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2.07% Divinity: Against the Godly System / Chapter 12: Chapter 12: Time to kill

Chapter 12: Time to kill - Divinity: Against the Godly System - Chapter 12 by Demonic_angel full book limited free

Chapter 12: Chapter 12: Time to kill

He finally got there and looked to the side only to see an empty alley. A woman was lying on the ground while a guy was on top of her.

The guy looked like he was trying to tear off her clothes.


Ryder was about to go there, but he abruptly stopped himself. It was decided that he would kill that guy but, he didn't want to let that girl see his face. 

'Even if I am the one who saved her, it's not a hundred percent sure that she wouldn't help the police in creating my sketch and get me chased like a criminal for a murder,' He thought with a frown.

Fortunately, he had brought a mask with him. It was a black full-face pollution mask.

He wore the mask as fast as he could and when he was finally ready to help her, he ran towards her.

His footsteps were loud enough to attract the man's attention. The man turned back to look towards Ryder with a surprised look on his face.

"Leave that girl right now!" Ryder said as he glared at the black-haired man.

"Hoh? A knight in shining armor is here and he is hoping to save a girl? Didn't the little knight know that offending me means death? Let me teach you a lesson boy," The man said.

He stood as he observed Ryder. Ryder was able to see his height as the man stood up. He was over 7 feet tall with big bulky muscles.

"It's been a long time since there has been a person who rushed to his death like you. Do you know what happened to the last guy that did that? He was buried alive in the ground! But don't worry I won't bury you alive,"

"I don't have so much time to waste on you. I'll kill you right here and right now! I'll then leave your body here to rot!" The man said with a creepy smile on his face.

He took out a knife.

"What the heck, That's so creepy! You really deserve to die, Don't you?" Ryder's expression turned weird as he heard his reply.

'I don't think I'm going to regret killing him,' He thought.

He looked at the black-haired man like he was looking at trash.

Ryder started running towards the man while the man stood right there waiting for him.

Ryder punched out towards his face but immediately stopped himself as he dodged the knife in his hand that was coming towards him.

"Good reflexes." The man chuckled, but he didn't stop swinging his knife at Ryder.

Ryder kept dodging for a while but he realized that he didn't come here to dodge. 

'I can't keep dodging forever. I need to take some risk if I want to kill that guy,'

He used the lower martial arts he learned from the system as he targeted the hand of the man that was coming towards him with a knife.

The knife flew out of the man's hands and landed on the ground.

The man didn't care for the knife as he punched towards Ryder's face.

Ryder made a fast movement and caught the man's hand. The man's fat hand was unable to move forward nor could it go back as Ryder held it tightly.

"Without the knife, I have nothing to worry about. You are too weak," Ryder said as a smirk appeared on his face.

He increased the pressure on the man's wrist which made him let out a scream filled with pain.

'I wasn't weak before eating the Strengthening pill but after eating them, my strength has reached a whole different level. The man in front of me can't compare,' Ryder thought as he observed the pained look of the black-haired man.

Ryder twisted his hand, making the back haired man scream even louder as his bones broke. 

"Ahhh... You bastard. I swear that I will kill you!" The man roared loudly in pain as he glared at Ryder with an almost maddened gaze.

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"Oh man, I was starting to wonder when you will threaten me," Ryder said in a mocking tone.

Ryder grabbed his other hand and broke it as well.

The man screamed like a pig being slaughtered as both his hands were broken. Tears had started to fall from his eyes.

Gripping his neck, Ryder walked towards the knife that had fallen to the ground and picked it up.

"You bastard! Kill me if you dare! Our gang will find you and make you have a fate far worse than death!" The man roared loudly at Ryder with a crazy look on his face.

Ryder was kinda surprised that he didn't beg for his life even in the face of death. 

"Although you are trash, I must say that you do have some courage," Ryder said with a smile as he gazed at the black-haired man.

He gripped the knife firmly in his hand as he got ready to attack, but he couldn't.

He realized that his hand was shaking and his heart was beating faster. 

It wasn't as easy as he had imagined. There was some hesitation when it was actually the time to do it.

"Just as I thought, you don't have the guts to kill a person. You're just a greenhorn. You are strong, but you can't kill. If you leave me, I can still take you in as my subordinate."

The man said as he made an offer to Ryder. He looked like he had somewhat calmed down and was now trying to tempt Ryder.

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