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53.12% Distarter of Astral / Chapter 17: Confusion

Confusion - Distarter of Astral - Chapter 17 by Bolcurut full book limited free

Chapter 17: Confusion

What happened to me was a condition where the coercion continued, I was told to clean my body and immediately go to school. Shiva and Karin wouldn't let me run away from them, even though I wanted the whole city to see, of course, to find a job opening for me.

But come to think of it, they didn't mean any harm to me. The faces of the two of them are so beautiful, even I thought that they were angels who suddenly entered my life, but they both accepted and taught me this which was disrespectful to them.

What they gave me was well-meaning, they wanted me to go to school and pursue my education which I had not yet experienced. If I could go to school there, I would also get to know a lot about those creatures, which made both my parents.

Maybe with the kindness of the two of them, I can continue to move forward and join the fight against the Astral Beings with them to protect the people of this earth so that something like this doesn't happen to me.

That's a good thing for me and the world.

Thinking about that, I dipped my head into this bathtub.


"Do I really deserve this?" I asked after lifting my head and seeing my reflection in the water. "Akio, you are indeed very handsome, but you find it difficult to work. Am I better off going to school, right, than living a normal, peaceful life? Besides, I don't have anyone here anymore. By risking my life for this world, should I fight those monsters?"

This world is not safe for anyone because the presence of Astral Beings continues to threaten humans. Even if I choose to work rather than go to school, I will definitely be more so with those creatures. Especially now, I'm being targeted by that Astral Sakata, whose presence is still a question mark.

Karin says this Shiva and I are the creature's target. If that's true, I can't go anywhere and just keep hoping that I don't run into him. This is really troublesome, especially since I don't have any basic knowledge about these creatures.

What I'm betting on right now is a choice reality that I have to face. My life is in danger, as well as the humans in this world.

I do have a mature attitude in living life, but that doesn't mean I'm good at choosing. If a choice like this bothers me, I really get dizzy to think about those options. If only I had a friend who was like me, I would definitely ask for their help to help make this choice. However, here I can only know Shiva, who is clearly she is my queen.

This is so confusing, it gives me a headache.

I finished my shower and got out of this bathroom.

When I just opened the door, I saw a black uniform on top of a pile of my t-shirt and shorts.

"Hmm..." I approached, took the uniform, then took a good look. "Not this..."

This is the same uniform that Karin and Shiva are wearing today. This black uniform with a simple pattern and white-collar and red trousers are so cool when I look at it, and the material of this uniform feels so soft and light when I hold it. And on the chest of this uniform, there is a nametag with my name, Akio Samsudin.

"Is this my uniform?"

With what they wanted, putting this uniform on top of my pile of T-shirts and shorts, it was certain that they really did ask me to enter that school.

I... I'm confused about this.

"Akio-kun, Akio-kun, answer me, it's me, Karin."


Suddenly Karin's voice was heard above the washing machine. When I checked, there was an object that looked like a smartphone with earphones attached.

"Akio-kun, are you there? Answer me!"

Because the sound kept popping up, I immediately put the earphones into my ears.


Before I was in the bathroom, I still saw Karin and Shiva in my room. So, why is she communicating using this thing?

"Sorry to have to leave suddenly like this. Shiva and I currently have to go to school because of a call from the principal who is interested in taking care of new students. I've put breakfast for you on the table. Eat a lot, don't you don't finish the breakfast. If anything happens, call me with the cell phone you're currently holding."

I was surprised to hear those last words. Right now, I was holding the phone and looking at it while she was talking, but how could she know that I was holding this phone? Is she just guessing?

"It's not safe out there, you should go to school immediately. The hotel you live in is quite close to the school. Your phone has a map to get there, so don't get lost. And don't forget to pack your things and bring them to this school, you will live in the school dormitory later. If you have any questions, feel free to say so, I'll be waiting before this meeting starts."

I don't know what she and Shiva are doing right now, they left suddenly while I was taking a bath. Did something happen to this city? Or maybe, the two of them are having problems with their principal because of their nature?

For now, I have to answer that first.

"No, I have no questions."

"So. OK, I'll hang up on this call. Be careful every step of the way, lest you choose the wrong path."

With that said, Karin hung up the call.


"Hmm..." I mumbled for a while before I finally decided to turn around and take the uniform. "Oh, how is this? Even though this was my chance to run away from them, but this is how it turned out. I don't have the heart to hurt their feelings, just because of my selfishness. But... but I also want to work. Ah, what a bother." Without thinking, I immediately put on a t-shirt, shorts, then layered them with this uniform after buttoning the buttons of this uniform.

When I put on this uniform, I felt a current of electric shock run through my body moments after it was gone.

"What is that?"

"Akio Samsudin, data received." A voice from the cell phone suddenly heard me.

"Eh?" I looked at the phone and saw that my name suddenly appeared on the screen of the phone.

"Data has been received. Welcome and good work, Akio Samsudin."

"Work? No, I don't work, I want to go to school."

There was no answer on the phone after I said that.

"What the hell with this phone, is this phone looking for trouble with me? It easily suddenly produces sound, and easily suddenly disappears. Actually, what are you, cell phone?!"

Screaming at a cell phone is something of a stupid act of mine that I'm doing right now. After all, these are objects only, not living beings that can communicate with me. So, what I did was something stupid.

Moving to my room after putting the cell phone into the pocket of this uniform, which is on my stomach, I see a bowl of soup already on the table there.

Karin actually prepared food for me, it's happened several times with her missing body and twice doused me with that soup. She is a woman who cares about me, even my wounds are so cared for.

What she worried about me first was my safety, when she shot a blue light as I was about to be attacked by the creatures. In fact, she is also worried about my left eye, although I also don't know why this is my left eye.

Seeing her figure like that, I feel that she is a good woman. Of course, if her face and attitude could change.

"Enjoy your meal." I started eating this soup.

As I promised my mother and Karin, even if this food is not good and tastes bland, I will finish it so it doesn't go to waste.

"This hotel chef, can you actually cook? I prefer my mother's cooking."

Well, since the first time I was in this hotel, this food tasted quite random. Sometimes sweet is really sweet, sometimes bitter is really bitter, and sometimes bland is really bland. But even so, I always spend it and respect what the chef has made.

If this can make them happy, even if it's indirectly, I will.

"Amnyam. Amnyam. Amnyam. Damn, this is really bland. Can the chef cook?"

At full speed, I ate quickly and finished this soup.

Karin asked me to pack my clothes and take them to school immediately, even though she knew that I didn't have many clothes. Was she joking just now?

So, with only 3 clothes, I packed up and put them in this black school bag, which looks like a backpack but not too big.

When I put my clothes in this bag, I saw a key there with a hanger numbered 303 and a white cat hanger.

"Is this key my room number over there?"

This key looks very similar to a house key in general. So I think this key is probably the room I'll be staying in there.

I put the key in my uniform pocket and immediately rushed to the exit.

When I was at the door, I didn't see my sandals there and instead there were black boots there.

"Where are my sandals? Did someone wear it?" Because I had to, I had to wear these shoes because my sandals weren't there.

But when I'm wearing these shoes, suddenly my left eye hurts and hurts so much.

"Kekkkk..." I endured this pain so as not to scream that would disturb my next room. However, the pain was so severe that it forced me to scream. "This hurts… aw… why is this?"

What happened to me was something sudden, I didn't want this to happen at all. This is the first time my left eye has hurt. What happened to my left eye, I have absolutely no idea.

"Iiiiiii..." Trying not to scream, I continued to close and hold my left eye. "Ahhhh… this really hurts."

"Akio... Akio... Akio..."

A voice suddenly appeared calling my name from behind.


When I checked, there was nothing there.

"Take care!"

"Take care? Aww..." The pain was still there.

"The world needs you, and you need the world. Then… take care!"

The voice was like a female voice with a tone that felt so soft. The voice also felt so close to me, but strangely, there was no one here except me.

That voice almost gave me goosebumps by enduring this pain in my left eye. And to make matters worse, suddenly I cried.

"Eh?" I was shocked by what happened to me.

My tears kept falling down my shoes and onto this floor. I suddenly cried for no reason, even though what I feel right now is holding back the pain in my left eye. This feels so weird, really weird.

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And suddenly the voice disappeared after saying that, and the pain in my left eye also disappeared.

"What exactly happened to me?"

Had been silent for a while when confused by this, I continued to put my shoes back on and rushed out of this room.

"Ugh, scary. I'm sure it's a ghost."

After wiping my tears, I stood up, walked to the door, grabbed the doorknob, and opened it.

"Yosh. Even though this is her compulsion, I will still step forward and keep myself alive. Now, it's time for a new life. Goodbye, Father, Mother, may you rest in peace there. I'm happy to be alive. Thank you for raising me to this point. I will never forget your service. Thank you." With a smile greeting this new world, I stepped forward.

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