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0.17% Divine God Against The Heavens / Chapter 1: Ch 1: Ye Xiao

Chapter 1: Ch 1: Ye Xiao

Morning, just as the sky lit up, while the whole Feather City was still hidden in the darkness before dawn...

_In the Silver Moon Sect_

"Outer disciple Ye Xiao, today because of your ruptured dantian, you are no longer able to practice martial arts. Therefore, you are no longer allowed to enter the vicinity of our Silver Moon Sect in your entire life, not even half a step." An old man around the age of fifty to fifty-two said in a tough tone while sitting on the seat of Grand Elder. Around him many other elders were present. And on the main seat, the sect leader was sitting and listening to what Grand Elder was saying.

In front of them, a young man around the age of fifteen was kneeling.

"But, but Grand Elder, my dantian broke because I was protecting the medicine garden. And it was your disciple Zhou Yan who broke my dantian with the help of a core disciple. You should punish them, not me." Ye Xiao said.


"You are already a cripple now, a piece of trash and you still dare to find excuses to stay here. " Grand Elder shouted coldly.

"I... I did so much for the sect and yet the sect is treating me like this?" Ye Xiao said while feeling the pain all over his body.

We have tried to do everything we could about you and you still dare to argue with us. The sect leader has already given you 3000 silver coins, which is already good enough for you." It was the third elder who said this.

"Sect leader, Elder Wu, I, Ye Xiao grew up here since I was a mere child, but it turns out you were this cold-hearted. Since it is like this, then I, Ye Xiao, from this day onwards, am no longer part of the Silver Moon Sect". After saying this he stands up and started walking toward the exit of the sect.


Ye Xiao stopped, turned around and looked at the cold face of the Grand Elder as well as the Sect leader including many other elders of the Silver Moon Sect.

"Now what? Is there still something left to tell me?" Ye Xiao asked in a cold voice.

Grand Elder pointed toward a piece of cloth that looks like there was something hidden inside and said "You forgot to take these silver coins. Take this and leave."

"No need, and don't worry, I can survive on my own. But remember, one day, I will definitely come back to take my revenge." he said this, turned around and left.

While he was leaving, he heard many disciples pointing at him and mocking him.

"Hurry up and look, that cripple Ye Xiao is coming".

"Useless thing."

"See, I told you he will be kicked out of the sect after this incident."


Hearing this, he clenched his hand and swore in his heart if his dantian can be restored, he will definitely come back one day and take his revenge on these heartless disciples and elders of this sect.

Ye Xiao was an outer court disciple of the Silver Moon Sect with the strength of at the First Stage of the Qi Condensation Realm at the age of fifteen. He can be considered a genius in the sect. He was an orphan. Fifth Elder Ye Fan brought him to the sect when he was out there and saw him begging on the road. He discovered that Ye Xiao had the talent of becoming an expert so he brought Ye Xiao back to the sect with him and even gave him his surname.

He was living a good life under the guidance of Fifth Elder and took The Silver Moon Sect as his home, but one day he heard the news of Fifth Elder Ye Fan's death.

Elder Ye Fan lost his life while fighting against a fourth rank magical beast to obtain a certain medicinal herb.

After the death of Fifth Elder, his life in the sect became very difficult. He lost his status in the sect and was assigned to take care of herbs in the medicinal garden. He was often bullied by the stronger disciples of the sect.

Even after all of these, he still worked hard for the sect because this sect gave him a new life.

Yesterday, he went to the Black Cloud Forest to hunt a first rank magical beast, a mountain bear to complete his mission. After coming back from the Black Cloud Forest and reporting his completion of the mission, just as he entered into the medicinal garden, he saw Grand Elder's disciple Zhou Yan who was at the ninth stage of Body Tempering, stealing a high-grade herb from the medicine garden. There was another middle-aged man, standing beside him who was giving off a powerful aura.

He tried to stop them but instead got badly beaten up to the point where even his dantian was destroyed. Not only his dantian but many precious medicinal herbs were also destroyed.

He was still suffering from the pain when suddenly Law Enforcement disciples and elders came and bind him with rope and dragged him till he reached in front of the sect leader.

There, Zhou Yan framed him with the help of his master Grand Elder and he was kicked out from the sect.

He even explained everything to the sect leader and others but still, no one believed him.

He also realized that everybody present there was against him. Suddenly he remembers that the Grand Elder had some grudges against Fifth Elder Ye Fan, and elders present there did not dare to go against the Grand Elder, not even the sect leader of Silver Moon Sect.

He served his sect for six years but even after that, he got mercilessly trampled by his sect members. And because of this, he was full of hatred toward the Silver Moon Sect.

The disciples of the sect enjoyed making fun of him while he slowly walked toward the Black Cloud Forest.

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