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Chapter 15: The Sect Iron 6

Of course this is a rare situation that happens only in hundreds of thousands of years, and although sometimes thousands of top-level cultivators died the demons were also dead, after all, it is not easy for the world to accumulate energy to create a monster with strength to kill those with the highest cultivations and these monsters have to be hidden until birth.

In fact, many masters say that this is a worthless solution because thousands of growers die each year from resource disputes, which makes the creation of these monsters irrelevant.

But that was something that only hit the worlds of the divine plan level, and until he got there Zhang Yi would not have to think that, so if his cultivation of body refinement continued without bottlenecks to the divine realm he would not have to worry about anything else in the world, in the past he reached the seventh realm in only 400 years, so he had a great opportunity.

Of course, as was said by his master without the cultivation as his seventh realm base was just amazing more not very useful, after all, he would be weaker than those who learned high-level martial arts, elements and laws too, so he would be vulnerable even though a strong body.

Not to mention that at high levels many cultivators practice direct attacks on the soul that makes body refinement useless, so cultivation is so important, even people who cultivate mental energy also practice qi cultivation.

In a fight, you would like to have as few weaknesses as possible because what is at stake is your life, and as said that the demons were stronger than the dragons and divine animals it was compared to the average, there were always divine animals of ranks that are almost immortal in every way.

This is not to say that they were the strongest, only that not even the strongest can totally break their defenses and kill them, and all the divine animals have escape techniques in their blood, and this technique is impossible to stop as well. to make sure you kill a higher rank divine animal, only if you can kill quickly.

The problem with other normal divine animals is that their growth time was very long, and not everyone was able to reach their highest levels alive, and divine animals did not like to live in groups, so many were found alone and dead.

So this dragon lineage of Zhang Yi was so important because Zhang Yi could cultivate and when he reached a high level he would have totally assimilated the powers of a normal dragon, so with more his cultivation, in the end, he could be stronger than a dragon.

And the final growth of Zhang Yi is unpredictable because he will go through celestial tribulations in all realms and that will strengthen his body, so when he reaches the divine plan he will be much stronger than the geniuses there, plus his masters said that this would be a bet, because he would not know if he could get there alive.

Many geniuses fell before they reached their full potential, yet the amount of help they could give to him was limited, of course, the jades of martial techniques and cultivation techniques plus all the tips were important, plus it would depend a lot on Zhang Yi alone.

So after another 10 days, Zhang Yi reached the peak of the seventh layer of body refinement and at the peak of the fifth layer of qi cultivation also, it seemed that these two cultivation techniques were progressing together, which was very good, it was bad to have something falling behind as your mental energy.

Thus Zhang Yi immediately passed his consciousness through the jade of the eighth layer of bodily refining and also of the sixth layer of qi cultivation, the sixth layer of this realm consists of cultivating all the bones of the body, the bones would become stronger after that layer, difficulty is much greater than the other layers.

Because in order to refine the bones while growing, one has to break the bones in order to remove the impurities from them and then refine them with blood and spiritual energy, so the defense of the body increases again and after this layer of refinement the bones can regenerate after being broken.

Zhang Yi did not care in without hesitating broke his bones directly, as he also had refined his body he had a much greater immunity to pain, and his martial heart gave the necessary resolution to reshape their bodies, the truth that the reason that the Cultivation sometimes takes time to grow, the cultivator hesitates to do things that can bring risks.

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While Zhang Yi cultivated Elder Shen was meeting with deacon Zhao.

"So he finally chose his weapons, which one did he choose?"

"He chose a sword and also a spear, both are spike weapons and the sword has a little metal attribute and the spear has a lightning attribute, Deacon Pan also said he was very polite while talking to him."

"And what was the cultivation he had at that hour?"

"Deacon Pan said he was not paying attention to this, more than Zhang Yi was not leaking any aura but looked like he had entered the first realm of cultivation, so it seems that his base is quite stable."

"This young man worries me a little, he is certainly not a spy planted by another sect, but what really worries me is this mighty master who sent him to our sect."

"Are you afraid he will come to our sect to deliver him to them, Elder?"

"No, that's not the thing that bothers me the most, is that this young man does not seem to have ever gone to the martial arts building and is cultivating, that is to say that he already had a cultivation technique good enough not to need ours before to come here, and besides, I gave him only the resources that the disciples receive that are neither external, so he is only receiving the minimum and does not complain."

"That's not good Elder, it means he's already satisfied with what he has, and if he needs more he'll ask."

"I also thought of that, if he used one of our cult's cultivation techniques that would prevent him from going by the rules of the sect, and since he did not ask for more resources, he means he did not come here for our resources, or he could be like you said, since the features he now has are enough for him to go through the realm of body refinement."

"I believe that over the years he will meet several people here in the sect and will use the resources of the sect, moreover, he did not seem to be an ungrateful person and will recognize what the Elder did to help him and protect it, and the way of cultivation takes many years, so it will spend much more time with us than it had of life before coming here."

The Elder just nodded and cheered for what the deacon said was right, it would be great if he could make friends in the Iron sect or maybe even get married.

Anyway what Elder most wanted was for Zhang Yi to help the sect when he became strong like him, so he would already be glad to have helped the young man because he thought that after thousands of years Zhang Yi would ascend to the divine plan anyway, so it was no use thinking of which sect he belonged to in the world of mortals.

Thus Zhang Yi continued cultivating and after another 30 days he had reached the peak of the eighth layer of body refinement and also to the peak of the sixth layer of qi cultivation, and so he was near the peak of the body refinement in that realm.

He really hoped he could advance the next realm of body refinement before facing the heavenly tribulation, so he would be much safer because the tribulation would only attack him when he went through the cultivation of qi, and his potency would be for someone at the end of realm of refinement of body, the more technique would be in the realm accumulation of Qi.

So now he was getting closer to his goal, when he was going to cross it he would take some time to know some deadly cities in his mission since he would have to go out for no one to see the tribulation, so he would take advantage of the sect's teleportation matrix to travel.

Excited Zhang Yi passed his consciousness to see the jade that had the ninth layer of body refinement and also the seventh layer of qi cultivation, the seventh layer is the refinement of the meridians.

The meridians who are responsible for circulating the spiritual energy in the form of qi in more advanced realms was the most important part of a cultivator's body after the Dantian and the heart and brain, although often the cultivator does not die if he injures his meridians he could no longer cultivate.

So this seventh layer is responsible for strengthening the meridians of the body before they can be opened in the next realm and that people can accumulate spiritual qi in their body is considered an easy layer to cultivate because the most important is the accumulation of energy spirit in the body for refinement to be made.

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