the system disappears and just leaves me here, at least I have something to fall back on. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

So I told the Ancient one that I wanted to learn magic, and she agreed.

Yes, at that time the Ancient one agreed immediately and sent the admission to him that afternoon.

A few days later, I had become a mage, Opening the portal just made it Official.

"Cough, calm and calm."I can't get to hyped about this, I might not be that talented, look at Dr. Strange, the man barely even trained and he defeated Dormammu. 'Am I jealous?'

"I can't be thinking about that let me go to Tony and get me my robot first."

I opened a portal to Tony's villa next to the sea. When I got into the villa, the loud alarm sound started ringing in my ears, it was louder than a damn fire truck.

"... Alert! Alert! There is an intruder!"

"... Alert! Alert! There is an intruder!"

"... Alert! Alert! There is an intruder!"


Listening to the mature uncle full of magnetism in his ears, my face couldn't help twitching slightly, Jarvis, why are you here?

—————————-SECOND PPOV—————————

Tony, who was building a steel suit arm in the laboratory, was shocked when he heard Jarvis's alarm and almost mixed up the two wires in his hands. Something that shouldn't be done if he didn't want to die

"Fuck, Jarvis what the hell's going on!" Tony couldn't help but curse and swiped his finger to bring out the monitors in the villa, and he then saw a figure standing in the living room upstairs.

"Huh? The manager? Why is he here?" With a little question, Tony commanded Jarvis to turn off the alarms, "Jarvis, turn off the alarm and give him access."

After speaking, Tony paused production and walked upstairs and out of the laboratory. At the same time, Jarvis's voice sounded around the room.

"Okay, sir."

———————Back to First Person POV—————-

After the sirens stopped for a moment, I saw Tony popping his head out the stairs, "When did the manager have time to come to me?"

"If somebody heard what you said just now they'd think I was a workaholic, who didn't even take breaks, They'd think I was you or something."

"Hey I take breaks, You can ask Pepper." Ignoring me after that Tony went and took a bottle from the wine cabinet, poured one for me and another for him.

Hearing him say that there was nothing I could say, I just ignored him, then went to the sofa and sat down.

Tony knew that he was a workaholic with his personality I'm still wondering how he had the time to come to my restaurant after I gave him my blueprints and requirements.


He had no right to say he took breaks.

"So, you going to tell me what you here for today?" He put one of the wine-filled glasses in front of me, and went and sat in the chair opposite mine

"I'm here to deliver this." I took the GT robot out of the storage space and threw it on the carpet at the table with a bang. "Not long after you left, a friend sent this to the restaurant."

"Hmm ~! Here it comes!" Looking at Tony I knew he was surprised but he couldn't hide the smile on his face, it looked as if he was going to jump on the robot. Which he just did.

"Looks like I don't have to tell you when to start, well don't rush to study the internal structure design and make your robot, first change its shape and engraving a little, replace the main controller with a signal receiver, and then let Jarvis help you control it. , I'm in a hurry to use it. "Mu Qiu said.

"Okay, No problem," Tony replied casually and looked up and down the GT robot again. "However, it'll take time to complete your request. But I still have to open this up and see the inside. "

"Well, now that your busy, I'll go first." Listening to Tony's tone, it sure as hell wasn't going to be done in a short time so I'm out of here.

I raised my hand to make the portal and went through it again while looking back I saw Tony, who was studying the robot, looked up at my smile, "I haven't finished talking yet, and you're leaving!

————————SECOND PPOV——————————

Tony lowered his head and looked at the GT robot in a strange pose for a moment, and muzzled in his mouth as he moved his hands and feet. "Well, let's go. Tony Hercules can move this iron urn into the laboratory."

He started trying to lift the robot but he couldn't help dropping it


He almost ended up causing a misalignment in his pelvis( A/N: I had this after I got cracked in a football game this shit hurt and felt weird When our sports doctor or whatever he was put it back in place all I heard was a big asss crack )

"Well, I the strongest man alive have given up, Jarvis calls Happy up here." Tony then proceeded to lie down on the sofa.


On the other hand, Mu Qiu left Stark's villa and did not return to the restaurant immediately, but instead found a high-rise building for a phone call.

"Every time I come out, I got to take care of something I need a vacation" Mu Qiu took out her cell phone and looked at the lonely phone number in the phone book to think of one thing. He seemed to have forgotten to ask for Tony's phone number again.

"Forget it, I'll ask for it later." He started dialing one of the few numbers on the phone after a few rings it connected

Hello, this is William speaking."

"Is this the landlord? I'm Mu Qiu, are you free tonight? I have something to talk to you about.."

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