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75% Distarter of Astral / Chapter 21: Meaningless Speech

Meaningless Speech - Distarter of Astral - Chapter 21 by Bolcurut full book limited free

Chapter 21: Meaningless Speech

We got lost in the courtyard earlier, kept turning the same path, and met the people who were punished. Neither of us knew where to go inside this school building. This is a real shame, even though we've escaped the law thanks to that bald man.

But luckily, said some guards who were pacing back and forth, I asked him, and he answered him with what I asked. If it weren't for that guard, maybe we'd just keep going around this page.

As it turned out, there was only one entrance to the building, and I went through it because I wasn't observant. However, the door wasn't very big, only a few people could enter, maybe 10 people at a time, so I didn't notice it was there. In fact, the door, although not too big, but has wide enough for the eye to see.

I'm sorry about that. Really, the first day of school was very bad.

After successfully entering this building, we still had to walk to get to the special building, where all the Rookies gathered in the hall of the special building. And we got lost again.

But in the end, the two of us made it to the hall of this special building and saw that many students had gathered and sat there.

"Excuse me." Fujita was the first to enter and was greeted by a guard.

"Oh, you're late, aren't you?"


"What's your number? Show me, I'll walk you to your seat."

Fujita turned to me who was behind. He didn't seem to understand what the guard was saying.

"I mean, your room number." The guard understood that Fujita didn't understand what he meant.

"Oh…" Fujita immediately opened his backpack and took out a key there. "This?"

The guard took the key and saw a number on the key. "303, yes. OK, I'll take you." When the guard had returned Fujita's key to Fujita, I was silent for a while and looked at the number of the key in Fujita's hand.

"Isn't that the same as me?"

My room number is also 303, Fujita has the same room number as me. Isn't it lucky for me to share a room with my first friend? It's definitely luck for me, I'm happy with this.

"Your room number is also 303, Akio-san?" Fujita asked and I nodded. "So. Are we in the same room?"

"Yeah, we're in the same room."


Seeing the joyous Fujita, I felt so happy.

It was as if he and I were destined to meet. I met him by accident, I saw a job vacancy at the bakery and Fujita suddenly left. And now, we're in the same room. This destiny, as if someone had arranged it.

"Come here! This is your seat." The guard showed me an empty seat, and next to it was empty, which meant it was mine.

We walked over to the guard, passed several sitting students, then stopped when we reached the guard.

But strangely, this guard even asked me to show me the key I had.

"What number are you?" He asked for it and made me have to take my key out of my pocket.

"This." I gave my key to him.

He suddenly fell silent when he saw my keys. What really happened?


He turned to Fujita who was already sitting on his bench. "Hey, you. You find another room, I'll help you."

Hearing that voice, Fujita immediately stood up and turned to him. "Why?"

"Room 303 is a VIP room, so you have to move from there."


He showed Fujita my keys while pointing at mine. "See! This logo shows that he is a VIP."

I saw what the guard pointed at Fujita. There is a golden logo with the words "VIP" so shiny. If you look closely, the logo is indeed a very good shape, but bad in this regard.

Obviously, the guard shooed Fujita out of the room. But supposedly, it wasn't Fujita who was blatantly expelled like that in front of the other students. Supposedly, the guard spoke to me first before kicking Fujita out of there. This would surely embarrass Fujita. After all, this wasn't Fujita's fault, it was the fault of the party that decided the rooms for the students. So, Fujita couldn't be blamed for this.

But strangely, why can I become a VIP? Could it be because of Karin's effect? She is a very mysterious woman.

"No, I'm not a VIP," I said, "I'm his friend. So, let him share a room with me." I took my keys from his hand quickly. "Thanks for showing me the bench." I walked over and sat on my bench, right next to Fujita.

"So." The guard bowed for a moment before saying, "I apologize for my actions, Sir. Forgive me." He walked away from us.

Sir? What the hell. I'm just an ordinary human.

Because this incident made several students look at us. Their gazes were filled with confusion. But I'm not going to ignore them and let this happen. Let them be confused about this, without knowing what happened.

"Hey, are you a VIP, Akio-san?" Fujita asked after sitting down and turning to me.

"I don't even know what I am. All of my stuff, this uniform, this bag, these pants, these shoes, this cell phone, it's all given to someone." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Given to whom?"


"Test test."

The microphone rang before I told Fujita that it was Karin who gave me all of this.

"Ho-hum." An old man was standing on the stage, right away straight from me. "Good morning, everyone."

The students answered his greetings, but Fujita kept looking at me because he didn't get the answer he wanted.

I turned to him and said, "Hey, the show has started. You're watching over there."

"Hmm... OK." Fujita listened to what I said, he immediately turned his head towards the stage.

"As the host, I want to convey the events that will take place. The first..."

The man explained the event to welcome the new students. What was to be the first event was a speech from the principal, it must have been very boring. The second event was a speech from the AAT Squad Division 1 Commander, that's definitely what the students were waiting for... And as the closing event, the speech from the daughter of the Wlynina Association chairman who is currently studying here, namely Karin Nakano.

When the first event took place, while the principal was giving a speech, some of the students here were sleeping. Because indeed, the speech the principal gave was so boring, even I could hardly understand what he was saying.

"So, the vision of this school is to prevent and kill the Astral Beings out there. And the mission of this school is to create great students to face the Astral Beings outside only. With the knowledge we have, and with what we teach, we will make you a great AAT Squad member. That's it."

Hearing the word "that's it" from the principal, several students immediately got up and clapped.


But not in a good sense. They clapped just to rejoice that his speech was over. They are very rude, even though they are only students here.

"Akio-san, wake up! The speech is over."

Yeah, I fell asleep while the principal was giving a speech, and Fujita woke me up.

"Oh…" I wiped the saliva that was on my cheek.

Even though I had fallen asleep, I could still hear what the principal said, of course from my dreams.

When the next event took place, many students enthusiastically welcomed the woman's arrival.

An adult woman with long red hair, wearing an eye patch over her right eye, wearing the same uniform as the students but wearing a red tie, walked up to the stage.

The students clapped when she was on stage.

"Who?" I was wondering about his figure.

"She is the 1st Division Commander. She is a graceful person, many even like her. She was so honorable and held in high esteem. She also has great fighting skills, I heard so much about her defeating an S-rank Astral Being alone from Internet." Fujita explained what he knew.


"But unfortunately..."

I turned to Fujita. "Hmph?"

"In her 30s, she is still single."


Hearing the voice from the microphone, which turned out to be a woman, Fujita was taken aback for a moment. "Ugh..."

"Watch that mouth of yours!"

"O-OK..." Fujita was nervous as he replied, and the students immediately looked at him.

Even though I was so far from the stage, I was in the middle row and near the wall, but the woman could hear what Fujita said earlier and immediately scolded her. She really is a great woman.

Seeing Fujita who had pondered over being scolded by the woman, I stroked his back so he could calm down.

"So, never mess with women. I can feel how you feel, Fujitora."

"Fujita, my name is Fujita, not Fujitora."

After calming Fujita back down, I looked at the stage.

"Good morning, great fighter candidate."

"Morning~." They, the students, unanimously greeted the woman. Their voices were full of rhythm as if they were just seducing her.

"I am only here to convey a few words to you, great fighter candidates. What I have to say, please listen to me."


I thought the commander figure was as strict as Karin Nakano, but it's not. I was wrong about this. I shouldn't have judged someone bad before getting to know her.

"You… will you fight for humanity?"

"Of course."

"Then who are you guys to die here?"

"Eh?" The students were shocked to hear what the woman said, even I was shocked.

Did she tell us to die here? Oy, oy, my guess turned out to be right that that woman was cruel.

Suddenly a man came onto the stage with a big iron box covered with a black cloth.

When the man was beside the woman, the woman opened the cloth of the big iron box. And as it turned out, the contents of the box were Astral Beings that looked like dogs.

"Kyaahh..." They all panicked, some stood up, some rushed to get out of here, some pushed other people and made the person fall, some were even still in their seats casually.

Seeing the atmosphere turning into panic, I looked towards the stage and saw that the woman was wearing a grinning face with a sly smile.

"Why did you run away, great fighter candidate? Isn't this what you will be fighting later? WHERE IS YOUR COURAGE, HUH? THE SAME IS FEARING."

The woman was screaming into the microphone she was using, and it made me have to cover my ears.


"Geez, why are the women in this city so cruel?" I said as I looked down and covered my ears. "I just want to move places."

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