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16.82% Doomsday Online: Supreme Blessing / Chapter 35: Level Jump, Skills Activated!

Level Jump, Skills Activated! - Doomsday Online: Supreme Blessing - Chapter 35 by Jixia Academy's Half-Step Gentleman full book limited free

Chapter 35: Level Jump, Skills Activated!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Yuna's wings flared, and holy white light suddenly burst out from behind her. The Stage Two Undead creatures turned into ashes wherever she passed, dissipating into the wind!

[Ding! Successfully killed Stage Two Undead Knight +1. Gained EXP +100]

[Ding! Successfully killed Stage Two Undead Archer +1. Gained EXP +100!]

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Thousands of Undead were vanquished with just one attack!

Angel Yuna was indeed worthy of being a Super God-grade summon!

But the strange phenomena were not over yet!

After Yuna advanced, the God Devourer Ant also advanced!

The God Devourer Ant originally leveled up slower than Yuna, but it had already caught up to her because it killed a large number of Undead creatures.

Now that it had reached Stage Two, the God Devourer Ant underwent tremendous changes as well!


A powerful and wild aura suddenly erupted. It spread out fiercely in all directions and shot straight up into the heavens!

The God Devourer Ant's physical body metamorphosed, and it suddenly became larger. Originally half the size of a human, its size had doubled. It was now as tall as a human!

Its black carapace was originally etched with blue and gold patterns. Now, they had all transformed into brilliant golden patterns. It seemed as if inexplicable enchantments were undulating on its body!

Its black-gold pair of wings extended by a full foot and also became sharper. They were like sharp blades, which could destroy both gold and gravel.


The God Devourer Ant, which had broken through to Stage Two, was already showcasing its ferocity. Its crimson compound eyes exuded violence and bloodthirst. It made people tremble and terrified!

[Ding! Congratulations, your summoned creature, Holy Angel, has successfully advanced to Stage Two!]

[Ding! Congratulations, your summoned creature, Holy Angel, has activated skill—Holy Light Beam!]

[Holy Light Beam]: By using the power of holy light, Yuna can bless friendly units. Friendly units will gain invincibility for two seconds, becoming immune to all damage. Cooldown time: 1 minute!

(Note: As the Holy Angel's Holy Light is weak, only one person can be blessed at present.)

Holy Angel Yuna—who had successfully advanced to Stage Two—had also activated a new skill! This made Link happy.

Holy Light Beam was an awesome skill! It granted immunity to all damage! Although it lasted only two seconds, the battle between supremes was tense, and the battlefield changed rapidly. Just one second was enough for a reversal in the situation, not to mention two seconds!

With two seconds of invincibility, Link would have a hidden card up his sleeve in the future, whether it was while fighting against an enemy or while protecting himself!

Moreover, when Yuna became more powerful in the future and could bless more people, wouldn't it be like leading a group of invincible monsters into battle?

Imagine this scenario: the other party thought they were about to win, but their opponent suddenly became invincible, turned the tables, and slaughtered them instead…

Link got excited just thinking about it!

"Yuna's skill has been activated. God Devourer should also…" Link nodded in satisfaction, then turned his attention to the God Devourer Ant.

[Ding! Congratulations, your summoned creature, God Devourer Ant, has successfully advanced to Stage Two!]

[Ding! Congratulations, your summoned creature, God Devourer Ant, has activated skill—Sky Shattering Roar!]

[Sky Shattering Roar]: God Devourer Ant can use Sky Shattering Roar, which shakes the earth and causes enemies to be stunned for 3 seconds. Cooldown time: 1 minute!

"One grants invincibility, and the other controls. This is too cool!" Link suddenly felt more relieved. With these two newly-activated skills, they would be able to deal with a Stage Four Undead, even if they encountered one!

Stun it for three seconds and beat it up. Even if it was not killed, they still had backup. After all, they had invincibility. It was not to be taken lightly!

They were indeed worthy of being Super God-grade summons. As their level increased, they became more and more terrifying!

Link was filled with anticipation. How terrifying would the two Super God-grade summons be when they leveled up even more?

It was said that a Holy Angel's wings represented their power! The more wings a Holy Angel had, the more powerful it was!

There had been rumors that the strongest Holy Angel had 24 wings. It was a warrior that possessed terrifying power comparable to that of God! However, was it so simple to become a 24-winged angel?

But Link didn't care. With the power he controlled, he would be able to conquer this world and become number one in this world.

Who knows, that day might actually come?

It had only been two days since these two great summons came into the world, but their might had already grown tenfold.

This speed was terrifying!

Perhaps there really was a possibility for them to become that powerful in the future?

Nothing was definite. There was hope!

All this would depend on their fate!


"Zhi zhi!"

Yuna and God Devourer came to Link, their eyes filled with joy. They could sense that their increase in power was completely brought about by Link!

Link nodded slightly, then glanced at his surroundings. The originally strong wave of Undead had been decimated; now, not many were left. The Undead had suffered heavy casualties!

The Undead creatures were unable to defend against Link's raging sword energy when he leveled up and Yuna's Holy Light Beam when she leveled up. They had been annihilated by those attacks' divine might.

A small part of their forces survived, but they were no longer a force to be feared!

"God Devourer, get rid of them!" ordered Link flatly, not willing to waste time!

"Zhi zhi!" God Devourer nodded, then stepped forward. Its sturdy figure exploded with terrifying power!


A roar rose into the sky. Like a primordial creature that had suddenly appeared, it shook the world!

This was the God Devourer Ant's [Sky Shattering Roar]!

The roar burst forth like thunder. It whistled by and made the Undead creatures fall to the ground and shiver in terror!

This was absolute spiritual pressure. It was not something these Undead creatures could withstand!

The God Devourer Ant immediately stepped forward. As if chopping vegetables and melons, it destroyed all the remaining Undead. No Undead creatures survived.

Calm finally returned to the surrounding area. The aura of death gradually dissipated, and the area became quiet once again!

"Lord!" Luo Xingyao, Yang Xuerou, and the others approached Link. Shock lingered in their eyes as if they were astonished by what had just happened.

This turn of events was really amazing. The wave of Undead—which could have destroyed a city—had been so easily neutralized by Link. It was simply mind-blowing!

"It's not over yet!" said Link flatly. His eyes then froze, and his gaze turned toward the depths of the hospital! "Next, let me see what secrets are hidden here!"

Link had not forgotten that a powerful Undead creature was hidden in the depths of Mingshi Hospital! It was very likely a Stage Four Undead!

From the memories of Link's previous life, there shouldn't have been such powerful creatures here since it was just the beginning of Doomsday. In his past life, his first encounter with a Stage Four Undead was when the monsters attacked the city!

But there was a Stage Four undead in this hospital right now. That in itself was extraordinary!

What exactly did the hospital hold to attract a Stage Four undead?

Link was a little curious, but he didn't care!

He would completely unravel the secrets inside!

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